50 Ways to Relax & Reduce Stress

It can be difficult to relax in the modern society of today. However it is very important that you relax if you wish to live a happier and healthier life. Additionally, if you find time to unwind, you will be better able to manage your stress levels.
Presented below are 50 ways to relax your mind as well as your body.

1. Light scented candles: Some scents can be beneficial for calming and relieving stress. Try a candle with lavender scent or some other smell that might help you calm down.
2. Read a good Book: Reading an interesting story in a book can help you relax and forget about the troubles you are having a little bit.
3. Get a massage: Go to a massage parlor or ask your partner to give you some good massage. This can help alleviate some of your mental and physical stress symptoms.
4. Immerse yourself inside a hot tub: Immersing yourself within a hot tub will help to relax your stiff joints and aching muscles.
5. Engage in an activity you enjoy: Get away from your apprehensions by engaging in an activity you like. For instance, you can take a long walk or browse bookstores.
6. Breathe in deeply and slowly: A good way to quickly de-stress your body is through breathing exercises.
7. Play around with a pet: The affection and love provided by pets can be a superb stress reliever.
8. Make a nice dish: Cook or bake something for your neighbors. The process of preparing the dish will help you relax.
9. Go for a run: Running is a good way to exercise your body and it has a soothing effect on your body and mind.
10. Go Snowboarding or skiing: Aside from being a good form of exercise, snowboarding or skiing will help you connect with nature and even boost your psyche.
11. Do a bit of yoga: Yoga is beneficial to both your body and mind as it helps you stretch your aching muscles and focus on your breathing.
12. Fantasize: As your mind wanders away from reality, take it to some happy place that is devoid of anxiety.
13. Write in your dairy: If no one is around to talk with you, you should trying writing in your diary. This can help you release your pent up emotions.
14. Dance: Dancing can help put you in a good mood, thus helping you relax.
15. Watch a hilarious comedy: Laughter they say is the best medicine. This is true, particularly as regards dealing with stress.
16. Go to the beach and watch the waves: Watching the sea waves as they strike the seashore can be extremely calming.
17. Lie Down and take a nap: Sleep will calm you down and help you control any anxiety you feel.
18. Talk to a Psychiatrist: At times when you are highly stressed, a good way to deal with the problem is by speaking with an expert.
19. Work at some easy tasks. Performing such chores as gardening within the yard, doing the dishes or sweeping can help to reduce stress.
20. Log on the internet and play a computer or video game: Computer games can help you widen out and lose yourself in a different world.
21. Exercise: Exercising your body regularly has several physical benefits, so engage in it and enjoy the endorphins rush.
22. Take a hot shower: The hot water can help eliminate the anxieties you have and help you get better.
23. Go Camping: When you have some time to spare, go to the woods or mountains to enjoy a camping retreat.
24. Indulge yourself: Whatever it is that you enjoy, take some time to treat yourself to it as such simple pleasures can help ease your worries.
25. Take a siesta: If you feel overworked, block off a whole day during the weekend and lie around catnapping as you please.
26. Play a musical instrument: Making music is a superb way to unwind mentally and physically. If you know how to play a musical instrument, find time to play it.
27. Drink Herbal Tea: Any time you feel tensed, a cup of herbal tea will help ease your tension.
28. Go Shopping: At times, going for shopping can be a highly effective method to deal with your stress.
29. Visualize happy moments: Shut your eyes and visualize a situation that gladdens your heart. Think about and cherish those pleasing moments for a couple of minutes. This will totally relax you.
30. Meditate: Meditation will help take your mind off all negative worries and thoughts
31. Walk Your Dog: A simple walk with your dog around the block can help divert your attention from the challenges you are facing and you get to exercise your body in the process.
32. Listen to Music: Listening to some meditation music can help to calm you down.
33. Contact a friend: At times, just talking with individuals that you are acquainted with will provide you with some comfort.
34. Run around your house: Run around your house five times, and then lay down on the ground. The physical tiredness will help your body and mind relax.
35. Eat a nice dish: Sometimes a nice dish can help ease the tension.
36. Laugh: Be with friends and family and discover your sense of humor once more. Laughter is a fantastic way to unwind and it does not have to cost you anything.
37. Lie down beneath the stars: On a crisp and clear evening, get out of the city and find a place to stare at the stars and be in tune with nature.
38. Switch off your electronic appliances: Sometimes you should just turn off your TV set, your landlines, mobile phones, and your computer. Doing so will help you calm down.
39. Go Hiking: A walk through the woods will help clear your head.
40. Stretch: Slow stretching is one other great way to unwind. Whether you are seated or standing, ensure that your spine is straight and your arms dangle loosely beside you.
41. Paint something: Painting can be highly therapeutic. As you paint allow your mind to wander.
42. Fresh air: Open the windows of your home and allow the fresh air to get into your nostrils.
43. Take a vacation: When you take a vacation, you leave your worries at home. However, make sure you select the appropriate place otherwise your vacation can become another source of stress.
44. Sit still and do nothing: Sit in a relaxed position, shut your eyes and just remain still. Many thoughts will come to your mind; however do not pay any attention to them.
45. Go to a riverside and watch as the river runs over pebbles
46. Go to the beach and collect shells
47. Get your photo albums and look at your past photos
48. Get on your adjustable seat, sit back and place your feet up
49. Attend a sporting event
50. Lay or sit on the grass within your garden

Taking some time to relax is a good way to decrease the harmful effects that the problems of life has on your mind and body. The good part is that the 50 ways to relax mentioned in this write-up are things that you can easily practice. Therefore, go ahead and try them and start experiencing the positive effects of de-stressing the body.