We Create Our Own Reality

We Create Our Own Reality

You are a potential genius,you have the mental capacity to be, have and do anything you really want in life, by harnessing your amazing mental powers,you can achieve any goal,overcome any obstacle and solve any problem. We are learning more today about the incredible potential of the human brain than has ever been learned before. The bottom line of the research which is now pouring in from all sides, is that you have amazing powers that you have not yet began to use,when you learn to use your brain power to its full potential,the things you will be able to accomplish would be greater than anything you have ever done in the past.According to the Stanford Brain Institute,the average person gets by with about 2 percent of their mental potential.Your goal in life,your responsibility to yourself is to become everything you are capable of becoming. In the information age, this means that your obligation to yourself must be, to develop your mental abilities to the highest degree possible,and wonderfully enough, much of the pioneering work in research has already been done. These are proven,tried and tested techniques that really work when you apply them.

The human brain is an incredibly complex and capable piece of equipment,but it comes without an owner’s manual,it is only today that we are learning how it works and how to get the most out of it. Your brain is like a super computer that has been delivered to you fully installed but with no instructions on how to operate it for maximum effectiveness. This article will show you how.

Here is the first breakthrough of our knowledge about the brain, it is a discovery that we actually have three brains rather than just one,and each of these brains have evolved after the other.

Observing from the bottom of the brain is a much rather primitive brain,which is called the reptilian brain,it also controls some of your more primitive instincts like your sense of territory,which is why you get angry or uncomfortable when someone moves too close to you.The following brain to evolve is the middle brain, a type of brain that mammals also posses,we call it the mammalian brain for this reason,only recently have we realized how important this part of the brain is in helping humans solve problems and improve on existing solutions, this explains something that we have observed,when a thought involves strong emotions, it is often much easier to remember. The third brain,which is known as the neo cortex is truly extra ordinary,in that it helps you to enhance your creative abilities. The good news from brain scientists is that most of the discoveries increases our understanding and use of the brain. You brain thrives on novelty and only declines with the lack of stimulation.

We are all extremely creative as human beings,the law of creativity is subject to the law of use,which states that with every human faculty,we either use it or lose it.The creative faculty however is never completely lost.What happens is that it goes underground and becomes a latent talent or capability of the human mind and we can begin to use our creativity anytime in life that we so decide.We need to trigger it,stimulate it and get far more out of it.

We live in the lap of an immense intelligence, and this immense intelligence is like an ether available for each one of us to tap into.This intelligence is often referred to as the oversoul,infinite intelligence,universal subconscious mind,or the collective unconscious, or the superconscious mind.

This super conscious mind is so much vaster than our individual intelligence,by using this super conscious capability, we find that we can improve our results and move faster towards the achievement our goals than by using any other human faculty.

Going back in history,all the famous and greatest people who ever achieved anything worthy of our human existence, spoke in their writings of an ability to tap into a higher form of consciousness. This super conscious mind is characterized by some of the following things. First of all, it is the source of all pure creativity, all creative geniuses,great innovations,all major breakthroughs in human history have come as a result of super conscious functioning.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that he never wrote anything of his own volition,but he just simply acted as a conduit to this oversoul or infinite intelligence and it would pour through him and the words would flow out onto paper word-perfect,and it would come through his brain almost as if he had tapped into an unearthly power source.

Mozart is another example,he said he wrote his music,note perfect the very first time,it was as if it just came through him.Beethoven was deaf and he said the symphony came through his mind and he simply transcribed them onto paper. Edison, the greatest inventor of the modern age used this super conscious capability over and over again to tap into a higher power and used it for coming up with inventions and insights and so on. Micheal Faraday,considered the father of electromagnetic field theory, an uneducated man who had tremendous ability to use the super conscious capability and pioneered the work that led to the development of the vacuum discharge tube,which lead to the radio industry,the television industry,the electronic industry,the transistor, and micro electronic chip. The entire set of principles came to him in a dream. He got up in the middle of the night and wrote down pages of scientific formulations,and when tested in the laboratory later were found to be precise and absolutely perfect. All creativity is the improvement in the existing ways of doing things. Take control of your brain and create your own reality.