50 Ways to Make Money Online

50 Ways To Make Money Online

There are a number of great ways to make money online. Some of them pay well but require quite a bit of effort. Others are easy but require a great deal of time for very little pay. Most people who decide to make money online choose to find opportunities doing things they actually enjoy, so that even when they are earning money, it does not feel like work. The following is a list of 50 ways to make money online. With some research and a little luck, you should have no problem finding a profitable solution that works for you.

1. Write articles on sites like iwriter or textbroker. Some of these articles pay really well.

2. Post content on profit sharing sites like triond or factoidz. Even small amounts of residual income can make a difference.

3. Monetize your blog with advertising sites like adsense, amazon, or payperpost. You can make a lot of money just by blogging about the things you love.

4. Sell adspace directly from your blog or website. Another way you can make money with the blog you already have. Of course, you can always start a new blog with the intention of selling adspace later.

5. Find and complete work on job boards like elance and odesk. While there are a lot of low paying jobs on these sites, there are also some really great ones. Build a profile, bid on jobs, and start making money.

6. Sell your photos on sites like istockphoto. If you have a decent camera and like to take photos, you can make a lot of money selling stock images to businesses and websites.

7. Promote affiliate products with websites, blogs, and videos. Find a product you believe in and promote it for a share of the profits.

8. Build websites for local businesses. Advertise on craigslist or facebook and start your very own web design business.

9. Complete small tasks for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The tasks don’t pay much, but it can add up.

10. Take surveys for cash with a paid survey website. You can make money taking paid surveys, just beware of the scammers. Research every website before you devote your time and energy to working for it.

11. Buy and sell website domains. If you have an eye for SEO or keywords, you can make a great deal of money buying and selling domain names.

12. Write and sell your own ebook. Share your knowledge with the world and make some money while you do.

13. Start an online business editing images with photoshop. Even the most basic photoshop skills can be marketable.

14. Write paid blog posts for other people’s blogs. Start with a blog of your own to showcase your talent, then offer to write paid blog posts for other blogs.

15. Sell your old collectibles on ebay. You may be surprised at how much some of your old junk is worth.

16. Become a virtual assistant. Sites like freelancer.com offer virtual assistant jobs.

17. Design logos and images for businesses and websites. If you have design and multimedia skills, you can make a lucrative business marketing those skills.

18. Become a mystery shopper or secret shopper. Though you’ll have to spend some time learning the ropes, you can actually get paid to shop.

19. Play games with real money currency. Some facebook games use currency that can be bought and sold with real money.

20. Start a career as a freelance audio editor. Use audio editing software to touch up podcasts and vlogs to make them sound more professional.

21. Start a business on SecondLife. Businesses in SecondLife can be just as financially successful as businesses in the real world.

22. Sell T-Shirts, Mugs, and Merchandise using your own art. If you can create a great image or a funny tagline, you can sell merchandise online.

23. Join Deviantart and take commissions for your work. Get paid for your talents by creating commissioned artwork on Deviantart.

24. Create and sell scrapbook templates. Even if you’re selling your templates for a few cents each, you can earn a considerable amount in the long run.

25. Become a paid forum moderator. Every forum needs moderators. While some sites get by with volunteers, others are more than happy to pay.

26. Become a paid keyword researcher or SEO expert. SEO is a growing market. Find a place in it and you’ll be able to make a considerable income.

27. Offer your skills on fiverr. You can earn money doing anything from drawing pictures to singing a song on fiverr.

28. Start transcribing videos for money. There are tons of available jobs for video transcriptionists, though you may want to invest in a foot pedal if you plan on working as a transcriber.

29. Sell copies and prints of your artwork online. If people like your work, they’ll be willing to pay for it.

30. Become a paid online tutor. Just like a regular tutor, only you communicate largely or completely online.

31. Get paid to have conversations with a language learning site. Some sites offer paid video chat for people learning to speak another language.

32. Translate documents for money. Know a second language? Websites and businesses will pay to have their articles and blog posts translated.

33. Make and sell custom jewelry or crafts. Sites like etsy offer a wide range of opportunities for creative crafters.

34. Enter online writing and art competitions with cash prizes. Competitions and contests are everywhere and they can be a lot of fun.

35. Build Your Own WordPress Website and Start Making Money Blogging. Here is the Guide

36. Write articles and sell them on sites like Constant content. While the standards over at CC are pretty high, so is the pay. If you can write well, why not give it a try?

37. Get paid to build apps for cell phones and tablets.

38. Open your own online store, reselling items you buy in bulk. Set up your own store selling specialty or niche items. Bulk up your site with plenty of great informative articles.

39. Get paid to find quality employees for businesses. Some corporations pay good money for successful leads.

40. Become an online party or event planner. When it comes to party and event planning, most of the work is done online or over the phone anyway.

41. Host private paid concerts using video chat software. Rock the internet with a private concert for your fans.

42. Give private music, language, or other skill lessons via video chat. If you have a skill, there’s certain to be someone who is willing to pay you to teach it.

43. Offer your services as a private paid editor. Edit articles, blog posts, and even homework assignments for a fee.

44. Become a private investigator and make money finding answers for people. Private Investigator licenses don’t cost much and most of the tools you need for the job are online.

45. Get paid to answer questions online with sites like yahoo voices. They may not pay much, but you’ll be making money talking about things you’re interested in.

46. Write code for a site like RentaCoder. Most people don’t know the first thing about writing code. If you do, you can make a lot of money selling your skills.

47. Become a paid personal life coach or mentor. Sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction. If you can help someone to improve their life, you can make money as a life coach.

48. Write product reviews for websites like factoidz. Factoidz is only one of a number of paid product and business review sites, but they’re one of the best. They even give you a bonus for really detailed reviews.

49. Work as an at home telemarketer. You may even be able to find a local business that will hire you to work at home after being trained in their training program.

50. Apply to be a work from home tech assistant. Many websites offer online tech support and consultations. With the proper training, you can get paid to answer questions and query’s right from your home.

There are a number of great ways to make money online and these 50 ways to make money online should get you started. You just have to know what you’re good at, watch out for the scammers, and keep trying. Eventually, you’ll find the online money making opportunity that works best for you.