Saying An Incantation Instead Of An Affirmation

Affirmations are great resources for getting something stuck in your mind. You can repeat a phrase over and over again until your mind begins to believe it and it effects your body and physiology. What if you could do something just like an affirmation, but hundreds of times stronger?

That something is called an incantation. An incantation is simply put an affirmation with emotion and reaction attached to it. If you want an affirmation to be strong then use verbal with it. Instead of just saying the affirmation in you head try instead to say it out loud. Don’t just say it out loud, scream it. Get your physical body involved by moving while you scream. This is how an incantation works. The effects are phenomenal.

10 Tips To Make An Incantation More Powerful

1. Practice your affirmation until you have it memorized inside and out. Be specific with what you want to accomplish. You need to have a solid affirmation before you can move onto an incantation.
2. Do something physical while you chant your incantation.
3. Put emotions into it while you say it. Make it verbal if you can. Scream it if nobody is around.
4. Make sure you do it for a good length of time. Don’t just say it a couple of times and move on. Try for at least 15 minutes.
5. Convince yourself that it’s going to change your life. You have to believe in the power of the incantation for it to have maximum effect on you. If you don’t believe in it at first then start and eventually you will believe it.
6. Make sure your incantation is in alignment with your beliefs. Don’t say something and think something different.
7. Allow yourself to be in the mindset of change. If you do the same things every day you life will always be the same. It’s time for a change and only you control the outcome.
8. After you build up your incantation momentum, keep moving and don’t stop.
9. Don’t let others bring you back down. You are in control of you life and nobody else. Don’t let people influence you away from where you want to be.
10. Think positive and keep the final outcome in mind. Think about what you want to achieve and how your going to feel once you get there.

Incantations are so powerful that ancient cultures thought of them like black magic or witchcraft. They can have an effect on you that changes your life forever. Give this a try for some very powerful results. Good Luck!