How To Find Your Inner Strength


According John Roger, we should awaken ourselves to the power and beauty that are alive within us at the moment. We are living in times of unprecedented challenges and changes, so we should take the chance of reevaluating their lives. Does the work that you serve you well enough? Are your priorities where they belong? Do you wish you could spend more time with your family? Is your life the way you want it to be? The answer to all these questions lies within find that inner strength that is within all of us.

We all have our own personal philosophy of what a positive state of mind or a positive attitude means to us. Inner strength includes all sorts of things such as being honest and open, communicating with integrity or anything else.

Another term for inner strength is personal value, the human spirit or the innate essence that you are sustained by throughout your life. Your inner strength does not have to do with how you behave or act, but more with who you are. Finding your inner strength will help you achieve your objectives and goals. You will become resourceful and creative once you find your inner strength.

Inner strength is usually recognized in those who have a radiant quality of a peaceful yet powerful presence that reassures and relaxes. According to Davide de Angelis, being radiant does not require a reason.
You should try some of the follow to find your inner strength:

1. Spend time to looking within

The very first step of finding inner strength is to learn yoga, spending time in nature and to reflect, and start meditating. Do nothing, just sit and observe while breathing slowly and deeply. Get in touch with your inner beauty, nature and the essence within you.

2. Affirming your qualities

We all have qualities that make us unique and you will have to find yours. Courage, enthusiasm, joy, persistence and a sense of humor are included among these qualities. The qualities that set you apart can be affirmed in the present tense using “I am” statements. Three affirmations should be chosen and they should be repeated as soon as you get up and right before you go the bed. For instance:

I am considerate and caring
I am generous with by friends and family
I am loving and thoughtful

3. Making arrangements you will be able to keep

In order to find your inner strength, you will have to show yourself that you are a reliable person by being on time. If you have made an agreement that you cannot keep, you should renegotiate them and make fewer of these agreements next time. This will also show you that you are trustworthy.

4. Learning to say “No”

Avoid over-committing yourself if you want to succeed at finding your inner strength. You are not really going against someone else if you refuse a request. You are just being true and honest with yourself.

5. Appreciating, accepting and loving yourself through tough times

During times of turmoil, you might not do things “perfectly” but it is the perfect time to find your inner strength. You will have to permit yourself to learn. You will have to ask yourself what you can learn from this situation. Always keep in mind that you are doing the best that is possible for you. Once you start knowing better, you will start doing better too.

6. Being forgiving

We all make mistakes, so if you do the same, then always try to be compassionate, kind and tender to yourself. Avoid condemning, criticizing and punishing yourself as you will only cause you to lose your inner strength. Comforting and loving yourself as if you are a precious child will give rise to your inner strength.

7. Prizing yourself

Celebrating your “wins”, the good that you do and the things that go well, is an ideal way of finding that inner strength. You will not be able to find goodness unless you notice the good of your actions and your intentions, at the end of the day.

8. Doing what makes you happy

No matter what you do, always be happy, it will allow you to feel internally strong. It is an exceptional spiritual discipline to choose to be happy. Make a habit of smiling to yourself when you are walking. There are many things that you will find to smile about.

9. Focusing on the positive

Looking for opportunities and blessings that are present even in the midst of disaster is also a way of finding inner strength. You can turn your life around literally simply with a positive attitude.

10. Being patient and relaxing

While it is true that you might not be able to do anything about the whole global economy, you can make the most of every day and build a better future by taking steps. This is not hopeless, passive enduring, rather it is actively and anticipative participation for a better life for yourself and the ones you care for.

11. Being open for the best

You might never know it, but good might actually be waiting right around the next corner. Therefore, keeping a receptive and open mind will also help you find inner strength. Regardless of what you hear, always avoid the temptation of believing it. You have no idea how extraordinary and wonder a resource the creative spirit in you and the rest of the human community is.

12. Being thankful to life

Being grateful and thankful for yourself will also help you find inner strength. Even when you are feeling down, just look around yourself and say thanks for everything that you have at the moment. You will be able to get through the worst storms of life having a grateful attitude and you pave you own path toward greater fulfillment, joy and serenity.

According to Plutarch, our reality can be altered by what is achieved by us inwardly. Saluting the human spirit within you and having faith in the beauty of who you are will make you internally strong. If you want to find your inner strength, you will firstly have to dare to shine.