Secrets To Help You Improve The Quality of Your Relationships

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Having A Healthy Relationship is the key to finding happiness. In this article I am going to not only talk about having healthy boyfriend / girlfriend relationships, but friends, family, and complete strangers as well. Learning about having healthy relationships isn’t hard, but it takes a lot of dedication and building to maintain.

Benefits of Having Healthy Relationships

  • Better Connections
  • Love
  • Good Emotional Support
  • Less Stress
  • Longer Lasting Relationships
  • Building Social Skills
  • Happiness
  • Stability
Ahealthy relationship means that you are experiencing more happiness, joy, positive conversations, love, friendship, etc. than a regular relationship. A bad relationships is one where you experience hate, jealousy, guilt, anger, or any other negative emotions. You want to stay away from bad relationships and avoid neutral ones as much as possible.Have you ever noticed how certain people have strong relationship connections with everyone they know? Think hard about it. Some people might give a hug or a handshake to every single person they know or they might have 100’s of friends that stay with them their entire life. This is no accident these people have better connections with other human beings. They follow a pattern that attracts these kind of relationships into their lives. They enjoy the benefits of being connected wherever they go. They also have very strong intimate relationships as well. When you have a strong connection you really begin to experience what love and intimacy is all about.

Love is one of the most overused words in the English language. People use it to the point where it no longer has any meaning to them. For other people love is the least used word in their vocabulary.  Relationships should be full of love. You should learn to love your best friend the same as you would your lover. Obviously without the intimacy, but what I am talking about are the true feelings of caring and respect for the other person’s life. The kind where you do nice things for them and don’t feel any of the negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, hate, greet, disrespect, etc. around or toward them. People will pick up on it when you love them and in return most people will love you back and these relationships will last a long time.

Loving and caring relationships carry a lot of responsibilities. They do however benefit you in many ways. One way they do is by providing you with emotional support. Emotional support is something that people take for granted until a day comes when they really need it. The only way to get emotional support is to have a connection with another human being. You can only self-support so much before you need to rely on the guidance from others. If you have a strong circle of close friends then you will have all of the emotional support you need. People get stuck in these downward spirals of sadness and depression, because of something that happened. These downward spirals can last for years if they don’t get stopped early on. When you get the support you need in the beginning then these bad situations don’t have the opportunity to develop and evolve into a drastic life situation. With proper support years of bad luck and depression can be alleviated in a matter of days or weeks.

The same is true for stress as well. There are many reasons why having a strong relationship will fix a stressful situation such as emotional support, distractions, less worry, financial support, advice, and many others. Building up a relationship and its trust is one of the best things you could ever do to lessen your worry and stress. The stronger the relationship is the more support you will receive.

In the short-term the benefits are nice, but in the long-term you can add a lot of stability into your life. If you have a spouse and both of you work to combine your money into one pool. If both of you manage and cover your share of the expenses and save then you would be in a financially stable relationship. Years down the road if one of you were to get sick and have to miss 6 months of work the other one could cover your back and make it a fast smooth recovery. The stability part doesn’t always mean financial stability either. You can have hobbies that you share with friends your entire life. Jobs and couples change, but you and your friend still enjoy your same hobbies years and years later.

The benefits to having a healthy relationship are great. This is probably one of the most important aspects of your life and without it you will be lost and lonely. I am about to give you some great tips and advice to help forge some of these relationships with either a spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, friend, acquaintance, or a complete stranger. The principles behind this are simple, but remember it takes time to build a strong trusting relationship with anyone.

Tips to Help You Have a Healthy Relationship
  • Treat People With Respect
  • Put Others First Sometimes
  • Be Considerate
  • Always Put In More Than You Take
  • Stay Positive
  • Avoid Fights
  • Take Good About Others
  • Be Kind and Caring
  • Avoid Criticism
So that we got the why out-of-the-way I want to give you some tips and advice to help build these healthy long-lasting relationships. This advice will not apply to every single relationship so use your judgement on the ones you want to use it with. Also, my advice might be kind of general, feel free to tweak it to your specific needs, but don’t change the meaning behind it or think something isn’t important. In relationships the little things matter as much as they big things.
Treating other people with respect and kindness will go a long way for you. Think of how you would want to be treated or how the other person feels when you treat them a certain way. Break your time down into minutes or conversations if you have to. Try really hard to be a good listener at least as much as you are a good talker. Listening to someone and sharing on their experiences is a great way to show them respect. Use kind words and gestures and avoid as much negativity as you can. In some relationships people do use sarcasm and possibly even insults to show that they can say things and do things without the other person getting offended. It is common for some close friends to “talk trash” to each other as a way showing respect and good humor. Just recognize what each relationship consists of and show the kind of respect or humor that the other person enjoys from you. If you are in a relationship with a friend and your relationship consists of a lot of sarcastic humor that’s fine and healthy. Just don’t carry that over into a more sensitive relationship with a close friend or they might not enjoy your company anymore. Ever relationship is special and unique and it’s up to you to identify the types of conversations you can have and subjects that should be avoided. The main thing is to show the other person the type of respect and kindness that they want and in return they will treat you the way you wanted to be treated as well. Putting others first sometimes is a great way to show how much you care for someone. If you make an effort to please someone else even if it is at your expense or costs you a little extra effort, then they will recognize that you care for them and in return this will build up the points in your relationship. Don’t do this all of the time as it will lead to the other person taking advantage of your kind nature.

Relationships are like a banking account. I don’t know if you have ever heard this before but its true. You want to put in more than you take out or else you will be overdrawn and have to pay the penalties. If you put enough in and something happens where you have to make a large withdrawal you can do that without paying the penalties as long as you stay in the positive. This is a simple concept, but very much worth your consideration.
Staying positive will help you keep strong relationships much longer. Who wants to be around a negative person all the time? The answer is nobody.  Stay in the optimistic outlook for life and be happy as much as possible. I have written two great articles “How To Be Happy & Stay Happy” and “How To Be Optimistic” read these for more helpful tips to get you on the right track to staying positive.

 Avoid fights at all costs. Even if you know the other person is wrong it isn’t always a good idea to point that out. Like I say “choose your battles,” pick the ones that really mean something to you and let the others slide. Fights do happen and sometimes they can be healthy. If a person never speaks their mind or vents then they are building up a lot of negative energy about the relationship. This can lead to poor judgement and really bad fights when it does all come out. It is better to talk with people and let them know ho you feel about things. Tell them ahead of time that you would like to set aside 5 or 10 minutes for each of you to vent about things in a positive constructive manner. You would probably be surprised to find out the other person probably has just as many things to say to you as you do to them. This is a great opportunity for both of you to grow and to strengthen your relationship. Try your hardest to avoid criticism at all costs.

Criticism is dangerous territory for any relationship. I know there are constructive forms of criticism, but when you use those be very careful. Constructive criticism can be a great tool to help some people out, but for most people out there they will get offended and upset by some of the things you say. Nobody likes to be criticized all of the time. If you are a person who does this cut back as much as you possibly can. Criticizing people is a fast way to lose a lot of friends or even make enemies.

I hope this helps get you started on a road to many healthy relationships. The advice I have given is just some of the basics but if you take this very seriously and work hard you will have many more friends and much stronger relationships. Good Luck!