50 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Energy Level

50 Ways To Increase Your Energy Naturally

With the everyday demands of life, we often find ourselves drained before the end of the day. With holding down a steady job, perhaps classes on top of work, spending time with family, chores, maybe a second job, or a hobby(on top of who knows what else!), it is no wonder you’re on E. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Below is a comprehensive list of fifty simple tips and techniques to help you power up so you can get the most out of life.

1. Sip water throughout the day–If you experience an energy crash at work, try sipping water throughout the day. Not only does sipping water keep you hydrated, but it also keeps your blood circulating (which provides you with more energy). Take 3-6 bottles of water to work and refill when necessary.

2. Turn up the volume–If you’re at work, you might want to bring headphones. Otherwise, crank up the volume to some of your favorite jams and sing along. The volume will boost your adrenaline.

3. Take care of your allergy issues–Allergies suck and they also suck the energy out of you, making you feel tired. Try going for non-drowsy meds so that you aren’t woozy and sleepy.

4. Get your rest–The doctor recommended 7-9 hours of sleep is critical. If you don’t get enough rest, your body will function accordingly. Getting too much sleep will also drain you.

5. Indulge in chocolate–But don’t get carried away. Too much sugar will do you no good, but a piece (or two) of chocolate when you’re feeling slowed down will give you the boost you need to stay alert. Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine and goes to work on endorphins.

6. Have a healthy snack–Go for a trail mix. Nuts are known to give energy boosts. A few hours after we eat lunch can cause sleepiness. What better time to indulge in a healthy snack of nuts, apples and peanut butter, berries, yogurt, or a protein bar.

7. Take a power nap–These gigs are an excellent and proven way to revamp your energy level. The key to taking a power nap is to not nap for too long, otherwise you’ll be more tired than you were before the nap. Aim for 10-20 minutes.

8. Stimulate your senses–Try lighting an incense, candle, or oil to awaken your senses thus awakening your mind. Try peppermint or lavender.

9. Take a brisk walk-Walking will get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and brain alert.

10. Chew gum-Yet another trick that somehow works to keep you alert and focused. Perhaps the exercise of the jaws are to thank

11. Wear bright colors–Bright colors are attractive colors. The idea is that people find you more approachable and are more likely to respond to you or even strike up a conversation. Brighten your way to more energy by attracting people to socialize with you.

12. Laugh your head off-Laughing is an awesome antidote for energy. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Find a silly comedy sketch on your smart phone, laptop or desktop and laugh your way to alertness.

13. Rise and shine at the same time everyday–This way your body stays on balance. Try to go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning. Even on weekends.

14. Limit caffeine-Caffeine to stay awake isn’t the best solution in the long run as the body will crash in the afternoon (or during the worst of times if working overnight) making you even more tired.

15. Eat less carbs–Sure, we need carbohydrates for energy, but consumption of too many (or the wrong type) can leave you feeling sluggish.

16. Limit energy drinks–But ultimately they should be avoided and always lead to crash. These short-term energy supplements only worsen your productivity over time until they no longer do the trick.

17. Fill up on fiber–Soluble fiber works against the absorption of sugar, slowing it to avoid a sugar rush and crash.

18. Stretch–Stretching is not only good for the tendons and muscles, but it helps to stimulate blood flow to the brain.

19. Get your Vitamin C–This vitamin allows for more absorption of food nutrients and has been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome when there is a deficiency. Whether it’s via orange juice, citrus fruits or supplements, make sure you are getting the required daily dose.

20. Get your required B vitamins–B vitamins are just as important as Vitamin C as it aids in the conversion of blood sugar to usable energy. A well-balanced diet, supplements or injections are ways to ensure the required amounts are met.

21. Kick the habit–It’s no secret that smoking causes horrific effects within the body. Nicotine affects sleep which leads to irritability the next day. And then smoking picks up to aid the irritation. And then a monstrosity of a cycle begins

22. Play with your pets–Running with Rover and teasing Kitty with a toy fishing pole is enough to increase your energy levels while at the same time boosting your mood.

23. Watch a soap opera or reality show–Yes, they are full of suspense. If you can’t catch them live, record them and watch them when you need an emotional rush to keep you awake.

24. Playstation Please–Or, Xbox, Wii (or even on your PC). Like soap operas, playing video games are suspenseful and can give you the rush of energy you need.

25. Eat mini meals–Consuming smaller, more frequent meals will keep you evenly energized versus downing a heavy meal for lunch or dinner or high fat/sugary foods can leave you feeling miserable shortly after in terms of energy.

26. Water on your face trick–Not just water on the face, but a shower or bath works wonders. Showers stimulate circulation, leaving you feeling energized afterward.

27. Get organized–Spring cleaning and organizing your home or office to the T can seriously impact on your energy levels. Not only will you get a workout, but you won’t have to use up too much energy for a while thereafter by trying to find things you misplaced.

28. Take a vacation–When you’re burnt out and you know it, you know you need to get away, even for just a weekend. Take this time to sleep in or enjoy leisurely activities, or surround yourself with friends/family for a much-needed great time. Before you know it, you’ll be more energized and productive when you return to your normal routine.

29. Give yourself a break–Continuous multitasking is a challenging ordeal. Go easy on yourself at times when you’re feeling the most exhausted. Order out instead of cook. Leave the dishes for the next day, the laundry for the weekend.

30. Think positive–Bad days are inevitable. But pessimistic thoughts can further drain you while optimistic thoughts or looking at the situation from a more positive angle can keep you upbeat and more energetic.

31. Eat a healthy breakfast–But not a highly-fattening breakfast that can zap your energy shortly after eating it. If you crave pancakes with butter and syrup, skip the sausage and maybe even the coffee. A bowl of nutritious cereal or a muffin with a piece of fruit and a cup of yogurt with granola is a much lighter and wiser choice for an energetic start.

32. Lose weight–It is no secret that excess weight can leave you literally breathless and low on energy. It is no secret that shedding excess pounds can make you feel much healthier and lighter. Additionally, you carry around less weight and have significantly lowered your chances of developing a number of health problems.

33. Try yoga–Yoga not only offers improved mental and emotional benefits but has also been known to increase alertness and overall improved physical fitness.

34. Get some sunlight–Sluggishness or sleepiness can be exacerbated by cool temperatures. When you’re cold, you think of getting warm. Once warm, you’re apt to doze into a cozy nap. Often times public places, work places and schools are freezing cold. Take every opportunity to step outside in the sunlight to warm up and wake up. Additionally, sunlight can alter brain chemicals, thus adding to a boost in mood.

35. Lay off the afternoon cocktails–Sure, cocktails help you relax, but alcohol can also worsen sleepiness. Not a good thing if you have to clock back in.

36. Re-evaluate your physical activity–If you don’t exercise, or you do so only a few times a week, try creating a plan to workout 5 days per week for 20-30 minutes per day doing rigorous workouts (after consulting with a physician first). A brisk walk, swim, jog, run, kickboxing or aerobic workout can make a significant difference.

37. Get a massage–A message is the ultimate gift of renewal to yourself. Not only will your masseuse rid your body of toxins and stress buildup, he/she will supercharge your immune system and boost your mood and even appearance if you’re overdue for such relief.

38. Make love more often–While the opposite is true that making love will put you to sleep, it is also true that it can give you energy by releasing endorphins.

39. Work out in the AM–While many people opt to hit the gym in the evening or after work, a morning workout helps you to better start your day with increased blood circulation and the release of endorphins to keep you alert. You may have to wake up extra, but you can also go to bed earlier after a more productive day. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to just go home after work and unwind to something more leisurely?

40. Get a makeover–A new cut, color, style, manicure, pedicure, makeup or clothing style makeover are enough create an instant self-esteem boost. With this boost also comes newfound energy as you (and others) are left to admire the new look for some time.

41. Revamp your to-do list–Be realistic with what you can accomplish on a daily basis. Creating a long list may offer a sense of relief to some. For others, it can be dreadful and result in procrastination. Try creating a to-do list for three days at a time avoid overwhelmance. Categorize your list into Now and Later tasks.

42. Have your thyroid checked–Your thyroid may be the culprit and you may not have a clue unless you get it checked out.

43. Stop eating 6 hours before you go to bed–Easier said than done, but you’ll notice a major difference in how comfortably you sleep. Besides, eating heavily before you snooze may lead to nightmares!

44. Keep a watch on your blood pressure–Not only can high blood pressure lead to heart attack, stroke and heart disease, but it can also leave you low on energy as your heart has to work extra hard to keep blood circulated through the body.

45. Keep tabs on your iron levels–Many people, especially women, aren’t aware they are anemic. Anemia can leave you feeling cold and low on energy. As with your thyroid and blood pressure, have your iron levels checked to see if anemia may be the problem.

46. Increase your magnesium consumption–Magnesium is a key mineral necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions the body must perform. Load up on cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, fish and whole grains.

47. Deal with anger–Anger is draining as it takes a tremendous amount of energy to contain it. Try a kickboxing, martial arts, yoga or Pilates class, or run/walk/job a long distance so that the physical activity can alter the serotonin levels in your brain, which produces a calming effect.

48. Yogurt–Yogurt is a healthy, low-fat snack that contains live cultures that regulate the digestive system. A cleaner system allows for more energy.

49. Spend more time socializing offline–Social media can be fun and convenient, but nothing beats meeting up with friends in person to have a good time. Host a get-together or make arrangements to meet up for lunch/dinner/drinks and socialize your way to more energy.

50. Journaling–Writing down your emotions, ideas, experiences and aspirations is an excellent way to put your life in perspective. Writing provides a release and allows for more optimistic thoughts or better feelings afterward. Thus, journaling is another way to power up.

I hope this list of 50 ways to increase your energy level naturally helps you out. Try several items from the list, some will work better for you than others. Good Luck!