50 Things You Can Do On a Date

There is a lot of pressure on people, these days, to impress their dates. This is true for both younger and older people. The reason for this is that because information is so easily accessible to people, not many things remain unique and special.This can make it particularly difficult for an individual to be different and impress his or her date. However, just because the trends are changing and that the paradigms are different, does not mean that you cannot find a ways to impress your special someone. Here are 50 ideas of things that you can do on a date to make it special.

1. Read romantic, funny or philosophical quotes together. It helps in breaking the ice.

2. Take an art class together such as pottery, painting and sculpting etc. Making mistakes would help you both relax.

3. Go dancing to the local discotheque. Nothing can bring a couple closer than dancing together.

4. Join a yoga, meditation or tai chi class for a day. Spiritual growth can spark up conversations.

5. Take a walk to the local garden or forested area. Nature lovers should enjoy this immensely.

6. Play some sport that you both are interested in. It does not have to be a contact sport. In fact, net games are recommended for first dates.

7. Have coffee, tea or juice together. This would be a simple date where the focus is on talking.

8. Play word association. A psychology game that is extremely fun as it can throw up strange responses. Play honestly.

9. Try to guess each other’s likes and dislikes. Put on your thinking hats and be like Sherlock Holmes.

10. Go boating, skiing, diving or something similar. Make sure it is something that either of you has not done before.

11. Drive around town discovering and showing beautiful sights to each other.

12. Go to the circus, watch the show and ask to be shown around backstage. Seeing how things are done there will give you ample to talk and discuss about.

13. Visit the amusement park and enjoy scary rides together. Being scared together also helps in creating intimacy.

14. Have a full fledged, traditional lunch or dinner. While this is a traditional idea, it still works because you can show uniqueness in your choice and get to talk to your date.

15. Just go to a special store to buy a special dessert. Every city has a special store where a one of a kind dessert is available. Seek one out and get one for her.

16. Cook a meal together in the kitchen. Cooperating with each other should help you talk more freely.

17. Watch movies that you both like. If you have time then watch each other’s favorite movies.

18. Go to local markets and malls to window shop arm in arm. Window shopping can be fun for both men and women, despite common beliefs.

19. Listen to and share the music you love with each other. Music is the food of love, after all.

20. Play video games either against each other or together against other players.

21. Take a stroll through the zoo and discuss what you like or dislike about each animal.

22. Attend a local festival and try to participate. Every city has traditional festivals which focus on the community development.

23. Go hot ballooning, yachting, sailing or anything else that is special in your city.

24. Drive to a neighboring city just to get a snack or buy her flowers.

25. Have wine and cheese tasting session together. Being classy can be good for a relationship.

26. Go book shopping and buy each other books. You can either buy something she needs or likes.

27. Read to each other, each other’s favorite books. Learn more about each other. Try to understand and be understood.

28. Visit the museum and discuss the things there.

29. Solve a puzzle together. Make sure it’s a big and challenging puzzle.

30. Play cards or some other board game while staying at home.

31. Pack a large and elaborate picnic, drive to an isolated place and spend some time together.

32. Play Haiku and try to make it interesting or funny. You can make variations to the traditional form.

33. Teach each other things that you think you are good at. Sharing your strengths can help greatly.

34. Go to a Karaoke club or hold an impromptu one of your own with the help of YouTube.

35. Walk the dog and let the dog lead you wherever. The purpose is to just walk randomly.

36. Pick up a map, close your eyes, choose a place at random and go there. Explore with freedom.

37. Go to a local car dealer and just take out any car for a test drive.

38. Have a bonfire and roast something or just have a BBQ.

39. Go for night sky observation and enjoy the stars and planets through the telescope.

40. Feed squirrels, birds and other animals where you can. Animals have this tendency to spread camaraderie and serenity. You should use it.

41. Hire a single bicycle and ride it around the city slowly. This is old world charm but it still works.

42. Attend a sports event, play or concert together, as this would allow you to get a sense of each other’s likes and dislikes.

43. Try out various restaurants in the city and order only one item at each joint.

44. Attend an art exhibition. Art usually sparks interesting conversations that will help you bond.

45. Have a monument visiting day. History has many lessons so carry, a monuments’ guide which you can discuss with each other.

46. Take each other to places that have made an impact on your lives. Think schools, college, work, first home, first date etc.

47. Act like tourists together, visit the places you already know and try to see it as first time.

48. Go to the casino and give each other luck. Trying various games in the casino can be really special because you both would learn to trust each other better when you have to take risks together.

49. Do interesting relationship and personality quizzes together to discover more about each other.

50. Volunteer together for some cause you both believe in. This will give you both something in common that you can rely on.