Understand How The Power Of Love Works For You

Understanding The Power Of Love

The power of love is unmatched anywhere else in the universe. It is the one power that can change your entire life in an instant. In this article I am going to explain to you how this concept works and how it can work for you to change your life forever. This article is considered to be New Age thought and if you aren’t interested in reading about new age practices on personal development please skip this and read another article instead such as How To Be Happy and Stay Happy.

Benefits Of Understanding The Power Of Love

  • Your Life Will Be Exactly What You Want It To Be
  • You Will Be Full Of Positive Emotions & Feelings
  • Health, Money, Happiness, & Everything Else You Want Will Come Right To You
  • Defeat Anxiety, Depression, Unhappiness, Anger, & Any Other Problems You Have
  • Life Will Have More Meaning To You
  • If You Focus Enough You Will Become “High On Life”
  • You Will Find Inner Peace
  • Success Will Follow You Around
  • You Will Have More Good Karma
This is going to be a very powerful article for some people and only a positive reinforcement for others. This article is more of a new age concept, but there are many truths to this and I have personally felt the effects from this in my life. Keep an open mind and try these concepts I am writing about and you may be surprised of how powerful this can be for you.
Have you ever wondered why some people have everything they want and others get nothing they want? Or, how about someone who is always on a lucky streak and never has anything but good luck in their life. Do you think that they really have good luck or is there something else playing a part in their life. You could say it’s because of their parents, finances, lifestyles, jobs, childhood, etc. But, if this was the case why are there people out there who started with nothing and became world leaders or movie stars? There is a resource that all of us are using everyday, either we are aware of it or we aren’t. That resource is our thoughts and feelings. Love is the most powerful positive feeling we can experience.
Love is a very powerful emotion. Actually it is at the top of the list of positive emotions based on how powerful it is. When you express love for a particular person or thing in your life you are sending out positive energy in the form of though vibrations that in return will bring love back to you in some form or another. This is the secret to living a very prosperous life full of great things and having everything you want. When you express love you drown out all of the negative emotions such as jealousy, anxiety, hate, anger, depression, boredom, etc. When you remove these negative feelings and emotions from your thought process, and replace them with positive ones such as love, your life will transform in an instant.
Life is very much a mystery to everyone. There are some people that seem to have it mastered and get everything they want, while others try so hard and never receive anything but more work and problems. This is not some fluke that just happens to some and not to others. There is rhyme and reason why this happens and if you keep reading I am going to explain how this can work for you.
Tips & Advice To Understand The Power Of Love
  • Give Thanks For Everything
  • Love Everything and Everyone Even Your Enemies
  • Put Feelings Behind Your Love
  • Visualize Your Goals
  • Stay Positive
  • Avoid Fear, Hate, Guilt, Anger, and Any Other Negative Emotion
Love is ever so powerful. You can’t live a good life without love for something. If you can learn to love everything and everyone your  life will be a happy life.
A good place to start at loving everything is to give thanks for what you have. Take 5 to 10 minutes to either say out loud, in your head, or write down on paper all of the things in your life that you are thankful for. Don’t leave out a single item, if you are glad its in your life give thanks. Do this everyday and you are on your way to a better life.
Now take the time think of all of the things in your life you love. Your house, your car, your significant other, your family, favorite food, bed, phone, or any other thing that you can think of. Keep this going all day and try your hardest to love everything you can think of.
What happens when you start loving everything you begin to push all of those negative emotions out of your mind and out of your life. There isn’t enough room in your mind for negative and positive emotions. Once you put all of the positive love emotions into you mind all of the negative ones will leave. This is how you are going to cure problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and many other negative emotions related illnesses. It’s a simple replacement situation. When you put in the a dominant emotion the other inferior ones with have no choice but to reside. If you continue to practice this process you will rid those negative emotions forever.
While you are going around thinking and feeling love for everything in your life you need to avoid anything negative such as fear, anger, guilt, hate, or any other negative emotion you might normally experience. When you fill your mind with positive loving emotions and ditch the others you will start to receive exactly what you want. This is how the universe can work for you. When you start putting feelings and emotions toward what you want you will receive great miracles in your life. This simple truth is based on the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a very simple universal law that is just as real as gravity. It’s been proven in science and in practice. A simple definition for it is “like attracts like.”
Now that you see how this can work for you its time to use it for you advantage. If you feel love for something you don’t already have such as a new car and really put the feelings and emotions associated with having a new car. The car would make its way into your life. This is the secret to having a great life and getting what you want.  If you want to bring happiness into your life think loving thoughts of people and things you care about. This is a really simple personal development skill to master. It won’t cost you a thing and you can do it anytime. I am going to go into more detail about attracting what you want into your life in my next article the law of attraction. Good luck and remember to love everyone and everything all the time.