How To Ask Someone On A Date

How To Ask Someone On A Date

Asking anyone for a date is usually considered a difficult task. I am writing this article to give you some really basic advice how to ask someone out on ad date. This article is written from a man’s perspective, but all of the advice can be reversed for a women also. Asking someone out on a date isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it will take some courage.

Bold men would concur to the fact that asking a lady for a date, makes him to feel as shy just as the lady counterpart. For the most of you, who always think that ladies play too hard to get, you can be sure that, the ladies may also give you an innumerable chance to make a move. You may find yourself in a dilemma concerning ‘why not ‘and ‘how I wish’ and ‘what if’. If possible just try to follow your heart, and then trust me, the dating process will seem as if it is a cakewalk.

The following are some of the simple but essential tips on how to ask someone on a date.

Be cool
I know a person ‘being cool’ is not usually very scientific. But you should know that this is a phrase which can basically encapsulate on how you are required to act or behave when it comes to asking a person out for a date. Basically, ‘being cool’ means not being too creepy or persistent or not being too eager but just ensuring that you stay relaxed and also casual in reference to your approach to asking the person concerned the question. However, if you try winding yourself up on how you will ask the question, there is a high possibility that it will come out wrong and thus you will end up doing something weird which you would not have wished. This is particularly very difficult if the person you are asking for a date is a stranger to you. But if you happen to approach them well and ask them politely, calmly and in addition put a genuine smile, you will have very high chances of getting positive responses than if you apply your best cheesy chatting line.

Establish yourself
If you want to ask a person out on a date, it is very essential that you try to create an aura of importance with the person concerned i.e. the other person requires to get your cognizance and be aware that you are an existing creature. For you to be able to do this, try to find out what her interests are, what she does to earn her living, what her extracurricular activities are, get more information about her friends circle and if possible try to ensure that you are part and parcel of them. Try to make sure that your presence is felt in any of the ways possible. You require to know what are her dislikes and likes if you seriously want to make the first date into an ultimate experience.

Be confident
No matter how young or old you are, it can be a scary thing when asking a lady out for the first time. Any lady appreciates a guy who is confidence and also finds it looking attractive. Do not be afraid of being rejected, since it will not be the end of the world. Confidence requires you to do it in person. Sending an email or a text may seem an easier option, but if you think you can use them to get the feelings that you have across better, it may not be a good idea. You being very brave enough to ask a lady out in person may make it likely for her to say yes. If the lady accepts your offer, do not show her that you are too excited, just try to arrange with her a suitable place and time and then go away. If she has said yes to your request, remember that she is also likely to be as excited as you, but just try to play it cool and make sure that you put well your air of confidence. Lastly, just try to natural and let her decide if she will like you for whom you are.

Be honest
It is crucially essential that you try to be completely honest when you are talking to this person. It is all well and also good asking her out, but for instance if you happen to give out any wrong information for example, lying about the place you want to take them out, what you do to earn a living. When the truth happens to come out later, you will have greatly ruined your chances of getting her.

Use an agency
Employing good dating agencies is usually considered a good way for any person who wants to start casual dating. By using their website, you can easily be able to create a profile so that the others can be able to search and find you. You can thus be able to approach the people either via the email or over the phone. By this, you can be able to enhance your dating proposal without the worry of you facing that person face to face.. However, this is not usually good as compared to doing it in person, but it may be the only option that you can be able to manage.

Get a friend to do it
If everything that you have tried fails or maybe you are too shy to face that person and ask her for a date, you can try to seek assistance from a friend. However, this may unfortunately put her off straight away thus giving you a very high chance of getting a negative response.

Asking out
When the time for asking her out arrives, kneeling down and saying all the sweet nothings and blah blah blah, is usually an old cliché. Try thinking think beyond the obvious hence making it to be hassle free exercise. Ladies believe that being simple is profound. You can for instance slip secretly a written note in a book, or just try asking her out for coffee or a movie on a normal and casual way. Usually, it is not the way that you will ask her for that date that matters, but what you will during the date that matters. That usually will go a long way in setting the tone of your relationship.