How To Love All Things Equally

Personal development has become an important aspect of human life today as more people seek to better their existence. Learning how to love all things equally is one of the fundamental choices that people make in their endeavor towards self-growth. Personal growth experts claim that the essence of love is a decision to connect with the surroundings. If you want to see growth in consciousness then you have to deliberately make up your mind which connection to strengthen and which links to weaken. Loving all things help in developing effective interaction and bonding. Those who block their ability to love do so for several reasons which include fear of rejection, disconnected mindset lack of social skills and incompatibility.

Deciding to love all things equally offers the potential to have enduring and real change. This is because love is a powerful developmental force that provides lasting results which expands over time to touch every area of your life. The ability to love all things also assists in gaining and experiencing great understanding and insights into the real issues real issues affecting humanity today. Following the path of love in personal development goes beyond growth while enabling positive shifts in life such as:

Utilizing your talent and abilities constructively
Creating depth and authentic relationships based on genuine feelings of love
Passion and confidence in life
Experiencing true fulfillment in your life

The principle of love is supported by most of the major religions of the world. The famous Sermon on the Mount says that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself. This is aimed at loving all things, promoting the common good of all humanity and not being resentful. The ability to how to love all things equally is a lifestyle that is not just bound by romantic relationships; rather it extends and encompasses the whole world. The Greek philosophers use the word” philo” to denote love, this includes love for parents, sports, pets and country. Loving all things is a feeling towards all and a way of thinking about all things. This is universal love which is emotional and is always opposed by hostile feelings.

You can never learn how to love all things equally unless you seek to live peacefully. The seeker of love must also act from the recess of the love of all things even when it is not popular to do so. This love inspires people to seek the betterment of all things and the world in general. Deciding to love is no easy task therefore you must seek to optimize the purification of your heart. When your heart is pure you are in a better position to inspire others towards common good of the human race. No one can ever claim to live the way of love unless they consider the well being of friends and society just as they are concerned about their own life. If you clearly understand what loving all things mean you must make a commitment to work towards perfection of love. On the other hand love demands that you should never seek to get more from others than what is fair under any circumstances.

People who use the principle of loving of all things have remarkable influences in at least three areas of their life, these include:
Their relationship with spouses
Action towards a beloved one indicates how much you love them, this helps to secure the relationship and give inner tranquility. It is very easy to notice the small acts of love in words, sex, chores and a general tendency to seek the well being of a loved one.

Interaction with associates
People who love all things are eager to seek the welfare of others in all aspects of their lives this includes both financially and physically.

Interaction with the rest of humanity
If you really act from the principle of love you will support the improvement of economics, education and politics in order to afford every human being under the sun an opportunity to shine and excel. Love is greater and wider than what is preached in pulpits, taught in schools and reported by various media stations.

Those who seek how to love all things equally have made the best choice for their lives, you may ask why? The simple answer is that when a person seeks to love they also receive certain benefits. The person who loves all has inner tranquility which is hard to find in modern times amidst the bustles and hassles of life. Greek philosophers claim that such people have happiness which is borne from inner tranquility known as ataraxia, when this term is translated it means calmness of mind. These philosophers argued that the ultimate happiness is not about health and wealth since these two are not the end in themselves. The philosophers drew a thick line between pleasures of mind and flesh which they warned are both impure and acquired at a high price such as disturbance of the mind, discomfort and high expenditure.

Pleasures from being at peace with yourself and contemplation are not associated with pain therefore they are considered pure resulting into long lasting fulfillment. Greek philosophers never recommended that people should avoid the pleasures of flesh. Their argument was that you should have such pleasures in right proportions while striving for the purer types and attitudes. The right attitude accepts what is offered with gratitude while seeking self improvement. On the other hand those who strive for pleasures of pride and luxury do not enjoy inner tranquility since nothing is ever enough. The ability to love all things is enough prove that man is not just a rational animal; this means that human beings have the capacity to act for the common good of the world when they choose wisely. On the other hand human beings can also choose to sink to the lowest denominator where they simply satisfy their carnal pleasures without regard of what is happening to the rest of the humanity. Greek philosophers argue that abiding by the principles of how to love all things equally is the only ideal way to enjoy life in its fullness.