How to Hack Your Mind

The mind is a very malleable mechanism, as scientists keep continuing to prove to us from day to day. We are always hearing about clever mechanisms that analyze our brainwaves and delve into our mind’s secret world by reading our thoughts in crude words or numbers. This technology is at the forefront of changing life as we know it, and is already being used to help people speak who otherwise couldn’t, remotely control switches, control computers, or contribute to society from authoring research and other mental tasks, such as Stephen Hawking.

We are also discovering that we can manipulate the mind by using simple tools and tricks for learning and remembering information quicker. Students that sleep after studying for an exam remember what they learned with more ease than someone who studied only minutes before. The brain can be trained to dream what we choose by learning to focus on our target before falling asleep. We can make the mind manufacture distant memories if we visualize or look at pictures. Even walking away from a task and going outside to look at nature will improve our memory. These are all simple techniques that we can actively apply to harness our mind and coax it to do what we want.

Thinking in Auto-Pilot Mode

The mind is always thinking about different things simultaneously at the same time. We are always aware and reactive to sound, temperature, noise, physical pain, social gestures, television, radio, conversation, and thinking about the what and why we are doing whatever we are thinking. The mind has thousands and thousands of thoughts a day. We only catch and are aware of a fraction of what we think, with all the rest left to be sorted by the sub conscience.

With so many thoughts running rampage it can seem like a heavy task to take control of the helm and lead your mind to where you wish it to go. To do this you need to become familiar enough to steer your thoughts with fineness. So how we do this when we are so stressed that we feel like our minds have been hijacked with negative turmoil? Sometimes the quickest route to get inside is to hack your mind.

Hack Your Mind

All you need to do is change the way that you think. Just as we are what we eat, we are also what we think. We really do create our own reality because our pre-existent thought structure is what defines our own limitations. We actually depend on these subtle biases in many basic ways to survive. However, when we combine a mind that has been evolutionary carved with a hypersensitive defense mechanism to focus on the negative, this adaptation can get in the way unless we take an active disposition to control the reigns. Our current state of reality is all defined by the mind. Persistent thoughts make up our sense of self, and predetermine how we instantly react in many circumstances. The more you learn to steer, reshuffle, and actively engage in positive thoughts, the stronger and more efficient you will become with commanding your mind rather than feeling like you are taking a back seat while witnessing your own thoughts.

Treat You Mind Like a Temple

This thing houses your very awareness, so you better treat it right. It is just not going to cooperate with you if it is wigged out on caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or deprived of oxygen because you loafed around all day while indulging in a big Mac with a side of fries and a box of cigarettes. Eating healthy food, keeping hydrated, exercising, and stimulating yourself beyond the computer and television is vital for a healthy mind and perceptions. Even if you go outside and work all day, if you are returning to the same daily routines that do not provide both emotional and physical nourishment to the mind, then it can lead to depression and self defeating thoughts that keep you stuck in a rut. If you are going to take control with positive affirmations, you need to take care of the physical aspects first.

Learn to Quiet and Still the Mind with Meditation and Sound

Sound is the quickest way to affect the brain. Just an off pitch noise can send shivers down your back or boost the adrenalin. Today there is an assortment of products that use specially pitched sound waves that induce relaxation. Even in a noisy home you can practice meditation with the right soundtrack and noise canceling headphones. The first thing you need to do is to find a way to get deeply relaxed and tune into your awareness and senses outside of your daily worries. You can do this either by listening to a meditation track or by tuning into the sounds around you in a tranquil area such as by a fountain, outside in nature, or a quiet room.

Once you have cleared your mind of mundane thoughts and are completely relaxed, you can begin to visualize yourself doing something positive such as accomplishing a goal that you would normally perceive as difficult, with ease and confidence. You can also boost joy and calmness by reliving a happy memory, or creatively visualizing being somewhere you want to be and experience. When you take at least 15 minutes to meditate everyday, the rest of your day will be more positive, and your thoughts more manageable.

If you are not accustomed to meditating then there will be an inevitable tug of war while you become accustomed to vanquishing your mind of the thoughts that chronically hound you all day long. They are only so persistent because we have thought them thousands of times for days, or even years. It is only a natural process to learn how to navigate out of them so we can instill the positive perceptions and thoughts that we want to listen to. The more we meditate and practice these affirmations, the more they will become validated and come to us naturally.