50 Reasons To Be Happy Now and Forever

50 Reasons To Be  Happy Now and Forever

Most people think that being happy is just a dream. Anyone can be happy now, but some are afraid about the uncertainty that tomorrow brings. If someone tells you there are 50 reasons to be happy now and probably a hundred more, would you believe?

Many are skeptical when asked that way. Some might answer no; some might say yes, and still others will just smile and walk away. What makes a person happy? It is a question that has many answers.

Reasons to be Happy About

Being alive should be enough reason to be happy about, but there are still many things to be thankful for. As long as you are alive, there is always hope.

Have you ever took the time to go out early in the morning and wait for the sun to greet you with a gentle kiss with its ray of light? There is unexplained surge of happiness that wells up and one can end up crying not because she suddenly becomes sad, but because the affirmation that someone does care is undeniably strong.

Even if you think that there is no one by your side, someone loves you. Each person has at least one person that cares about him or her even if that person is not around.

Be happy about the simple things that surround you. They might not offer much sometimes, but they can still offer something, just like you.

You are unique, and there is no one else like you in this world. You are not an imitation or a cheap replica. You are you, and be proud of who you are.

You are deeply treasured and cherished as an offspring, sibling, friend, lover, parent, relative, and/or co-worker. Your presence is of utmost importance to the people around you.

Everyday is like an adventure, and you will never know what lies ahead unless you stick around and go with the flow.

There is always hope for as long as the sun keeps on shining. It might be difficult sometimes, but hope is always there.

Choose to live a healthy way of life then you might be able to reach your 100th birthday still looking as young as you are now. There is no impossible with modern technology and a healthy lifestyle.

There is always another day to make yourself better. Don’t fret and waste your time feeling sad and hopeless for a mistake you made. Rest for now and tomorrow you can make it better.

Every day is an opportunity to make yourself someone whom you wanted to be, without losing your unique personality.

Each passing day is a carrier of new knowledge and great appreciation for the things that are right before your eyes.

Always look forward for tomorrow, because you might just meet another friend whom you will treasure and who will cherish you in return.

Be happy for the many trials that you might be experiencing right now because you can still smile, and you are not alone. The trials can make you a stronger person.

Be happy that you have met people who brought you sadness because you learned the real value of the people who truly love you the way you are.

Appreciate the rain that could hide the tears flowing from your eyes, remember that a rainbow always appears after the heavy rains.

Smell the flowers along the way, literally. Their sweet scents are enough to calm a restless heart.

Be happy because you can sing. Even if you are out of tune, there are people who can still appreciate your melody.

Even if you are not the best adviser, someone will always listen. Even if your life is full of woes, someone will always hear you out.

You can bring joy to someone although you cannot bring happiness to all. It is enough that your existence is appreciated with few people you can trust.

There are a minimum of two people who will always be proud of you – you and that someone you hold dear.

Be happy for the time that you have spent your youth. It may be true “youth is wasted on the young”, but that wasted time made you who you are, because you have been able to learn something.

Be happy today and don’t think about tomorrow. You have things in your hand right now to be happy about, reserve the things for tomorrow to be enjoyed for tomorrow.

You can play your favorite games, watch your favorite program, or just do things that you love together with your favorite people.

There is no room for loneliness for someone as beautiful as you. Think of how beautiful you are and be glad that you are indeed someone gorgeous.

Be happy because you are rich. Wealth is not measured by how much you earn but how much you have gained. There is no greater treasure than having the people who you cherished most stand by you in difficult times.

Be proud and be happy that you can manage to survive everyday pressures of everyday life without breaking down and without breaking anything.

Have you seen a setting sun? Be happy that you can somehow see the setting of the sun today, and feel just how glorious the day turned out to be.

You can try something new today or finally try that one thing on your mind. It may not turn out okay, but the feeling of certain happiness will linger after.

Be happy that you can eat anything you want because most people have restrictions in their diet. When you grow older, you too might not enjoy it anymore.

Be happy to wear daring clothes today, there is a great possibility that you won’t enjoy anything like it again.

Be happy now that the world is still revolving. As long as it is rotating, then there is always hope to solve any misunderstandings.

Today is the best day to do an act of kindness to a total stranger, and remember that feeling after you have done it.

Be happy that you are not late because you have proven that you can change, one step at a time.

You feel young; you look young, and you are young. Enjoy your youth and be content with what you have. Youth isn’t measured by your calendar age by the way, but how you feel inside.

Be happy because you have the love of your life, he or she might not be with you today, but he or she is waiting for you to be together.

Meeting your old enemy today might be a chance to end the “war” between the two of you. Say your piece and whether it is accepted, or not, you will be one who will feel better in the end.

Be glad that there are no signs of wrinkles on your face, simply because you tend to live as happy as always.

You can dream highly, and the very thought of making it come true will surely bring happiness to your heart. Plan everything now and reap its fruits later.

You have the power to decide on your own. Freedom is a privilege for some people but you have it as a luxury.

Be happy because you are healthy. No ailments can stop you from fulfilling the things you want to accomplish today.

You still have a purpose that you need to fulfill. Be happy that you still have another day to do it.

Be happy that you have a home to go to. Warm bed and meal to satisfy your need to rest and to eat.

Truth is always hard to accept, be happy that you can somehow manage to handle the truth and accept it as a part of your life.

Feeling different kinds of pain and emotions are the things that make you human, be happy that you can still feel and acknowledge the feelings.

You have the time of your life and feel proud that you never want it in any other way, but simply the way you have it right now.

Be happy that you can be a precious gift to someone when you don’t value yourself sometimes. It is high time to give more importance to yourself for the sake of those people who think that you are a treasure.

There is no greater happiness than being happy with the little things you have. People that find no contentment will never find happiness, because they always look for more things than they already have.

Find happiness in accepting that there are things that you cannot change. Instead of continuously worrying about those things, learn to accept them and hope, it will be better tomorrow.

Be happy that every time you fall asleep, you can still wake up the next day and greet a new day with a smile.

I hope this list of things to better happy about has opened your eyes a little. If you enjoyed it take the time to share with anyone you can. You can be happy every moment of everyday.