Upgrade Reality – Ways To Improve Everyday Life

Your life is based around your choices. The circumstances that come in your life may not always be your choice, but the way you act, react, and think about those circumstances is completely in your hands. Therefore, you have a choice to make everyday happy or unhappy simply through your choices! Fortunately, once you realize you have a choice in the matter, and that life doesn’t have to bring you down, then you will start to improve the quality of your life every single day.

8 Ways That You Can Improve Everyday Life

1. See The Cup Half Full

Yes, you have probably heard this often. That’s because it works! Always appreciate the good things in your life. If you don’t have the car, house, or partner you want, then don’t focus on those things! If you do, then you will likely feel bad about your life and the things you don’t have in it.

Instead, focus on the things that you do have – even if it’s just the clothes on your back. It always feels much better to focus on the positive rather than the negative, and you will attract more circumstances that are positive into your life by doing so.

2. Live in the Moment

The only moment you have is now, yet I am willing to bet that you focus on the past and future quite a bit. If you focus on the past often, then you probably replay negative situations that have happened and live with a high amount of regret.

Alternatively, if you focus on the future often, then you likely have a lot of worry and anxiety in your life. If you want to improve your life, then focus on today. If you do so, the regret, worry, and anxiety will take flight and happiness and joy will take their place.

3. Appreciate The Effort of Others

You may dread going to see your Mother on the weekend. She may nitpick your life and try to make you feel bad about the decisions you have made. However, once you understand that she is doing the best she can with her words, actions, and life, then you can step back and appreciate her effort rather than get angry with her.

Negative people out there cannot be any more positive until they have an experience or moment that changes them. Right now, they are living from the best place they know how to. If they knew better, then they would do better. They wouldn’t be able to help it, because no one lives a miserable cranky life when they know that a positive life feels much better. This knowledge will help you feel better when you are around them.

4. Laugh

Laughter produces chemicals in our body that make us feel good. I challenge you to laugh without feeling better about yourself or your day!

If you have nothing to laugh about, then throw on the TV and watch a funny show like Ellen or Modern Family. Find a show that always makes you laugh no matter what. Once you do, you will feel your day heading in a much better direction.

5. Slow Down

Most people rush through their day as if their lives depended on it. They barely say hi to their loved ones in the morning and then they spend the next 8-12 hours frantically moving through things like school, work, shopping, and other commitments. How can you enjoy your day when you are busy trying to get to the next moment?

Take the time to sit down and have a coffee (or orange juice) with your loved ones in the morning. Make time to sit and think about nothing for a few minutes so that you can find your center and regroup yourself. Make time to read, dance, sing, or have a nap. Make the day worthy of living, not something you rush through.

6. Go For a Walk

One of the best ways to do clear your head, feel better, take some time out, live in the moment, appreciate your surroundings and so much more, is to go for a walk. If you can, head out for a walk in nature.

The people passing by will distract you from your worries. The smell of the outside will lift you back into reality and connect you with everyone and everything around you. The sight of a dog or kid enjoying their walk will remind you of how life is really meant to live – with enthusiasm. There really is nothing better to improve your day than to go for a walk.

7. Be Kind

One of the best ways to improve your day is to improve other people’s days. If you have done it, then you know what I am talking about. However, if you don’t do it often, then you don’t know how powerful it really is.

Not only do you feel good because you made someone else’s day better, but you secretly feel good because you caused that happiness. And that affects your life in a big way.
However, don’t expect great reactions when you are kind. Just because you let that woman go ahead of you in line doesn’t mean she is going to be thankful – or even nice to you. Instead, be kind without expectations, because your acts of kindness will benefit that person (or someone in their life) in some way, even if it is not immediate. And regardless, it will benefit you in the moment and future.

8. Spend More Time in Reality

If you are like most people, then you watch TV an awful lot. Unfortunately, TV is not reality, and you may find yourself thinking about the characters lives more than your own!

If you have the guts to do it, try ditching your TV for a few days, a week, or even a few weeks. You will notice that your days will become more your own. You will stop thinking about the characters and plots of fantasy land, and you will start focusing more on yourself and your loved ones throughout your day, and that is a gift.

The above 8 things really can improve your everyday life. It is just a matter of focusing on the positive, living in the moment, and living your best life possible now instead of waiting to do it.