Meditation as a Self Healing Practice

Mediation can have many great purposes, one of which is healing yourself. There are many fantastic stories and reports about people being healing by thought alone. I spent a good amount of my time studying and trying these different techniques out for myself to see if there was any truth behind it to be discovered.

At first I’ll have to admit I was a bit skeptical about meditating as a self-healing practice. I didn’t understand fully how a thought can have the power to change something physical like your health, other than maybe calming your nerves or lowering your blood pressure. What I discovered when I meditated for at least 10 minutes of deep mediation my health problems got better. I felt more energy surge through my body and any pains I have were gone. My mind cleared up and my memory became very crisp.

This effect lasted for about 3 or 4 days after ever mediation session that I did. After about the 4th day I would start to come back into my normal mindset and my health would either be the same as before or slightly better. I didn’t have any major illnesses to test this on. I have high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, low energy, sleep apnea, and a few other minor illnesses. The meditation worked very well for all of these.

My personal opinion is that this works. What you can heal only depends on the power of your thought. If you have ever thought about it give it a try and you might be surprised.

How Do You Meditate For Healing?

If you want to heal yourself through meditation the first step is to learn how to meditate. Basically you just find a comfortable place to either lay down or find a comfortable sitting position. Try not to make yourself to comfortable because if you do then you will fall asleep. While meditating you need complete silence and concentration. You might want to tell other people in the house that you will need up to 30 minutes of quiet time and go ahead and turn off any electronics you have such as a cell phone. If you want you can put some soothing music in the background like nature sounds or rain water falling. After you get into your position just lay there quietly and silence you mind.

In healing mediation you want to silence you mind, but still keep a focus on your healing thoughts. Start out by focusing on each part of your body one at a time. Start with your toes and work your way up your legs then to you chest, arms, head, etc. Once you have a complete body focus going on just think of healing thoughts. Some people may vision a white light over their body and others may feel as if they have been submerged in water. Whatever you vision of healing is you need to let that guide you around in your mediation. There is no wrong or right thing to envision. Everyone’s will be different in some aspects.

If you want to you can repeat a mantra like “I feel healed” or “My body is healing itself every minute.” Anything really as long as it refers to you as being healed or already there. Stay away from negative thoughts such as “Why am I sick?” or “The pain is so bad …” you want to focus on good positive things and stray your mind away from the things that are bring you down.

After about 10 – 30 minutes of your meditation slowly get up and stretch. This is an awesome time to either eat something healthy, exercise, or maybe take a soothing bath. Anything you can do to keep your life moving forward in a positive way do it. This will prolong the meditative benefits and will make the rest of your day feel nice.

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