Learn To Accept Things For How They Are

Learn To Accept Things For How They Are

Learning to accept things for how they are will help you move forward in your life and let go of things might be lingering around causing you stress and lowering your mood. When you feel like your not in control it can be depressing. In this article I am going to teach you exactly how to get past this behavior and learn to accept things in your life for how they are.

 Benefits to Help You Learn To Accept Things For How They Are

  • Less Stress
  • Less Lingering Problems
  • Letting Go Of Past Traumas
  • Better Love For Yourself & Others
  • Improved Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • More Overall Happiness
  • Reduce or Cure Depression
  • Higher Self-Confidence
  • More Control of Your Life

Accepting things for how they are is a great personal development tool to overcome several different problems you might have created for yourself. When you linger onto things from the past or have situations in your life that are out of control and bother you daily its time to just accept things and move on. When you go through the acceptance process you can learn to live with disabilities, personal flaws, lost relationship or loved one, bad situations, and many more things that could be on your mind.

When you finally do accept things for how they are you will begin to unwind built up stresses that have bothered you subconsciously for as long as since childhood. So many people linger on things that are out of their control blaming themselves and others for problems that they simply cannot fix. This creates a never ending cycle of constant depression, stress, low self-confidence, poor sleep, and overall a lower level of happiness.

Don’t worry if you suffer from lingering problems or situations there is help. First I want to point out to you that there isn’t anything wrong with you at all. It’s just a mental loop that you ran into and your mind being as strong and creative as it is has become obsessed with the wrong things lowering the quality of your life. Most everyone has something that they haven’t accepted as a truth yet and others may have several unaccepted truths. This is part of a natural process in your mind due to learned behaviors that has gone sour. You can learn to accept anything and I’m about to tell you how to do this.

 Tips and Advice To Help You Learn To Accept Things For How They Are

  • Give Thanks As Much As Possible For Everything
  • Learn That You Can’t Control Everything
  • Realize That You Have Special Abilities and Talents No Matter What
  • Stop Obsessive Thoughts and Anxieties
  • Replace Thinking Time With Productivity
  • Eliminate If Possible Things That Trigger Your Depressive Responses
  • Face Your Fears

Now that you have decided that you want to accept things in your life, you have moved one step closer to achieving a greater life happiness. You first need to understand whats going on here that’s causing all of these problems. You mind is sharp and you have an excellent memory which enables you to process 1000s of tasks every minute and recall events from 20 years ago like they were yesterday. This is a great asset and is the reason that humans have managed to get to where they are today. But, your mind also has the ability due to natural instincts to try and control every situation it possibly can. This is a natural survival instinct and without it you would be dead by now. If you come across a situation that you cannot control you mind can get programmed to try anyway and when you fail it just keeps this thought stored away in your subconscious. This thought will re-emerge every so ofter either by a trigger or on its own searching for a resolve. The problem is that you cannot for whatever reason solve this problem and this creates a negative mood and stress.

It’s OK, because once you realize what is going on your are already taking steps to move in the right direction. In order to change this behavior you will need to take a few steps to undue your way of thinking about problems and change the way you allow new problems to develop in your mind. Conquering anxieties and obsessive thoughts will help you keep your mind clear and worry free. Also, keep yourself busy when you try to remove bad things from your mind. Try to avoid “bored” time as much as possible by working, cleaning, having hobbies, playing games, organizing, exercising, or anything else that keeps your mind focused on something other than your problems.

Don’t be afraid of things either. The best way to conquer anxieties is to face your fears. Stop letting fear control your life and start taking action. Don’t be afraid to say no either. When you continuously say yes to things you don’t want to do or is going to put an extra burden on yourself you will accumulate a lot of stress. This can put you in a mindset where you feel like you aren’t in control and you can’t say no.

A great place to start is by giving thanks for everything you have now. If you have a lingering problem for a health issue you may be experiencing now, just take the time to be thankful for being alive. Take at least 5 minutes each day to do this so that it can improve your mood and open doors for helping you deal with lingering issues.

Giving thanks for what you do have is also a great way to identify what issues you do have lingering around in your mind. Identifying issues is the next step to eliminating them. You need to get a pencil and paper and spend 10-15 minutes writing down everything you can that bothers you. Don’t hold back, I mean write down every little thing that bothers you now or has bothered you in the last week. Now that you have your list look very carefully at the list and mark through everything that you can fix on your own. Be realistic here as well. If you have a financial burden at the moment you don’t need to leave that on your list because you can fix it in time. Things that you can’t fix( or won’t be able to fix without drastic life changes) are usually health, looks, family, bosses, physical flaws, families net worth, where you grew up, anything from the past, abuse, trauma, etc. After you have marked out everything you can fix on your own whats left is your lingering issues.

Now that you know whats bothering you its time to place these things into one of two categories. The main focus on this article is the accept category. What this means is that these items cannot be changed immediately for whatever reason. The other category is eliminate. This means you won’t be able to accept these items or it might be easier to just eliminate them from your life completely. A good example of eliminate would be a horrible boss.

Let’s talk about eliminate first. One of the reasons I am not going to go into great detail on the eliminate category is because its really simple. If you have a horrible boss just change jobs and you get an insta-fix for your problem. If you have a negative friend don’t hang out with that person any more. Eliminate problems are really easy to identify how to fix. It may take some time and dedication, but if the accepting doesn’t or can’t work for these situations you will need to take action now to get your life where you want it.

Now for accepting things. Accepting can really be used for all of the things on your list if you wanted to. Truthfully a horrible boss can just be accepted or ignored to some extent. The reason I suggest eliminating things like that is its a much easier route to take some of the things off your list and save your time for the real problems that you are going to have no choice but to accept. Accepting things for how they are can be really easy or an utter challenge its going to be different for each individual and each lingering problem they have.

To accept something you just need to understand and practice a few simple steps.

  1. It’s Not Your Fault
  2. It’s Part Of Your Life That Brought You To Where You Are Now
  3. You Can’t Change It
  4. Love Yourself For Exactly Who You Are No Matter What
  5. Tell Yourself Over and Over “I Accept ……. Exactly How It Is & I Am Happy About It”
  6. Give Thanks For What You Do Have
  7. Repeat

These seven steps will provide you with a tool to help you work on each thing that is bothering you one at a time. Take the time to simply accept things for how they are and in no time you will have your life back on track.