50 Productive Things To Do Around The House

We sometimes find ourselves sitting around idle or bored during a long weekend or holiday. To deal with such circumstances, this article shares some 50 productive things to do around the house:

1 – Read a book

Do not just pick and read anything that you find. Try finding something that you have been previously reading, or have been planning to read. In addition,

2 – Study

If you have examinations are around the corner, revise what you learnt in school.

3 – Rehearse a speech, poem, script

Are you planning to read out a speech, recite a poem or memorize some scripts of a play or film? Use this time learn your lines and to perfect your tone and delivery.

4 – Write

Writing is always a great way to improve your language skills. For instance, post a new entry on your blog or on any social networking site.

5 – Make money from home

The internet has provided various ways in which you can earn money, from the comfort of your home. Conduct some research on the legitimate ways of how to earn money online.

6 – Sort out your clothes

If you have not worn any piece of clothing for the last 5 months, donate it!

7 – Do some laundry

After sorting out your clothing, clean all your dirty fabrics. Ensure that you do your laundry at least once a week.

8 – Plan our outfits for the coming week

Iron and hang the clothes you intend to wear during the coming week. This will go a long way in saving you time, especially during the mornings when preparing to leave the house.

9 – Clean the refrigerator

The refrigerator ought to be clean always because this is where you store your food. Discard all spoilt foods.

10 – Clear out your inbox messages

Be it your phone or e-mail, clearing out old messages will make it easier for you to notice important messages when they come in.

11 – Dust your surfaces

Wooden surfaces, in particular, accumulate a lot of dust and other allergens very quickly. These may pose some health concerns for you and your family, if not checked.

12 – Exercise

You do not have to go to the gym to stay fit. Conduct some simple exercises at home, such as push ups, dips and sit-ups.

13 – Clean your pet

Cleaning your pet keeps away parasites, making it safe to live with.

14 – Exercise your pet

Play with your pet in the garden to exercise it and keep it fitter and healthier.

15 – Paint

Paint for fun. You do not have to be a professional painter or have any skills. Colors such as red, yellow and orange will lift your mood instantly!

16 – Talk on the phone

Dig up some old contacts: old friends, distant relatives and former schoolmates and call them up. You will make their day!

17 – Contact your service providers

These include your energy, water, mail, bank, telephone and other services. Phone them up and discuss your bills, repairs or maintenance.

18 – Plant some seedlings

Trees and other plants would be great additions to your garden. If you already have enough plants, water them.

19 – Learn a new recipe

Surprise your family, spouse or guests with a special dish.

20 – Help the kids with their homework

This will help you monitor their progress in school.

21 – Have your photographs framed

Frame your most important photographs, such as those of your wedding, graduation or any other special event.

22 – Mow the lawn

This is a great activity for summer. Shorter grass keeps away rodents, snakes and mosquitoes.

23 – Weed the garden

Weeds will kill your plants if not removed. Weeding also makes your garden look more attractive.

24 -Search for volunteering opportunities

You will realize that there are lots of volunteering opportunities in your locality.

25 – Apply for jobs

If you are not satisfied with our current employer, use this time to look for better opportunities elsewhere.

26 – Inspect your facilities

Your pipes and tanks may have leaks. Check them out and organize for some repair work.

27 – Clear your gutters

Gutters in the roof collect a lot of debris and fragments. Clear them out for easier drainage of water.

28 – Feed your birds

Feed the geese, pigeons or chicken. It is always an exciting activity

29- Get out the garbage

Do not let waste accumulate in your home. It is unhygienic.

30 – Invite people for lunch or dinner

This helps to build stronger relationships with your friends and family.

31 – Try some new outfits and hair styles

This helps to boost confidence in your day to day interactions.

32 – Learn the lyrics to your favorite song

The song may have some valuable message, or may contain some offensive words!

33 – Learn how to use your new electronics

Contemporary electronics have some complicated features. Learn how to use them effectively.

34 – Organize a yard sale

Select all items you do not use regularly in your home and put them on sale. Get all permits from your local authority before doing this.

35 – Give the house a new look

Paint the walls, rearrange furniture and add more accessories to your rooms.

36 – Vacuum cleaning

Your carpets collect a lot of dust over time. Spend some time to clean them.

37 – Self therapy

Meditate, say some affirmations, take long baths and detoxify your body

38 – Sort through your incoming mails and parcels

You may find important and urgent letter or package.

39 – Send gifts, cards and letters

Your friends and family may be celebrating special events. Send them some regards.

40 – Analyze your dairy and calendar

Circle out some important dates, for instance birthdays and anniversaries. Remind yourself of some important meetings or appointments.

41 – Check our home supplies

Foods, detergents and other personal emoluments may be used up. Make plans on how to replace them.

42 – Polish up your vocabulary

Check up new words in the dictionary and learn how to use them properly in a sentence.

43 – Make some appointments

Make some appointments with clients, business partners, dentist or doctor via the phone or online.

44 – Do some shopping

You can purchase some necessary goods online. You will have them delivered at your doorstep.

45 – Play a musical instrument

Playing a guitar, piano or flute also lift your moods and makes you feel happy inside.

46 – Play a game with a friend or relative

A game of chess or scrabble is always stimulating.

47 – Cook

Cook, rather than going out to purchase some fast food.

48 – Plan for a party

Your wife’s/husband’s children’s birthday party, Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving may be on the horizon. Find some great party ideas.

49 – Knit

If you can, knit a sweater for your youngest son or nephew.

50 – Discuss your relationships

Lastly, spend some time with your family and share your thoughts and feelings.