Breakfast Your Brain Food for The Mornings

Some people don’t realize how important breakfast really is. It honestly is the most important meal of the day. Without a good breakfast you won’t be on your peak level. You won’t have the right amount of nutrition and energy to think clearly and chances are you will be hungry before lunch.

Why is Breakfast So Essential?

Think about how long it’s been since your last meal. If your last meal was dinner at 6pm the night before and you miss breakfast then you are going 18 hours without a supply of food for your body. That means your body will have to start using its reserves of sugar and other nutrition long before you ever get to lunch. You need a consistent supply of food going into your body to maintain a good mood and a sharp mind. After your dinner digests from the night before your sugar levels start to slowly drop and by in the morning they are typically the lowest of the day. Then you miss breakfast and they drop even farther. This is why people who don’t eat in the mornings get a lot more headaches and fatigue before lunch.

Then you ake it all the way to lunch and fill up on a nice sized one. Well then your body had to adjust from nothing to overload and works very hard to digest all of that food into the things your body needs. This creates fatigue and low energy for you. Think about it have you ever been tired after lunch or in the afternoon? Chances are its because your body is trying to work overdrive to catch up on the things it needs because it starved itself for 18 hours prior to lunch.

Does that sound like something you want to do to yourself everyday? Breakfast is the meal you don’t want to miss. If you really want to skip a meal then miss lunch.

What Do I Need To Eat For Breakfast?

Eat something healthy and generally on the light side. You don’t want to fill  up so much that you become sleepy and want to go back to bed only an hour after waking up. You want something that will give you the energy boost you need and get you by until lunch time rolls around. I have made a list of 20 easy healthy breakfast ideas for you just click here.