50 Things You Can Do On Your Day Off

Your day off is here!

It is the opportunity for you to finally recharge and revitalize yourself, and to distress thanks to the busy and hectic days you now have behind you.
Here are some tips to help you unwind and forget about your demanding days at work. You can try these out, and refer to this list every now and then to get the most out of your day off.

You only get this chance seldom every week, so you can combine the following activities or dedicate the whole day to dong a fun and fulfilling activity.

1. Days off offer the chance to catch up on that new movie release you have wanted to go to. Enjoy it with your top movie snack and drink.
2. Ice cream is a treat. Indulge in your favorite flavors, you deserve it.
3. Food tasting works well if you want to explore and give yourself a gastronomic adventure.
4. Shop online and look for deals for that upgrade you have always wanted to have, whether for your closet, home or beauty needs.
5. Write a letter to anyone or yourself, about where you are right now, what you feel, and what you want to do. You can keep this in your cloud storage or hand write it and keep in your drawer. You will smile after you have read it a year later.
6. Visit your local Flea market and you will be surprised at what you can find there.
7. Now is the best time to catch up with friends through coffee and chatting about anything and everything.
8. The spa does not have to be expensive; you can always buy pampering sets and do your treatments in the comforts of your own home.
9. Cook up a storm in the kitchen if you have not spent enough time in there. Bring up your favorite homemade dish to fore.
10. Are you curious about that new restaurant nearby? There is no better chance to try it but today.
11. Try out some new beauty products at sample bars and make a purchase on the best one!
12. Fancy a new hair style? You have all the time to browse through hairstyle magazines and decide on which one should make your crowning glory look fancier.
13. Try a new type of wine and make it a part of your collection. You can match it with home cooked meals later.
14. Complete a jigsaw puzzle. You can decide to frame it afterward.

15. If you need to refresh your head, you can head to the pool and go for a dip, do some laps while you are at it and you can feel good after that exercise.
16. Try out a new dance craze with your friends in someone’s garage or at the park.
17. Put on those running shoes and go for a jog. Go as far as those legs can carry you!
18. Put those breathing exercises to work and do some yoga at the start of the day.
19. Paint ball is harmless, right?
20. Do the old school physical exercises at the playground and see quickly you can overcome the usual obstacles.

21. Camping means roughing it. Free yourself from usual comforts and see how far you can go.
22. Walk in the park and take in the air, be sure to slow down the pace and observe the activities around you.
23. Fly a kite and count the number of minutes you can keep it up there.
24. Biking is the better mode of transportation, why not discover less traveled roads in your neighborhood?
25. A boat trip should put your rowing muscles in order.
26. Dance in the rain and rediscover those joyful childhood memories.
27. Get to know your garden and nurture that green thumb and while you are at it…
28. Visit the local nursery for new additions.
29. Go to the country fair and do not leave until you have spent all your tokens.
30. Enjoy the rides. And do not forget to feel the thrill!
31. And pig out on food you have never eaten before.
32. Take home some new food condiments and try to see if you will be buying more soon.

33. Settle your bills and let yourself worry for the next month again.
34. Put money in your savings and feel good about it.
35. Clean your house!
36. Volunteer in some special causes nearby.
37. Clean your backyard, put that broom to good use.
38. Organize your tools at the garage so you can find what you need next time.
39. Separate your piles in the attic. This could take a trip to memory lane.
40. Restock your pantry-you never know when you will need emergency food or reach out for those dried trail mix snack.
41. Does the shelter need some help? Offer your assistance and see what you can do for the animals there.
42. Complete a paint by numbers kit.

43. See what you can take home from the library. It could be anything from books, DVDs, magazines and more.
44. Cookies or cupcakes? Learn to make a batch from a family recipe.
45. Have some home brewed tea after and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
46. Learn how to make your own perfume. You could enjoy endless scents and make your own favorites.
47. Save and learn how to make your own handmade soaps. This could eliminate added expenses from buying commercial soaps and trips to the supermarket.
48. Put your writing practices to work by writing a poem or a diary entry. If you want, you can start a personal blog and read your thoughts, months or even years after.
49. Enroll in a barista course. There are great designs and blends you can discover in your class sessions which you can apply at your own home.
50. Read on resources that could help you with your career. Investing in yourself could bring you up in the corporate ladder.

This should help you get tied up until you have tried out all new ideas. By that time, you will come up with more creative ones on your own, and you can even try one idea for each day off. You could have enough to last you a year, or even open doors and opportunities for you to help you revitalize and rejuvenate your mind and body. By breaking the monotony of work, you will be able to approach tasks at work at a more refreshed pace every week.