How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Twin Flame?

How do you know if someone is your twin flame? Twin flames have a strong bond between them and they connect with each other on a very deep spiritual and emotional level. A twin flame is closely related to the soul mate although soul mates can exist even between siblings, relatives, friends and pets alike. Your twin flame is more like the other half of your soul.

Relationships with soul mates are usually easy and comfortable; however your twin flame may be difficult to get along and will most likely not be as perfect. The relationship is open although at times there are obstacles to be overcome. You become one with your twin flame but still retain some of your identities and unique attributes.

First and foremost, how do you know if someone is your twin flame? The bond created between the two of you is direct, very intense and can last for a very long period of time. Twin flames can sense each other’s emotions even when they are locations apart and whether the feelings are negative or positive. Most importantly, the relationship is two sided, bears no malice and it is not restricted by time or distance.

In order to find your twin flame, you need to be open minded and go about your day to day activities, focus on your hobbies and goals without making an intense effort to search for or find your twin flame as they can be found anywhere including the internet, shopping malls, institutions and even on phone. In most cases, the circumstances surrounding the meeting and connecting of twin flames are unplanned for but once it happens, it leaves no doubt that it was meant to happen, leaves you feeling awake and with a spiritual purpose to fulfil.

Some of the key characteristics that can help you identify that you have found your twin flame include an immense feeling of love and attraction to the other person, you also experience a feeling of being complete whether or not you are with your partner and you are able to complement each other. Your lives also change from what they were before you found each other. You can feel from your very first meeting as though you have known them forever.

Many people ask how do you know if someone is your twin flame? There are many signs and one can experience some or all of them, one of the most common is thinking about each other at the same exact time, when you call someone and they were just calling or texting you at that exact moment and this happens in a synchronized manner without pre meditation.
In some cases, partners have found themselves buying one another similar gifts, meditating and having the same experience. Twin flames are able to dream of their partners in the now, and accurately so. They have an immense feeling of longing to be together regardless of the obstacles or distance that they face.

When twin flames are together, their love for each other is evident and other people are able to notice immediately. There is also a very familiar tendancy of the partners to complete each others sentenses, read each others minds and think alike, tending to be mirror images of each other due to the striking similarities. Behaviour changes have also been noted among twin flames; previous detrimental habits of one partner like smoking or alcohol abuse may change and are set aside as they no longer feel desirable as before, you change for the better. Giving without ever expecting anything in return is also a key feature of a twin flame relationship and one can feel that it will last forever, even past life on earth.

Many people wonder when they will meet their twin flame, however the exact time is not specific and it overall depends on someone’s experiences in life, although some people have indicated that they met their partners after some significant events or changes took place in their lives’. Advice to those who are yet to find their twin flames would be for you to relook at you life and review what aspects you need to change or better yourself. Not forgetting to enhance or do better on your contribution and care for those around you in the world.

The mission does not end in finding your twin flame, you now have to reflect your love to the world and make it a better place from where you found it. The influence you have will attract others and the cycle will continue.

Some of the other key characteristics of the twin flame relationship that have been observed and experienced by twin flames include but are not limited to the following:

a.) Once you meet your twin flame, you can instantly feel it and know that this is it with no doubt.
b.)Openness, you can discuss anything and everything truthfully and without hiding any details.
c.) Twin flames can talk for the longest time without getting tired or exhausting their conversation.
d.) No fear of being heartbroken or rejected, the twin flame partners treat each other sacredly.
e.) Patience and Trust are key and acceptance of each other’s flaws and weaknesses.
f.) Control, competition, intimidation, judgements, pretence, deceptions, and restrictions are nonexistent in the relationship.
g.) There is a feeling of sense; purpose and meaning in the relationship, both of you also feel a deep urge to serve humanity.
h.) Twin flames cannot remain separated permanently, even when there are conflicts; both strive to resolve them quickly because they have a common goal.

In conclusion, when you find your twin, the relationship is magical, irreplaceable and beautiful. It is however important to note that even when you have found your twin flame, there is a likelihood of conflicts and differences to occur in the relationship including breakups due to the differences in personalities and upbringing, however these physical, psychological or even emotional differences should be used to enhance the relationship and complement each other.

For those who have not met their twin flame yet, do not despair for with every passing day, the universe moves them closer to you with or without your knowledge and regardless of the level of urgency you attach to finding your twin flame, they will most definitely come.