How To Quit Your Job Today and Start Making Money Online

Most people shudder at the thought of quitting their ‘well paying and more secure jobs’ to engage in the unpredictable online money making activities. The question for many remains how to quit your job today and start making money online. Online money making activities are still held with suspicion and most people prefer to work for physically stationed organization. The reality is, with proper strategy and execution, online money making is real and well paying.

The flexibility in terms of when and where to work from that accompanies online employment makes it even more appealing .Before quitting your job however, explore all the possible ways- your talent included- on how you can earn income online. Researching online to get real life experience will do you a great deal as you prepare to plunge yourself in the online business community.
The options vary depending on your line of interest, profession and training.

After identifying a viable route through which you can genuinely (because there are other unscrupulous ways that if you engage in the law will catch up with you) earns money online, the next move would be to quit your job.

Disgruntled workers tend to haphazardly quit their job, bad mouth the authority before leaving a trail of unfinished work.
Regardless of your current relationship with your employer exercise caution and decorum as you quit your job.

Professionally either through written or verbal communication, tell your boss or supervisor you are leaving. Give your employer at least a two weeks’ notice within which you clean up any duties on your desk before departing. If possible, offer to bring in your replacement. Remember it is very important to leave on a clean slate as your former employer might just be one of the consumers of your services online or might recommend a few customers to you. Severing that relationship might just deny you a few customers.

After quitting your job, implement your strategy to the fullest. Here are some of the options to explore;


Professionals have the privilege of choosing what they want to engage in as a means of making money online depending on their line of training. Today as the internet use expand and becomes more acceptable to many organizations, so is the demand for specific online services from the organizations. Setting up an agency to satisfy these demands will easily rake in millions of shillings for you. For instance, in the advent social networks, many organizations are frequently finding damaging information or what would described as classified information being leaked to the internet either by its workers or competitors . Setting up an online reputation management firm if trained in that field would allow you to work from the comfort of your home and still earn more.

You can also set up bureaus to satisfy demand for inquiries on varies services. For instance, new mothers wanting to know where to get certain goods for their newborns.


The internet’s global audience provides a large pool of demand for goods and services. Identifying the in need service that is lacking in supply then provide avenues to satisfy that demand will quickly provide income for you. For a very long time many students ,workers and ordinary people wanted content on various topics but none was forthcoming until freelance websites that provide content on various subjects were set up to quench the demand. Today you can access any information or request at a fee for the information to be provided from such websites. You can also make money through marketing of certain goods and services that other organizations offer through your email list.


Creation of websites and blogs sites can also offer an option for making money through advertisement. The websites can act as online retail stores, used to market services you offer or advertise services offered by other organization at a fee. However, to get organizations to market their products and services on your websites and blogs, you will need to be able to attract huge traffic on your website. This can be done through consistently providing new and exciting information on your website or blogs. Ensure the you proof read your work before posting on your blog as grammatically incorrect articles filled with typos is likely to cost your site credibility and eventually the much needed traffic to attract revenue.


Millions of college students, unemployed and general public earn thousands of dollars every month from writing articles for online publications. Those with specialized training and specific writing styles can also venture into providing content for interest groups for their publications and make money online. However, the pre requisite qualification for most of the online content looking bureaus is the grasp of grammar, creativity and be natural. The more you provide acceptable content the more you earn.


There are many organizations, offering data entry and survey jobs. Most organizations are outsourcing personnel online to enter data that might not be very confidential but still important to the organization. Payment heavily hinges on the amount of work done.


You can also make money online through the sale of stocks either owned by you or someone else’s. However one needs proper training to engage in stocks selling and buying.

In conclusion, to ensure constant demand for the supply of your services online, market your abilities by writing a short resumes that expounds on your skills, training and experience. If you have an agency, provide the organization profile outlining its vision and mission to ensure clarity on what exactly you do.

Only undertake jobs that you can satisfactorily accomplish, never accept offers of jobs you have no ability to execute properly no matter how simple the job seems.

The main aim of working is to earn money , however there are individual also looking for the same money through dubious means, it is therefore to always be on the look out to avert falling prey to fraudsters, genuine organizations will not demand for money before assigning you duty.

Lastly before you quit your job today and start making money online , do a quick assessment of what your total earning are and if you have the potential of earning more from what you are currently earning.