Attract the Things You Desire With Positive Imagination

Positive imagination. Positive visualization. Positive Mental Attitude. The process is starting to have many names. Whatever you may call it, you are referring to a tool that can be a powerful magnet towards getting the things you desire in life.

What is Positive Imagination?
Positive imagination is believing and imagining the things you desire, keeping the sights, the sounds, the smell —–and enjoying them as if they are already happening to you. In positive imagination, you don’t think too much how you get to your desired state. You don’t think about what you need to do to deserve and earn the reward. You don’t have to plot, to plan, to scheme. Devoid of time, you just feel the ideal moment as if it has already arrived. Spending a few minutes a day for this routine can help make dreams come true.

How Does It Work?
Positive imagination works consistently with the law of attraction. Simply put, the law of attraction states that positive thoughts attract positive results and negative thoughts attract negative results. If you are habitually thinking of abundance and good health, you will soon put yourself in a situation that allows you to receive these things. If you are cynical about love and life, mundane occurrences would seemingly conspire to keep you frustrated and sad.

Since the early days, history is dotted with names of wise men who seem to see the future. In the eyes of ordinary people, they are the messengers of God. It may be argued that some of them had special powers. In reality, however, a lot of them simply learned to tap into their imaginary powers and make good use of it.

In recent memory, we often hear of elite athletes spending a few quite minutes before a game. Before they enter the din of the crowd, the flash of the cameras, before they arrive into that decisive moment—-they have already seen the result in their mind’s eye.

Before he even starts the game, a basketball star already sees the shot going in, a football player imagines the ball go through the goalie’s hands. They have already imagined how the crowd reacts to their feet, how family and friends and fans are moved into tears. Not everyone will admit it openly, but a number of athletes use the technique to improve their games.

This routine is practiced not only by athletes, but artists, politicians, even scientists. Albert Einstein, who has greatly influenced history and our daily lives, declared about imagination being more important than knowledge.

Positive imagination and law of attraction are often met with ridicule and skepticism by those who are used to more concrete means of getting the things that they want in life.

Skeptics criticize the lack of concrete evidence to support the ideas. They see evidence as either too vague and too subjective to even come close to being accepted as a scientific evidence.

Here lies the main reason why the law of attraction and positive imagination cannot be accepted in the regular scientific circles. What critics consider as a confirmation and selection bias is the very essence of positive imagination—-seeing things that you expected and hoped to see.

In short, whether positive imagination and law of attraction works cannot be tested with the yardstick applied to sciences like chemistry and physics. For this reason, the use of this method to attract abundance and better life has to be pragmatical—-you practice it as long as it works. And the funny thing is, it really works.

The Benefits of Positive Imagination

In order to drive you to at least give positive imagination a try, some of the more concrete benefits of positive imagination are enumerated. As you begin to apply it, you will begin to reap benefits that may be far greater than what is mentioned below.

1) It sharpens your focus. Positive imagination, aside from attracting favorable conditions, keeps your focused on what it is that your heart desires. It protects you from the countless distractions and discouragements that are the cracks that are first to show before dreams crumble. Having a daily routine of positive imagination is like having an alarm clock that awakens you from wandering thoughts.

2) It gives you a can-do attitude in life.
This attitude is necessary to get you started in a journey to success. Whatever it is that you want, constant imagination of your goal and how it feels to be successful conditions your mind to be ready for success and to expect success like it is a certainty. It may not be a certainty, alright, but a can-do attitude leads to persistence which gives you a much higher chance of reaching your goal.

3) It increases your creativity. By having positive thoughts, you avoid wasting precious creative energy in worries. You will get surprised how seemingly random things, people and events suddenly become potent tools that will contribute to getting wonderful things done.

4) It allows you to tap into your subconscious. Constant positive imagination conditions your subconscious mind to recognize seemingly unusual patterns and turn them into something useful. This gets you ready for serendipity or accidental discoveries of important things that have the power to change your life.

How To Do Positive Imagination

There are different ways people do positive imagination. Here, only the major elements are outlined, as the other details may vary from person to person.

1) Go to a quite, comfortable place. It maybe your room, the park, on the shore or even the corner of your office.

2) Breathe deep and slow. Imagine a positive energy going inside your body every time you inhale. When you exhale, imagine negativity being drained from your system. Deep within, you will start to feel grateful about the things that you have in your life right now.

3) Once you are in a more relaxed mood, start to visualize. Try to see in your mind’s eye the things that you want. Imagine them like they are already in the present. How does it feel? What are the sights and sound? How does it smell. Try to absorb every detail. Do not be tempted to plan how you get what you want. Just enjoy the feeling of being certain that it will come to you.

4) Once you feel satisfied, slowly be aware of your surroundings while keeping your eyes closed and continuing your rhythmic breathing.

5) Open your eyes, feel how a few minutes of positive imagination has made you feel well. Believe that what you asked and hoped for is on its way to you. To sustain the belief, act like a farmer in normal daily life——– working hard while being certain that the seeds he sowed will inevitably lead to a harvest.