50 Things To Do When Its Cold Outside

Days when it is very cold outside can sometimes seem unexciting, making you feel depressed. You cannot change the weather; however you can find activities to do that will help dispel the gloominess. Presented below are 50 things to do when its cold outside.

1. Redecorate your room or home. New curtains or a fresh paint coat can dramatically alter a room and give you a new outlook.
2. Do online shopping. This is an extremely easy way to buy the thing you need without having to wear a coat, boots, scarf, hat, and gloves and your items will be delivered to your doorstep.
3. Cuddle. If you have no need to go outside, you can cuddle with a loved one, a friend, or a pet. If you cannot find a partner, you can cuddle with yourself.
4. Clean out your drawers and closets. While doing this, watch out for creatures such as spiders to avoid getting bitten.
5. Write a book. Your life has been quite eventful so why not pen it down for members of your household to enjoy.
6. Read an interesting book to your child or children. This is a good way to spend quality time with your kids.
7. Start a home work out program. You will find several do-it-yourself motivation and exercise programs on the internet.
8. Watch a movie. Pick something interesting and watch it curled up under a blanket.
9. Learn a foreign language. There are several websites on the internet that can help you learn a foreign language.
10. Finish a craft undertaking. If you have been working on a craft project for some time now, this is a good time to complete it.
11. Make a fire inside your home. If you possess a fire place, build a fire to warm and relax yourself.
12. Take a nap. One great thing you can do when it is really cold outside is to wrap yourself within a blanket and take a pleasant nap.
13. Play Family Games. You probably have several board games lying around your house. Pull one or two out and have fun with your family.
14. View Old family pictures. View pictures of your children, nephews, and nieces or pictures of your parents when they were growing up.
15. Drink Hot Chocolate. A warm treat is what you need on very cold day, and  hot chocolate is just what you need. Try Cadbury and Nestle brands.
16. Have a hearty breakfast. If you are a breakfast person, eat a good breakfast that will keep you warm, after all it is freezing cold outside.
17. Play monopoly or scrabble with your partner or kids. It is a great way to kill time.
18. Batch Cooking. Cooking is a tedious task, so why not get it done on a cold Saturday or Sunday.
19. Start a crochet or knitting project.
20. Do the laundry. If you live with other people, there is always laundry that requires tending to.
21. Clean out your wallet/purse. There are probably lots of receipts and crap that have accumulated in your purse.
22. Return phone calls. Catch up on your friends. It is another great way to pass time.
23. Rearrange your furniture. If you are bored with the way your room is arranged, play with the arrangement to make it a bit more inviting.
24. Bring the plants into the house. This one thing you can easily forget. Plants, like humans, do not enjoy very cold weather.
25. Start a blog. This is a great way to share your opinions and thoughts with the online community.
26. Learn how to sew or knit if you do not already know how.
27. Add yourself to some new websites.
28. Make popcorn for the whole family
29. Listen to Music. Chilling out and listening to music is a great way to relax.
30. Read a book. Reading keeps your mind healthy and young so grab an interesting book and read it.
31. Pamper yourself with a pleasant home bath spa. If you are home alone, or if you can get some privacy, pamper yourself with a nice home bath spa.
32. Make an ideal Holiday present list for yourself. When you view all the items want written down on your laptop screen, you will be able to identify which one you need the most. Once you identity this perfect gift, get it for yourself.
33. Make a romantic meal with your wife or husband. Making a romantic dinner is a great way to spend a cold night with your loved one.
34. Enhance your dancing skills. When learning the latest amazing dancing moves, either with your friends or by yourself you will most likely have lots of fun.
35. Visit the library in your locality and take a look at books that talk about winter themes.
36. Use boxes or sheets to construct a fort within your house
37. Go ice skating with your kids or with your partner.
38. Throw snowballs at a lean tree. This will help you practice your aim.
39. Make snow angels
40. Take a nature walk, and search for animal footprints
41. Go scavenger hunting with your dog.
42. Play hide and seek with your children.
43. Kitchen fun with children. When it is really cold outside, you can spend the day with your kids in the kitchen.
44. Measure the snowball
45. Have a snowball contest to find out who can roll the biggest snowball
46. Tell jokes. This can be done with kids. You can tell knock-knock jokes, elephant jokes, or simply entertain one another by coming up with riddles and deducing the answers.
47. Bird Watching. Find out the names of birds within your locality. Get an encyclopedia or bird guide and look up facts regarding these birds.
48. Ask your friends to come over and play exciting games with them.
49. If you have some paper work to catch up on, this is a great time to do it.
50. Organize a dance party for your family. If your kids cannot go outside because of cold weather, dancing is a great way for them to liberate the energy they cannot release outside.

Whatever it is you choose to do, try to do it well. Do not just brood around the house and wish that the weather is nicer. Make the most of this time by spending it doing something special or with the kids.