Don’t Close Yourself Off To Life

Life is full of opportunities to take advantage of. You could sit around closed off to everything or you could take advantage of opportunity and become open to life. What does it mean to be open to life? To accept everything that happens to you and let life flow it’s natural course.

We all have been open before. Some of us may be open now and other’s have been open in the past. If you have been open and the past and aren’t now is because you have probably experienced some sort of pain the made you close up.

How To Become More Open To Life Now

1. Don’t spend so much time focusing on goals. Instead spend more time doing whatever comes your way. Spend time in the now and stop worrying about the future.

2. Be open like the sky. This metaphor simply means to accept everything. The sky doesn’t judge who can pass through it. It simply is there and accepts everything that comes it’s way.

3. Control your fears and learn to live with them. Fear will automatically send you away from life. If you spend time worrying about things that might go wrong or if bad stuff will happen to you, then you will be closed off to good things that might happen.

4. Don’t be a control freak. You have to learn to let go of some control. Don’t think you have to be 100% in control of everything that goes on around you. Sometimes it’s OK to accept no control and let things flow their course.

5. Don’t be so judgmental. Spend more time accepting everything for how it is. Accepting doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t change different parts of your life. It means you won’t be getting upset or frustrated when things don’t turn out as expected.

6. Learn to identify and control your defense mechanisms. They stop you from doing more than you would ever realize. Defense mechanisms can be a really good thing. They are there to save your life after all, but in this case they can make you buck against your life flow and close yourself off to things going on around you.

7. Become more positive and optimistic about your life and what’s going on now. Don’t see the cup as half empty. Learn to love yourself and everything that you have right now in this moment. There are people who would give anything to have just 1 hour in the life you live. Don’t waste your time sitting around doing nothing.

8. Make a move now and start having fun. Fun is the key to staying lost in the moment. If you really enjoy something you are 10 times more likely to stick with it than if you don’t.


Open up your life and embrace the newness that follows. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not feared and controlled. We are all born out of chaos and there will never be 100% control over life and it’s outcome. Good Luck!