How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Best Friend

We all have friends. Sometimes, the people you may think are your friends may turn out to be the opposite. Other times, those we think are our enemies may actually be better than those we think are our true friends. In friendship, there should be trust, love and understanding. A best friend is not the person you spend all your time with or the one who loves the same things as you do, but it is the person who sticks with you through it all. A best friend may be the opposite of what you are but the bond you share makes you stick close. You may not even see each other often enough but you are always in each other’s thoughts.

How do you know if someone is your best friend?
At one point in life, you will ask yourself this question. You might be surrounded by many people who claim to be your friends but are they genuinely your true friends? Do they qualify to be your best friend? Some people may pretend to be your true friends but it’s only after you analyze your friendship will you discover the real reason they are with you. Some may be with you for the benefits they get from associating with you. A friend never takes advantage of the friendship or the friend. They genuinely care about the person and nurture the friendship. Here are tips that will help you know whether someone is your best friend or not.

Is the Person Trustworthy?
A best friend never tells on a friend. Do you share secrets? Do you tell your friend something and then hear it with other people after sometime? A best friend would rather die than betray the friendship and trust you share. They would rather go through shame and harm rather than expose their friend’s secrets. If you are truly certain that you can share anything with your friend and trust them not to spread it to others, this may qualify them to be your best friend. You should be able to share freely with your best friend without checking on whether you have given out too much information.

Do You Have to Change Who You are For the Sake of the Friendship?
Best friends accept each other the way they are. They love you for who you are even with your weaknesses. You can be yourself, sometimes behave badly but you are assured that your friend will not judge you. When you find yourself trying to change who you are for the sake of the friendship, this is an indication that is it not genuine. Your best friend should not try to change who you are or make you act or look like him/her. Your characters and personalities may differ but the bond you share is stronger. It allows you to accept each other as you are. Your best friend may have to sacrifice some of their own happiness as long as you are happy. Sometimes, they may have to go out of their way to please you. This you may never get to find out.

Does Your Best Friend Fight with You?
Best friends argue and fight sometimes. They may not even talk to each other but this does not change the fact that they are still friends. If you have never quarreled with your best friend, someone might be pretending. Your friend should not agree with you all the time or do things the way you do. Sometimes, you should differ because you are two people with different personalities, mindsets and character. The fights may even bring you closer and help you discover things about each other you never knew before.

Does Your Best Friend Add Value to Your Life?
Sometimes we may not see the negative in us. It may take the effort of other people to show us the things we need to change in our lives. A best friend will tell you things as they really are. If you have been mean to a person, they will not pretend that it did not happen. They will even scold you. If you have been lazy lately or have been partying too much, they will point this out. When your life is going in the wrong direction, your best friend will always be there to point this out. If they discover something that you need to know, other people may only gossip about it but your best friend will come tell you on your face. This they do with love, understanding and a lot of care. They always have a way of approaching difficult subjects in a way that will not hurt your feelings more than it is necessary. A best friend is always there to tell you things you would rather not hear. He/she helps you reach your goals and pushes you to be the best when need be. They believe in you, share your success, happiness and wonderful moments.

Is Your Best Friend there for You when You Need him/her the Most?
We all go through difficult times. It takes the love of best friends to see us through these moments. A best friend should always be there with you to face every storm you find yourself in. Your pain, happiness and success should be theirs too. When you are not okay, your best friend hurts too. They will try to do all they can to resolve the issue or help you get over it. Sometimes, all you may want is a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear and a person to wipe your tears. If somebody can be there for you through your hard times without judging you, keep this friend forever.

A best friend is hard to come by. You may have friends who fall under different categories such as party friends, work friends, shopping friends but your best friend is more than this. He/she may not do everything with you but they remain an important part of your life. Best friends stay in your life the longest. Nothing can separate the two of you. You may fight, hurt each other badly and stop talking but this is a friend who will always be there for you even when you are not in good terms.