Learn How to Manage Stress with these 50 Stress Lowering Techniques

Knowingly or unknowingly, you get exposed to stress in different phases of your life. And it goes without saying that if complexity and expectations from life keep on rising in this way; stress will always be there to accompany you and engulf your happiness. Well, at least you can try these 50 stress lowering techniques to reduce its severity to some extent.

1. Identify the Source of Stress

Try to know your point of worry. Once you know the reason of your stress, you can be prepared to handle it.

2. Divert Your Mind

After you identify the source of stress, try to shift your focus on something else to avoid anxiety.

3. Let it go

Few things are not meant to be always perfect and sometimes it seems that life is playing a witty game with you. Then, the best thing to do is letting it go.

4. Learn to Forgive

If somebody’s behaviour has hurt you and is the core reason of your stress, try to forgive the person at least once. Forgiveness will help to bring peace of mind.

5. Roll with the Punches

You always have to be ready to confront the difficult situations of your life. You may have to learn to roll with the punches. You deal with the problem and then move on.

6. Plan in Advance

It will save you from the unexpected hazards and reduce stress.

7. Learn to Manage Time

You can solve maximum problems once you know how to effectively utilize your time. So, make a timetable and follow it regularly to reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Go for a Walk with Your Dog

People say it’s a great stress buster. Pets provide an emotional support and they are always non-judgemental. So, try to take you dog out at least once a day and have a nice walk.

9. Say No Sometimes

You can find yourself at great ease if you just say no sometimes. Understand the situations which do not cost much if you handle them later.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Arguments

If you get stressed easily, stay away from the unnecessary arguments.

11. Give some time to yourself

Try to slate one hour every day and dedicate that time to yourself. Do whatever you like; go for painting, cooking or gardening.

12. Plan a Romantic Dinner

Cook your favourite meal and plan a dinner. It’s another way to relax your mind.

13. Take a Shower

Try hot water bath. It will relax your sensation.

14. Try Lavender Oil

Studies show that scent of lavender oil helps to calm the mind and increase relaxation.

15. Limit Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulator and should be avoided when you are trying to calm and de-stress your mind.

16. Enjoy Chocolate

It’s good to enjoy chocolate sometimes. It boosts your mood and feeling of satisfaction.

17. Go for Green Tea

Green Tea is another healthy drink to calm your body and mind.

18. Warm Milk

Take warm milk before going to bed. It contains tryptophan which can help you to sleep better.

19. Watch Funny Movies

It can help you to divert and relax your mind.

20. Read Inspiring Books

Books will motivate you and reduce depression.

21. Make Your Bedroom Quiet and Comfortable

This approach will help you to find a place with peace.

22. Have Enough Sleep

To reduce stress, it’s very important that you take enough rest and have sufficient sleep.

23. Check Blood Sugar Level

Increased blood sugar is a contributor to anxiety. So keep an eye on its level.

24. Meditate

This is a one-stop-shop solution for many problems. Yes, through meditation you can relax your mind and increase the feeling of calm and satisfaction.

25. Exercise

Make exercise an integral part of your daily schedule. Exercise will help to improve the flow of blood and release your mental stress.

26. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is very helpful for relaxing mind and stabilizing breathing process.

27. Avoid People who make You Feel Uncomfortable

Sometimes it’s best to avoid people who intend to make your life miserable. In this way, you get a chance to keep you anxiety level down.

28. Go for Massage

This is another effective technique to revive your body and mind and reduce tension. A good head and body massage will increase blood circulation.

29. Try Makeover

Looking good makes you feel special and happy.

30. Go for Occasional Vacation

Spend some quality time with your friends and family. It will give you chance to discuss the issues with your partner and find some ways to solve them.

31. Get Rid of Bad Habits

If you drink or smoke too much, stop them immediately. Excessive smoking or drinking disrupts you sleep and mental balance.

32. Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

You should replace highly fatty fried foods with healthy vegetables and fruits. Diet plays a great role in overall physical and mental health improvement.

33. Keep a Positive Attitude

Nothing is impossible in life. Convince your mind that you can handle
every aspects of life bravely.

34. Never Lose Hope

Always keep hope alive in every situation to diminish stress.

35. Change Perspective

Be a fighter; instead of worrying too much. Try to find solutions of problems

36. Limit the Extra Work

You know you can do, but still restrict the extra work for your own interest.

37. Ask for Help

If you are stuck, ask for help and get the work done.

38. Delegate Responsibilities

Do not take the burden of whole work pressure; instead, delegate work and feel better.

39. Improve Communication

By clear communication you can solve many issues.

40. Avoid Late Night Work

It will disturb your daily schedule and sleeping hour.

41. Go for Shopping

It’s amazing for stress reduction. Shopping can help to lift your mood and release your stress burden.

42. Talk to your Best Friend

Chatting with a close friend can help you to a great extent.

43. Take a Break from Your Children

It’s good to share responsibilities sometimes. Find a babysitter for your children and give yourself some leisure time.

44. Help Others

Helping others can help you feel better.

45. Flow with Emotion

If you feel sad, you can cry a lot to release the stress burden from your mind.

46. Be Organized

It will solve many problems and reduce unnecessary stress.

47. Count to Ten

You will get you some time to lower your instant stress and level of temper.

48. Do not Set High Standard

You can de-stress your mind by relaxing the expectation standard set by you.

49. Lose Control

Sometimes it’s good to lose control to get back the peace of mind.

50. Believe in Yourself

Believing in you is one of the 50 stress lowering techniques. It helps to become strong and confident and lower stress.