30 Things You Can Do In 30 Days To Better Yourself , Starting Today

Most people go through life waiting for that perfect time before they do something special or nice for themselves. There is always something to complete, something that needs closure, something that “spoils the perfect picture” and waiting for that perfect time to come, you will find one day that the best part of your life has passed you by. Stop living in the future and start enjoying your life now. Do something special for yourself that would change your life for the better.

Just one month is enough to get you started and motivated to change your lifestyle and start living in the present. Take the 30-day test and see how much self-improvement, happiness, and fulfillment you could bring into your life. There are three major factors that contribute to one’s happiness, i.e. health, finance and relationships – not necessarily in this order. Let us see what 30 things you can do in 30 days to better yourself. The list below should get you started to take challenges every month and through every challenge you take become a better person.

(1) Health

i. Learn meditation – meditation is an excellent tool for de-stressing the mind and body and for a person living in today’s rush-rush and highly competitive world this is an exceptional betterment tool.

ii. Learn yoga – yoga is the natural method devised by hermits of ancient India to keep every aspect of the body and mind healthy. It involves learning shaping your body into certain postures or asanas, whereby your mind and body health would improve; you will also grow resistant to a number of common diseases.

iii. Introduce exercise into your life – you need not do much. Just take a brisk walk for about 60 minutes every day. Stay slowly with about 15 minutes and build it within a week to 60 minutes.

iv. Learn about healthy eating – find out about raw food diet or any other sustainable diet and try to introduce some of these exceptionally food into your diet. You may like to try the 7-day raw food detoxification diet – to eliminate all the toxins from your body and improve your overall health.

v. Ensure better sleep – sleep deprivation is at the root of many modern-world diseases. Go to bed two hours before midnight and set your alarm at 6 AM; take a walk in the morning. You will sleep much better and you will feel much better within 30 days.
vi. Moderate your eating habits – decide that you would eat “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” – as the saying goes. People who are disciplined with their style and time for eating, are much healthier than those who do not. Eat your dinner at least 4 hours before bedtime for better digestion.

vii. Have plenty of sex – of course, this does not mean that you be promiscuous. Have plenty of sex if you are in a relationship – of course. Sex is known to calm nerves, generate the feel-good hormones in the body and improve blood circulation and heart health.

Viii. Drink plenty of water – make a plan – and stick to it – to drink at least two liters of water per day. For best results, drink about one bottle in the morning immediately after you get up; about 2 glasses 45 minutes before lunch and another 2 glasses about 45 minutes before dinner. Of course you may drink more if you need, but not less.

ix. Add multi-vitamin supplements to your diet – unless you are sure that you are eating a balanced meal all the time, the best is to have multi-vitamins added to your daily diet – as prescribed by a doctor.

x. Adopt a pet – if it is possible rush to your nearest animal shelter and take one these unwanted an adorable animals home. Having a pet home is indeed life-changing.

(2) Finance

i. Write a budget – the first step towards improving finance is to have a budget.

ii. Aim at reducing the expenses by at least 20% – there would be plenty of wealth draining factors such as eating outside, having coffee out, smoking, etc. Aim at cutting down expenses by at least 20%.

iii. Start a saving account – pledge to save about 10% of weekly income there.

iv. Invest in some simple-to-do cookbooks – cooking at home is not only a great pastime but also will save you a lot of money.

v. Identify and become a member of a car pool – this is one of the easiest ways to save money and environmental friendly too.

vi. Make your home energy efficient – invest in solar batteries where possible. Also get a professional to help you make your home totally energy efficient.

vii. Identify at least two ways to generate wealth in your free time – everyone has one or other talent. Find out how you could use this talent to generate wealth by investing a few hours per week.

viii. Keep only credit card on your person – learn to use debit cards instead of credit cards, especially if you are a compulsive shopper.

ix. Insure all your home appliances and goods – this will help you plenty when any of these expensive-to-repair appliances break down.

x. Engineer methods to have a budget that is about 35% less than your income – this is the greatest secret to financial freedom. Start now.

(3) Relationships

i. Decide to do a good thing every day – it gives tremendous satisfaction and it does improve relationships.

ii. Make it a point of being positive – say only good things about anyone around you. If there is nothing good to say do not say a thing.

iii. Forgive and let the person know you did – forgiveness frees you more than it frees the persons that erred against you. Let go of emotional baggage.

iv. Say ‘I love you’ often – make it a point to say these 3 exceptional words to all those whom you love as often as you can. They mean a lot.

v. Give time to your family – keep time aside for your family no matter how demanding your business or job is. Your family is your real wealth.

vi. Give a hug often – hugging, touching, smiling are ways to say ‘I love you’ that benefit both the giver and the receiver.

vii. Do things together – set up a home tradition to do stuff together. Make this time count – maybe a DIY project, a fishing trip, a visit to the shopping mall, seeing a movie, etc.

viii. Do things for yourself – sacrifice is good to a certain extent. If it is a constant feature in your life, it will make you bitter and clingy for you would expect commensurate appreciation from your loved ones. Do indulge yourself and cut the sacrificing to how much is strictly necessary for the family. Go for that Friday binge with friends, buy that expensive dress, buy that ouch-expensive smart phone. Be happy!

ix. Volunteer some time – do something for those less privileged than you. Give some time to the local animal shelter. You feel better; and other will feel better around you.

x. Learn anger management – 90% of altercations between friends and loved ones is because we do not have control on our anger. Make an effort to gain control over your temper.

You can keep adding to these 30 things you can do in 30 days to better yourself and use this one-month plan to make yourself a better person.