How To Add Value To Your Relationships

Relationships are one of the heart warming things that make the world go round. When you find the right person to be in a relationship with, then you will truly get to know what love is all about. Of course relationships have their ups and down regardless of the type therefore needing more care and value. Business relationships are also special in their own kind of way but don’t mean they do not need to be worked on. Relationships work best when both parties put in equal effort to make things better for their own sake.  Whatever makes you happy would most probably make your partner happy too. In the same case, whatever doesn’t make you happy would have the same effect on your partner too. Learning how to add value to your relationships simply revolves around what makes the other parties happy and the relationship better.


Nothing is more appreciated in any relationship than respect. Learning to treat the other person like an adult and the same way you would wish to be treated is very important. Learn their boundaries on what you are welcomed on and what your not. Not going through their personal business is also very much appreciated by the other party; talking to them in an acceptable way especially in public lies under the respect umbrella. In business relationships, not pulling tricks on your partner is very important. Also learning to talk to them in a professional way in the presence of other parties is great.

Give Gifts
Souvenirs are a great gesture when you return from a trip. The best thing about gifts is that they last for a long time meaning that they serve as a reminder of you to your partner. Apart from this, gifts go a long way to show that the other person took the time out of their busy schedule to think of you which is a good thing. This is one of the things that add value in relationships. Women are most affected by gifts. It doesn’t matter how small, priceless or inadequate they are, the fact that you brought her back something nice from wherever you were is reason enough for her to treasure the gift.

Invest time
Nothing ruins good relationships more than lack of time. It is understandable that sometimes people get so busy that they lack even the time to run personal errands. Not giving your partner and relationship adequate time might be a recipe for disaster. there is no other way that your partner will get to learn more about you. Come to think of it, when one fails to avail themselves physically in a relationship they deny their partners a chance to know them better. It creates an idea that the other partner is in a relationship all by themselves which should never be the case. Make time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your partner. This does not always mean spending the whole day together. Getting an hour free of your time to meet with your spouse for lunch or a cup of coffee would be great. Remember, a relationship just like a flower needs time and attention to be tended to in order for it to grow.

Nothing is more admirable than a relationship based on honesty. The partners always tell each other the truth no matter how bad they think it is. In a business relationship, both parties portraying an honest relationship towards each other really add value to it. Laying all the cards on the table for the other partner to see is very much advisable. Some people think that with holding information on some things that affect the relationship is for the better but on the contrary, this isn’t the case. Holding back on personal stuff that have nothing to do with the relationship is a personal choice and acceptable. However choosing to keep secret some things that your partner should know might put the relationship at risk when they come to light. It is so much refreshing having no secrets at the back of your head. An honest partner adds great value to the relationship.

Strive to be a better partner
A good relationship takes each partner to be the best that they could be. Be what you want your partner to be, it is as simple as that. A couple that always strives to make each other happy is really a head turner and an eye candy to those to have the privilege to witness it. If you want your partner to be more loving, it is advisable to be the loving partner first. This applies to any type of deed/ value you want planted in your relationship. Hammering and pestering your partner to be the kind of person you’re not in the first place is not a good idea. When you practice the things you want done to you, your partner will automatically work towards being a better lover. Never hesitate to be the bigger person in a relationship.

Work through problems
Being the type of person that always aims to work through problems is quite an admirable principle. These are the kind of traits that should be practiced if you needs to know how to add value to your relationships. All relationships hit rough patches at one point or another. Some break while some stand depending on how much value both partners have on the relationship. It isn’t without reason that the type of couple that experience deep relationship shakers and still emerge stronger are the most respected and admired. It takes strong people to realize that none of the two is perfect hence taking them wholly with their short comings. The real value of a relationship is experienced when both parties accept their partners’ strengths and weaknesses.

Learning how to add value to your relationships is one of the many steps necessary to making any type of relationship work and be better. Understanding that the first step and initiative comes from you makes the efforts more fruitful. In business relationships, appreciating the other partner’s value even if you could receive the same from another partner is quite admirable. Maintain loyalty to one partner at a time is what adds great value to relationships.