All About How to Become a Superstar

In order to know how to become a superstar who is really sought after, you need to remember a few things. Experts will tell you that it requires dedication, planning, and a lot of hard work. In the highly advanced technological world of today, it requires networking and marketing too. After all, stardom is all about perceived value.

You may be having long years of experience in your specific field and you do know your stuff really well. But when you are going out to meetings or speaking to your local user groups, it hurts to realize that nobody knows your name. This way you can not really command the high rates that the superstars are bringing in. This is why you need to know how to become a superstar and establish your name as an expert in your industry as well as build a reputation for yourself. This requires much more than just being really good at what you do. Some of those things are mentioned here.

You need to gain a lot of experience. It does not matter how brilliant you are; it is the real world experience that really counts. In fact, you probably would not be taken seriously until you are able to work in the real world and show your true stuff. It does not matter what form your experience is taking. You can gain it through working in the corporate world, or doing some work in the military or even for a government body, running your own business, working as an artist, or anything else.

All the fields today have grown to the point where it is just impossible to master all of it. There is no point in being a jack of all trades if you wish to learn how to become a superstar. This way you would never be able to stand out from the crowd. The best way will be to find yourself the right niche. The key here is to pick up something that is really of interest to you and you are really enthusiastic about it. It is your enthusiasm about your particular area of expertise that people will really pick up on. This is exactly what sets the superstar apart from others who may be knowing just as much, but may not be so enthusiastic about it.

Once that you have decided on your particular niche, you need to take ownership of everything about that particular area. You must become the person whom everyone would think about whenever they are thinking about that particular field. Your name needs to get inextricably associated with your chosen specialty area.

You may be highly ambitious and may wish to conquer the world. But you are more likely to attain it only if you start small. Basically, you need to get there in increments. You need to become respected in just one particular arena. You need to hone your leadership skills in order to become known in a small arena first, and then move on too much bigger venture.

You need to take on as many assignments as your time, interest, as well as stamina can ensure. This is a lot of hard work. It may pay you handsomely but other times it may not. To know how to become a superstar, do not worry too much about the compensation in the beginning. You are just building your reputation and proving that you are good at what you do.

You need to put your name on the Internet. This can be through various social networking sites or by creating blogs. Create a help forum, where you are able to answer questions. It can also be a gathering place for other experts like you to discuss and do problem solving. Or else, it can be a showplace where you can brag about all your awards. Actually, the important thing here is to get your name in the limelight. You may even post on other sites, or grant interviews to others in order to get yourself known.

There is no point in getting so busy in building your own skills that you forget all about the importance of socializing. This would include real world as well as virtual social networking. You can post tidbits about your personal life, or links to your professional achievements. You can even use social networking sites by setting up two separate accounts. Out of these, one can be for business friends while another can be for your personal friends.
Attend conferences, meetings and social gatherings as these are good opportunities to socialize as well as make contacts in your relevant field. This way you also get to meet as well as greet other members of your community.

You need to hang out with the other superstars when you are socializing, whether these are online or real world events. You need to approach the superstars whom you admire and let them know how they have always inspired you. At this time, do not ignore all the other people. After all, it is your fans who will make you a superstar. Go out of your way in order to spend time with them, or to give them autographs. At such times, you should feel honored and always stay humble. Do remember that as you go up, you can also go down. You need to be nice to simply everybody.

Even though meetings and conferences will get you face recognition, but to know how to be a superstar, you should also be presenting at them. Even though public speaking is a fear, but it can be overcome with a lot of practice. Start off by speaking at your local group meetings and then move on to regional, national, or even the international conferences that are focusing on your area of expertise.

In order to be a real superstar, you need to be a part of something that is really special. You can be successful when you are a great team member. Also, you should make yourself known for just a few special, but noticeable things.