How To Materialize Anything You Want

Every person in this world–everyone around you–wants something. You hear at least once a day, “I wish I had…” Few people receive these wishes, and why? The answer is simple. Because they do not believe they can have it. They do not take the time to materialize, or manifest, it. You, and only you, have the power to materialize anything you want. However, you must first understand why you have this ability, and then how you can make it work for you.

1. The Power of Materializing

Otherwise known as manifesting, materializing is a power that everyone possesses. Everyone has a higher power inside them. Some refer to it as the source mind, and this is correct. What this really means, though, it that you are connected to the Universe, the sacred source of power. For some it is Allah, for others it is God. No matter what you choose to call it, it lives inside you. Once you know how to connect to this power source, you can materialize virtually anything your heart desires. The process is not a difficult one to learn, but it does require both patience and diligence.

2. Slow Down and Relax

Before you can begin manifesting, you must learn how to live in the present peacefully. To do this, you must relax and slow down each day. Your breath is most closely related to your mind, so it is necessary for you to begin with taking slower breaths each day. This makes it easier for you to control your mind, which is a must when trying to manifest your desires. Breathing slower also helps you to relax, another necessity for materializing what you want. The more relaxed your mind is, the more open it is to receiving what you want. This is a vital aspect of manifestation. You might also try moving a little slower rather than rushing around, eating slower and speaking in a calmer voice.

3. Begin Meditation

Meditation takes step 2 a little further. During this ancient form of relaxation, you are able to clear your mind of all clutter and gain better control over it. If you truly want to materialize anything–even a nickel–you must have complete mind control. This process is as easy as breathing. Close your eyes and focus on every breath you take. In the beginning you may find thoughts creeping in and out of your mind. Simply bring your mind back to your breathing. The longer you are able to focus solely on your breathing, the sooner you will have the ability to manifest. Why? Because the sooner you must be able to concentrate on your desires without distraction.

4. Create an Image of What You Desire

During your time of meditation, create an image of what you want to materialize in your life. Perhaps it is a new car, or maybe it is a home. When you are not meditating, take the time to put together a vision board. You can purchase a cork board, poster board or anything you can attach photos to. Cut pictures out of magazines, placing them on your manifestation tool. If it is a car, cut out a picture of the specific car you desire and place it on the board. If it is a home, do the same. When finished, hang your vision board in an area you frequent so you can see it numerous times throughout the day and night. As you pass by it, close your eyes and picture yourself in the car you want. Do everything you can to imagine the steering wheel in your hands, the smell of the interior, the feel of your body against the seat. All of this helps you manifest much faster.

5. Trust It Is Yours

Just as you trusted your parents unconditionally, you must now trust the Universe with your desires. The Universe has provided all your needs for you your entire life. It is now time to release all doubt, fear and anxiety and trust you are receiving what you want. Should you falter and have moments of fear, anxiety or doubt, focus your mind on something positive until the negative feelings disappear. You must trust in the Universe, surrendering your ego–the part of you that says it is not possible to have what you are asking for.

6. Focus Without Attachment

This piece of advice tends to confuse people a little. How can you focus on what you want to materialize it without being attached to it? Here is how. When you think of your desire, be sure to think only positive thoughts. This shows the Universe, the giver of all desires, how devoted you are to making this desire a reality for you. However, you must not cling to it as though your life will end if you do not receive what you are trying to materialize right away. Instead, focus on love, respect and positive thoughts.

7. Believe It Is On Its Way

There are so many important aspects to materializing what you desire, however, this is one of the most important. It almost goes hand in hand with creating the image. Yes, picturing yourself in the car of your dreams definitely helps speed things along, but you must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you have asked for is already yours. It can be difficult at times, but faith is necessary when it comes to manifesting.

8. Feel It Is Yours

The key to manifesting is incorporating all of your senses, especially the sense of feeling. Think about the object of your desire and feel as if it is already yours. Picture yourself looking out your window at your new car parked in your driveway and feel the flood of excitement rush through your body, knowing you get to drive it to work. Repeat this numerous times throughout the day for faster results.

9. Say Thank You

It is okay to say thank you ahead of time for what you want. Do this as often as possible to show gratitude to the Universe for what *you* know you are about to receive. Keep it in the present tense, though.

Materializing the things you want is not as difficult as one might believe it to be. Once you take yourself through these steps once or twice, you will be a pro, and will soon find yourself manifesting more than you ever thought possible.