How Can I Find My Passion and Love?

How Can I Find My Passion
Coming across several articles online about ‘how to find your passion’ can be very frustrating for the people who don’t know yet about what their passion is or feel that they won’t be able to make a living by following their dreams. If you had to do one thing to transform your life, I seriously suggest it be to find the thing you’re passionate about, and do it for a living. Trust me, it isn’t that easy, but it sure is worth the efforts you put in.

Do you dread waking up every morning to a dull and boring job? Do you constantly lack the motivation in your current job? If yes, it’s time you look for a new job because continuing in your current job will keep you unhappy, unfulfilled and most important of all – you won’t be realizing your complete potential.

Imagine you wake up early every morning, jump out of your bed and are excited about going to work. You might have to work for a few more hours as compared to the average man/woman, but it does not look like a ‘task’ to you and you’re absolutely fine with it because the work hours just happen to zoom by. You begin to be in the state of mind what they call as a “flow”. You often lose track of the time and/or the world because you are totally involved in the job at hand.

Work is never work as many call it to be, but it is interesting and fun. Work is a passion and never a “job”. If you dislike/hate your job, you might think that your passion is just a ‘pipe dream’, an illusory fantasy that will never work. And if you don’t ever put in the pain and efforts to find out what is it that you’re really passionate about, you’re absolutely right: such a dream will never turn into reality. So, dare to dream, imagine what’s possible, and dare to find where your heart is, what you love.

So, how to find your passion? Here are a few suggestions to help you out:

1. Is there something that you love doing already? Is there a hobby that you just wish you could spend more time doing? As a child, did you love doing something but never gave a serious thought to thinking it’s impossible? It could be collecting books, building or creating something, playing musical instruments, interest in sports etc., there is a possibility that you could do it to earn a living. Open a musical instruments’ shop, or create a fashion apparels site online. If there is something already, that you love doing, you’re lucky as now all you need to do is take the next step i.e. research. Find out the

2. What do you read about the most? Generally, when one is passionate about something, one tends to read about it more often. One buys magazines and books related to it, spends hours on the internet researching and looking for more information about it or simply, reading about it.

3. If nothing comes to your mind right away, better brainstorm. Take out a sheet of paper and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Just about anything. Have a look inside your house, your bookshelf or computer for inspiration and jot down whatever comes to your mind. At this stage, there is nothing called as a ‘bad idea’. Write down everything for now, they can be evaluated later.

4. Read about the passions of the famous people and how they turned their passion into a profession. Surf the internet for knowing the possibilities for you and to know about others’ experiences. The more you try to open up to possibilities, the more likely it is that you find your true passion.

5. Don’t resign from your job yet. If you find your passion, don’t quit your job today. It is advised you stay in your current job while you’re still finding about the possibilities and your research can go on for some more time. If it is possible for you to pursue your passion as a side job, and save some money for a year or so, even better! While you’re practicing your skills, you can rely on your savings without worrying about your basic financial requirements.

6. First, see how it goes and give it a try. It is always better to test your ideas prior to jumping and taking it up as a career. Pursue it as a side job or a hobby first, so as to ensure if it is your passion. You might be passionate about it for a few months but if you continue to have the same drive and dedication towards it after a few months then you probably have found it!

7. Keep researching about your passion. Try knowing as much as possible. If it has been your passion for a while, there are possibilities that you already have been doing this. Find people on the internet or your area who already do what you wish to do for earning a living. Ask them about their income, training/education, how they started out and what they suggest. Contrary to the popular belief, those who have achieved something in their life are always more than willing and happy to render advice.

8. If you want to make money out of it, you need to have professional skills. Don’t jump into it with a skill level that’s amateur. So, practice. Practice as much as you can. Be really good at your to-be career and you will make money with it. Practice for long hours, because if it is what you love with all your heart, practicing is something you would want to do.

9. Keep trying and never quit. Not being able to find your passion yet? Not sure if it is your true calling? Give up in a few days and you’re going to fail. Continue trying even if it takes months and you will find it over time.

10. You thought that you found your true calling but now are tired of it? That’s all right. Start again and look for a new passion. It is possible that one has more than one passion in one lifetime, so explore! Some people find their passion but aren’t successful at making a living at it. In such cases one should not give up and keep trying and trying again, until one succeeds. Success never comes easily, therefore, giving up and that too early, is surely a key to failure. Keep the hope alive and you’ll reach there.

What we’ve discussed here is a lot of hard work, but it will turn out to be the best investment of your life. Hence, follow your dreams to be truly satisfied and happy. Here’s wishing success to your wildest dreams!