Learn How To Live a Frugal Lifestyle

Learn To Be Frugal

Being frugal is one of the best ways to quit wasting things and to save money. I am going to teach you about becoming frugal and being cautious with everything you use in your daily life.

Benefits of Learning To Be Frugal

  • Less Wasteful
  • Things Will Last Longer
  • Save Money
  • Keep Costs Low
  • Good For The Environment
  • Better Financial Planner / Budgeting
  • More Control Over Things Like Eating

Being frugal is more than making a choice every now and again about what to buy or how much to use. It’s a complete lifestyle change that involves determining how much of a particular something you really need. Many people become so accustomed to using a specific amount of something each time and never think “Am I using too much?” This can lead to a lot of wasted money.


When you stretch out and make the things you buy last you will only have to buy this product possibly every month instead of every week. A good example of this is when you use liquid body wash. You can effectively wash your entire body with an amount equivalent to the size of a dime, but yet many people will use an entire hand full or even two hand full if they feel they are extra dirty. This kind of non-frugal behavior leads to a lot of waste.


When we waste enough products and resources we are doing the planet a great harm. It only has the ability to break down our waste at a set rate and when we use up all of these extra supplies we don’t need the empty bottles and the byproducts from the manufacturing of these get dumped in a landfill. Also, the chemicals used in the process could be toxic which would take thousands of years for them to be broken down into a normal level of toxicity. You might be thinking “so I don’t use that much extra,” but truthfully if you only doubled the amount of waste you have and everyone did it then we would run into a real serious problem real soon. When we start accumulating too much trash and live non-frugal lifestyles we are destroying our environment and polluting the air we breath everyday.

There are so many great reasons to be frugal in your life that I can’t even cover them all. The main point here is to just make you aware of how much of a particular thing you are using and for you to consider “am I using too much?” Keep reading and I will point out some tips to help you achieve a frugal lifestyle.

Tips & Advice To Becoming Frugal

  • Avoid Waste
  • Budget Your Spending
  • Avoid Things That Can’t Be Recycled or Reused
  • Portion Food & Products
  • Think Smart About What You Buy
Being frugal is more than just portioning how much body wash you use when you take a shower, it’s an entire lifestyle. When you live the frugal lifestyle you will learn to appreciate more of what you have and become a very conservative person. A great place to start is with portioning things you use daily


In order to correctly portion the things you use daily you will need to figure out what is the least amount you can use while still getting very good results. In my example of body wash I told you for most people you could get by with a dime sized amount and still get your entire body clean. The same works for toothpaste. Do you really need to squeeze out a pile of toothpaste on your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth? Some other examples of things that are commonly wasted are food, gas, electricity, laundry detergent, dish soap, money, perfume, cologne, batteries, etc.


Food is another one of the main points I am going to make here. If either when you eat you constantly throw away scraps you are making too much food and being wasteful. Also, if you are obese you are consuming too much food for you body and again this is very wasteful and  very unhealthy for you as well. Think about portions. Do you really need to cook the entire ham or could you freeze half for later? If you do cook it will some get thrown away? How much food do I actually need to intake to keep a healthy diet? Start asking yourself questions about you eating practices and you will find out exactly how frugal you are.


Ok now for everyone’s favorite part about being frugal, your money. Being frugal is great for all of the right reasons and it helps everything from the animals to our atmosphere, but there is a little bonus in there for you as well. When you start being frugal you start to use and consume much less than you would normally. You might start saving electricity and water each month on your utility bills. Your grocery bills could be reduced by as much as half. You personal hygiene products will last longer. All of these things are really easy to do and really good for you pocket book. I am going to give you a breakdown on how much money being frugal would put in your pocket each month.
  • 200 Per Month Groceries
  • 50 Per Month Personal Hygiene
  • 25 Per Month Wasted Gasoline
  • 100 Per Month Wasted Utilities
  • 10 Per Month Wasted Laundry Supplies
  • 20 Per Month Wasted Cooking Supplies
  • 20 Per Month Wasted Phone Calls
Just from this tiny list I made you could save 425 dollars each month just from being frugal. This adds up to 5100 per year. WOW! That is  actually quite a bit when you start adding it up over a period of time. If you saved that much money per month for 30 years, which is the same amount of time people usually get a house loan for, you would have 153,000 dollars in the bank. That is enough to pay cash for a house. This is one of those awesome win-win situations where by doing this you are doing a good for others and you are also going to benefit from the results of your actions.


There is no better time than right now to start taking action. When you do start don’t give up it takes time to maximize the results of your new conservative lifestyle but years later you will be thanking yourself. I know you can do this and never stop learning and growing with personal development.