50 Things You Can Do For Yourself

Being true to one’s self is the best way to assess and translate your dreams into reality. Modern lifestyle has made the most important person a destitute in the everyday rush of meeting deadlines both personal or professional ,leaving the single most important person in our life quite simply forlorn, lonely and exceedingly stressed. We seem to be oddly compelled into saying , doing and being what others compel us to do. Half -visions of who we really are and what we really want emerge from this rather nebulous being called the ‘self’. Many soothsayers and philosophers have over ages guided societies through the turmoil of change by insisting on selfless love and dedication to a cause. If one were to delve a little deeper ,one would realize that no pragmatism towards a great cause can arise unless the self is aligned completely and totally with the outside world. So is the ego more important? Is the self to take the driver’s seat and drive us to only selfish ends and gains. To understand the definition of self may not be easy as has been proved by Buddha , Zen or even Taoism . This ephemeral understanding however vouches for one great truth which is believed to be the well- spring of all happiness and contentment-feeding the soul and the spirit with what it desires. Once this is achieved true happiness can be ours and we can therefore transfer this joy of the self to the people around.

Finding what can feed this source and the spring of happiness which lies beneath is easy. Look for those moments in your life when you seemed to be incomprehensibly happy. Was it a material trigger or something more deeper? Which happiness lasted longer? Which happiness would you prefer to come back into your life?

Here is a look at the simplest things that can connect with everyone’s quotient of happiness and bring you deep satisfaction. When we do things for ourselves we are not only elevating our spirit but aligning ourselves to a higher platform of happiness that can help us communicate better, make others feel more positive and in turn radiate confidence and energy that synergizes to perfection with the environment.

Happiness in many societies is seen alongside a guilt and a burden of being better than the others . In spite of all odds each of us has the right to be happy and find that little spec of sunshine that can be our guide through tough times. Here are a list of things you must do for yourself.

1.Change the way you look- Scared to change your image ? Get over the rigidity that binds you and stereotypes you. Find an alternate look . You could feel a whole new person.

2.Add a touch of glamour-A nd , why not? Sedate and boring lifestyles can at least get some jazz added to it by creating some semblance of glamour by dressing up well or doing up your living room or whatever that challenges the moth eaten image that you have for some reason been holding on to.

3. Smile at every passer by -Not only does it give you attractive laughter lines that remind you of how happy you have been but they limit the prominence of your frown lines.

4. Smile for no reason, who knows whose heart you could win today and be that remarkable bright person that one was looking for .

5.Don’t be complacent but do be patient- understand that every good thing that is to happen to you would need time.

6.Go get that facial done and enroll into the gym program-You don’t need a reason to look better.

7.Seek a partner-You may have the best spouse in the world , yet, what a partner in the gym or at the walker’s promenade can bring in to your life is quite something else-it’s called companionship.

8.Dare to do things you’ve never tried before- Yes the adrenaline rush is important an d so is the feeling that you could actually overcome your fear.

9. Don’t be embarrassed-Ride the elevator with your kid as many times as he wants . You are only bringing him more joy and getting over your rather silly uptight inhibitions.

10. Celebrate and treasure each day. Wake up and say that it’s the most important possession I have and will put it to best use.

11. Enroll into creative activities.Spectators are on the sidelines and nothing compares to the rush of creativity.

12.Compliment yourself and be proud of your achievements . Be gracious and kind in accepting praise and see more of them gravitating towards you.

13. Celebrate your birthday with as many as you can . It’s your way of thanking everyone to making you into this very special person.

14.Rest and relaxation- do it often and don’t drive yourself off the brink by caving into anxieties. Take a break on Monday and see the world through a lazy eye.

15.Make a difference-Not all of us can make a Taj Mahal but we could leave our imprint on what ever we do. That’s your mark on this world that shall live on.

16.Play a prank-Nothing better to unwind, go play a prank on someone and pep up your routine.

17.Take part in life and don’t resign to the calibrated walk towards your destiny. Make a new path-experiment . You may fail ,but you will be satisfied that you tried.

18.Go binge- Don’t let your physical appearance stop you from enjoying life. It’s okay to break a few rules made by you.

19.Don’t wait to be invited-Let go of your ego and look at the world of friends that await you.

20.Dance even with two left feet-Dare to defy your weakness .
21.Sketch and doodle- wasted paper yes, but it’s the best way to de-stress and let your subconscious ventilate.

22.Go for that reunion-however tiring the miles you travel-find your true wealth in the memories coming alive.

23. Write out that apology letter- let it come straight from your heart and see the wall of pain and silence crumble.

24.Make a contract with life-Seriously! No matter what happens tell yourself that there will always be one person there for you-YOU!

25.Take a wild life safari- a holiday and an experience that teaches you how we wallow over unnecessary greed. Animals bring out our inner selves like no other.

26.Go on a hike-Connect with nature and see perceptions change under hardships.

27.Take a shoestring budget holiday-Great to feel the ground reality and meet the most interesting people who are grounded as well.

28.Dare to be great and dream big. Believe in them and soon you’ll find others seeing you work towards it . This will earn you great respect.

29.Reflect on your day and look at the actions through introspection. You’ll find answers to many of your confusions.

30. Pen a picture of your day and of your whole life. Find yourself looking happy in it and see yourself achieving it. It’s in building positive perceptions of our future that our actions get affected.

31.Visit your old grandparents. Your children will emulate your values. There couldn’t be a better investment for your old age.

32.Don’t allow others to make a dent in your steely courage. Keep your calm and surround yourself with positive people.

33.Plant all season plants in your garden . Admire the beauty of nature at least once in a day. Gets the load off your mind.
34. Keep a pet and spend time playing with it. Hugely therapeutic.

35. Attend your kid’s teacher -parent interaction-What a world of happiness you’ll feel with what you may learn about your kids.

36.Don’t curb your enthusiasm in spite of the criticism you face-It’d bound to be your way or the highway. Take a stand when it’s needed.

37. Dont’s abuse power but use it. Learn to say no when needed.

38.Don’t get cornered into being someone else. You are this unique entity . Wear size 9 if it fits you better and not the one that is tighter.

39. Get out of your comfort zone physically and mentally and try arts, music, products you would never try.

40. Give a helping hand to someone through words and deeds . Blessings always help.

41.Think from your core and not merely your mind or your heart. It’s the self that you have nurtured that will give you the answers to the most elusive kind.

42.Be yourself and not what others want you to be. Live up to the rumors about you.
43.Don’t analyse too much . The more time you spend trying to figure out the answers means little time to live them .

44.Do not stifle your emotions and let them flow.

45. Keep your humour alive as it is your saviour in the most stressful moments.

46. Take a holiday not with your family but with your buddies-live your freedom.

47.Don’t rush through life -take it as it comes. You can’t make a peach tree bloom before its time nor can the tide rise when you want it to. Live each day by the hour.

48.Give your hobby a leverage in your life. If your love for fishing is over, turn to something new. Who decides what brings joy is you!

49.Let off steam – Yes it’s fine to let go of that temper rather then allowing it to simmer. You will let go off a lot of rather damaging side effects.

50. Give a day to yourself- while birthdays, celebrations and festival cram our social calendar, there is this impending need to unwind and find your feet in the crowd called life events. Dedicate some time to yourself.