Kids Are a Blessing – Should You Have Kids?

So recently I have found out the joy of having kids of my own. I have always enjoyed babysitting my nieces and other small kids in the family, but never had my own until recently. I now have an 8 day old baby girl and let me tell you it is a real blessing. I was always a little indecisive about having them and worried about a million things which slowed me down this much . After she was born my whole life has turned around for the better. If you are trying to figure out if you should have kids or not I couldn’t even explain how it feels to actually go that step and have one.

Some people may not be suited for the family lifestyle and having children. I probably should have rephrased my article a bit and explained that in the beginning, but I’m so glad I did that honestly I would tell anyone they need to. The joy an infant brings to a home and the closeness your family gets is indescribable.  Seeing their little smile and watching them look around and even cry can make a horrible day turn completely around for the positive.

I always wondered how much of a lifestyle change it would be and it’s dramatic. You will be dedicating a lot of your time to them, but it’s not time wasting because you will want to spend that time with your new family. They really don’t require that much money either. You can buy everything they need with only a few hundred dollars and maybe add $50 each week for everything else they need. Attention wise they sleep most of the time if you let them, so you can still maintain a regular normal life.

The bonds they bring with you and your family are amazing. Me and my mom have never been closer. The child will grow up and provide you with a lifetime of joy and happiness. Even a if the child isn’t your ideal son or daughter they will still seem to amaze you. So in my opinion anyone who has even thought about having a child should do so whenever it is they get the chance. Don’t wait because this could be the one thing in your life you are missing.