How To Bring In More Traffic To Your Blog

How To Bring In More Traffic To Your Blog


Traffic sits at the heart of all blogs and websites. If you don’t have anyone reading, then what’s the point in even writing? Everyone of us who owns a blog is always thinking “how can I get more people to read what I write?” Anyone who is interested in building one and hasn’t may be stopped by not knowing how to attract more traffic and readers. I am going to share with you some awesome tips to help you get more traffic instantly and in the long term. These suggestions are really simple but probably the most powerful 6 tips I could give you from my years of experience in blogging.

1. Write the best quality content you can. Write a decent length as well. My suggestion is at least 400 words, but the more the better. This enables people to search for more keywords than just your title. Most webmasters will tell you that they get the bulk of their traffic not from a few high searched terms, but 1000s of long-tail keywords.

2. Get involved on as many social networks as you can. Social networks are the backbone of any traffic today. They drive in targeted traffic in large quantities if you know how to do it right. Get accounts on as many as you can keep up with and post to them daily. Make it personal and be yourself on their. Nothing is worse reading someone’s Facebook wall and it sounding like a script. Make sure they have a way to get from your blog to the social sites and vice versa.

3. Get out and get known in the community. This one’s big. This is probably just as big as writing high quality content. When you first start out I would suggest writing guest posts for as many sites as you can. Target ones that are well known and have lots of readers already there. Also go out and post in communities places such as forums, comments, groups, Q&A sites, other sites, or anywhere on the internet your topic is discussed.

4. Link out to other people’s sites and blogs. If you send out links to others then they will notice and link back to you. Backlinks help establish your sites authority and are important to getting more organic traffic.

5. My last tip is to simply be patient. It takes time to build up an audience. You will read stories of people doing it from nothing in less than three months, but from my experience it takes years to really get the site up to that level.

6. NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING UNETHICAL. Don’t do any black hat marketing. Partake in any kind of spam or anything else that lowers the quality of the internet and you site.

Stay focused and keep up the hard work. You will succeed at building more traffic with these simple steps if you apply them today. Good Luck!