A List 50 Things To Help You Sleep Better & Feel More Rested

50 Things To Help You Sleep Better

The function of sleep is to rest on your body and mind after you do a lot of activities all day. You will feel refreshed after waking up. However, many people claim that they have lacked of sleep because a lot of work and unable to sleep quickly. Many things affect the quality of sleep such as sleep habits, sleep schedules, and daily lifestyle. Research shows that not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain, heart disease, sadness for no reason, and low immunity to disease. Therefore, you should have enough sleep so you can move smoothly for the next day.

Here are 50 Things To Help You Sleep Better:

1. Regular sleep schedule
It will make you sleep at the same time every night. Maybe you will find it difficult at first, but the longer you’ll get used to sleep on time. These habits will improve your sleep quality to be better.

2. Exercise
Regular exercise will make you sleep well at night because your body needs energy recovery. Try to do it regularly every day, and you will find that your sleep will be better.

3. Turn off the computer
You must turn off the computer an hour before bedtime. If the computer is on, then your mind is always alert and trying to find the latest news so that you will be hard to fall asleep.

4. Do not receive a phone call before bedtime.
You can turn off the phone 30 minutes before bedtime. Receive a phone call before bedtime makes you difficult to sleep because you will lose the sleepy.

5. Reduce caffeine
Caffeine is a substance that makes you stay awake, and it can disrupt sleep patterns. You must reduce with not drink coffee before going to bed.

6. No smoking
Nicotine can also disrupt your sleep patterns so you should avoid it by not smoking before going to sleep.

7. Do not go to bed hungry.
An empty stomach will make you insomnia. Of course, you cannot sleep with stomach rumbling because of hunger. Eat foods in moderation.

8. Do not go to bed with a full stomach.
A full meal before bed can cause impaired digestion, and make sleep is not qualified.

9. Drinking warm beverages
You can drink warm beverages such as herbal tea or warm milk to raise the temperature of the body that makes sleep more soundly. Drink it in moderation.

10. Do not drink alcohol.
Alcohol can make you fall asleep, but you will wake up at night; you might not even realize it.

11. Avoid drinking too much before bedtime
That will make you wake up in the night because you feel the urge to urinate.

12. Waking up on time
You must immediately wake up if the alarm has been sounded. Stealing the bed in the morning making sleep patterns become disturbed.

13. Avoid stress
You should not sleep in conditions of stress. Take the time to focus and relax so you can rest well.

14. Open the window
That would make fresh air came into the room and enhance your sleeping comfort.

15. Make sure your room is in the dark
The bright light can affect sleep quality. You can use LED lights with a dim orange light.

16. Only sleep in your bed
Make sure you sleep on your bed in the bedroom. Avoid sleeping on the couch in front of the TV or work space.

17. Relax before bed
You can take a shower and then read your favorite book to relax.

18. Do not stay awake in bed.
You can get up and do something boring that makes you sleepy.

19. Set the temperature comfortable in the bedroom
You can use the cooling or heating the room to regulate temperature so you can sleep soundly.

20. Use earplugs
You can use earplugs to reduce or eliminate the noise that can interfere with your sleep.

21. Know the sleeping environment
Turn off the fan or air con in the middle of the night will affect the quality of sleep. Make sure you have set the timer for them and use a blanket to sleep.

22. Get a comfortable mattress
You have to have a comfortable mattress and can support the body properly while you sleep. You can change the shape of an old mattress to suit your needs.

23. Take melatonin
You can use it for a few days to get a regular sleep schedule.

24. Avoid excessive napping
Napping is important to make a fresh body during the day. However, if you do it excessive, then your sleep cycle at night to be disturbed.

25. Do not look at the clock.
Seeing the clock in the middle of the night could develop into anxiety so you should avoid it.

26. Keep your pets out of the bed
Pets can make a move that could disrupt your sleep comfort.

27. Using a white-noise generator
This can disguise the noise that can make you awake at night.

28. Changing sleeping positions
You can change your body position during sleep. Sometimes it can happen unconsciously.

29. Resolve sleep problems
You can record things that can disrupt your sleep and try to find solutions to overcome such as meditation.

30. Take a plain antihistamine
That can make you drowsy and fast asleep. Use it in accordance with a prescription.

31. Wear clothes according to weather
Use thick socks and clothes in the winter and use thin clothes in the summer.

32. Do not sleep too long.
You can sleep for 8-9 hours to recover and feel refreshed in the morning.

33. Wear an eye mask
Eye mask can block the light entering the eye and make you to lazy to open your eyes.

34. Bath with warm water
That will make your sleep more soundly because of decreased body temperature.

35. Consumption of foods containing the amino acid tryttophan
That can make your sleep soundly. You can get these substances from the bananas and milk.

36. Drinking chamomile tea
That can make you sleep soundly.

37. Avoid snacks that contain sugar.
Sugar makes you have nightmares, and you should avoid taking it before bed.

38. Hold the sleep after dinner
You can resist sleep by performing activities such as washing dishes or preparing clothes for tomorrow.

39. Activity during the day
You can do all the work in the afternoon as a walk with the dog in the park so you can rest at night.

40. Keep the noise down
Make sure you’ve told all family members so as not to make noise during bedtime.

41. Make sure your bed is comfortable and you have good pillows
The bed should be wide enough to turn around. You must choose the right mattress, pillow and blanket.

42. Relaxation
You can take deep breathing and close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place before bed.

43. Focus to stay asleep
This is useful if you are awakened from sleep at night. You must stay in bed and focus to continue sleeping.

44. Try self-hypnosis
This helps overcome the effects of jet lag. You have to get used to the time change and a new schedule. You can also try counting something such as sheep.

45. Teach yourself to Lucid Dream
You should be able to keep a dream journal and a reality check so that you can control it.

46. Listening to soft music
It will make you fall asleep as you hear lullabies.

47. Use a flashlight to go to the bathroom
You can do it when you wake up from sleep at night and want to go to the bathroom. This is useful for maintaining a minimum light so you can easily go back to sleep.

48. Perform non-stimulating activity quietly
This is useful if you’ve been awake to more than 15 minutes. You can read a book with the lights dimmed so you feel drowsy quickly.

49. Put a pillow under your hips
This is useful if you sleep on your stomach.

50. Following the insomnia forum
You can search for information from the insomnia forum on the internet and take the positive things that are available.