How To Find Happiness In Your Job or Get A New Career

Find Happiness In Your Job or Get A New Career

Finding Happiness in your job is what everyone wants, but very few people achieve. There are several reasons for this to happen and it’s never too late to change jobs or start a new career. Choose a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Most people spend at least 40 hours per week at a job with some spending as many as 80 hours. If you work one of these jobs you spend as much time at work as you do at home. Would you want to spend time in a career that you hate or would you want to spend time at one you love. In this article I will give you some insights into why you want to choose a career you love, how to make the best of the one you have now, or change it completely.

Benefits of Choosing a Career You Love

  • Work Will Never Feel Like Work
  • You Will Want To Go To Work
  • Your Job Will Be Fun
  • You Will Be More Successful
  • You Job Will Likely Be Easier
  • You Will Be More Likely To Get Promoted
  • Lower Levels of Stress

If you are like most of the workers today you probably hate going to work and really enjoy your days off. The reason you work the job you have is because you need to make money to buy things you want or support your household. Ask yourself do you really enjoy your job? It’s ok if you don’t, just be honest. If you don’t enjoy your job and you want to find true happiness in the workplace you have two choices. You can either learn to love your job or get a new one.

Getting a new job doesn’t mean you need to quit your job today. If you do that you will only make things worse unless you already have another job lined up or a good amount of financial support. Realistically you need to make out a plan and start working on a career change immediately.  I’ll talk more about this later on.

You need to make a decision whether or not you are happy with your job. If you don’t go to work excited about being there and your time there takes away from your happiness then you need to do something. Most people want to change jobs, but are afraid of that change. Don’t ever feel like you can’t change jobs. Your happiness is number one priority and should always be. You have the right to change jobs anytime you like no matter what. Sometimes it may take time to change jobs or careers, but always remember you can do it with enough effort and patience.

If you are stuck in a job and you can’t do anything about it right now the best thing you can do is learn to enjoy the job you have. It’s not easy, but possible to make the job you have now less of a burden and even learn to enjoy the work you do. The benefits to this make it really worth the effort. If you have to be there anyway might as well make the most of it. The are ways to find new meaning in the work you do that might make you enjoy the work more. For example lets say you want to be an artist. You current job is working in the kitchen at a local restaurant. Instead of hating your job there consider that ever food item you prepare is like art in itself. Each sandwich you make is your own personal work of art and nobody else makes them exactly the same way you do. You see by finding what you love in what you already have you can learn to love the things you are already doing. This doesn’t have to be permanent, but little tricks like this will help you tolerate your current career more at least until you can make the change.

People that enjoy the work they do have much lower levels of stress and are much more likely to get promoted or a raise. Companies want of workforce of employees who really love their jobs and care about the company. When they see that you genuinely love your job they will more than like consider you for some type of promotion or raise. I have been in several management positions in my life with as many as 30 people working under me. There is a certain drive that people who enjoy their jobs have and you can pick up on this very quickly.

Not only will you more than likely move up at work, but you will really enjoy your time spent working. Work will feel like a fun game to you where you get paid money to do things you want to do. Imagine if you liked to watch T.V. and you got paid a full income to do that. Then when you get done watching T.V. you can go home and do whatever you wanted since you do work a full-time job. Work would be fun and then you get to get off and do more fun things. That’s one key step to finding and maintaining a happy lifestyle.

Like I said earlier there are two ways to find happiness in your career. It will take effort and possibly some small changes to the way you think about things, but it will be worth the effort. You really have nothing to lose and the possibly of turning 40 hours each week of misery into 40 hours of fun. I will give you some tips and advice to help you get started on your journey to making a better career.

Tips & Advice To Help You Get Into a Career You Will Enjoy

  • Do What You Love & Enjoy
  • Don’t Make Hasty Career Choices
  • Always Weigh In Your Happiness With The Money
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Changes
  • Follow Your Passions
  • Remember You Can Change A Career No Matter What

If you haven’t started out in a career yet think about what you want to be doing in 10 years from now. People get suckered into a job they don’t want to do because the money is great. This is a mistake many people make. Years down the road they are still there and they can’t stop working because they need the money. They get so accustomed to the money and spending that they can’t live on anything less and possibly stay in debt the whole time.  You don’t want that scenario to happen to you. Before you get into the workforce and start on your career you really need to take the time to find out what you job will be like. Think about the work in 10 years from now. Consider your happiness as priority number 1.  If you have even the slightest concern for you happiness then you need to reconsider. Learn to follow your passions and do what you love. When you do what you love you can spend 40 hours each week at your job and it won’t feel like you have worked at all. Don’t worry if you have already started into a career and found out later on it wasn’t  for you then you can easily change it or learn to love what you already do.

People who are stuck in their jobs don’t see any way out are afraid of changing careers. Most people don’t realize that they could quit right now and never need to work that job every again. Now I’m not saying just go out and quit your job, but you do have that as an option and always will. Be sensible about it and take time to plan out your next move like a game of chess. If you work in a restaurant and have always wanted to be a nurse you can do it no problem at all. It will take a little dedication and possibly a bit of patience, but you can do anything you set you mind to. Remember don’t just quit your job today unless you are very financially stable. If you are then you can quit today. Don’t even bother going in tomorrow if you want. Most people will be so scared of change that they never consider this as an option, but I promise you it is.

There might be some logical reasons why you can’t just quit right now such as financial responsibilities or schooling required for your new career. There are solutions for every problem. If finances are your problem then you may have to save money so that you can afford to take off a few months while you look for a new career. You might even have to pick up a second job so that you have enough extra money to save, but no matter what the problem is there is an answer. If it’s schooling try to find a schooling option with flexible hours. Most degrees can be earned online in your own time now. It may take some time, but it is never to late to get the education you want.

As soon as you get ready for the change make sure you get the support from your family and friends. It doesn’t mean that they have to approve of your decision and may even try to convince you that you are making a bad choice. Your happiness will never be a bad choice even if something else gets messed up in the process.

You happiness is the most important thing when deciding on what career you are going to do. If you don’t put yourself first in the choice then you are doing yourself a major injustice. Problems will start to accumulate over time such as stress, misery, dead-end job feeling, dislike for your job, health issues, depression, long hours, etc. This is a very important decision for you to make and it needs to be handled with caution. On your personal development journey one of the key elements to having a happy life is working a job you love. You must understand that if you don’t like your job that you currently have it is your responsibility to take action and make a change. Never be afraid of changing jobs and you have every right to be picky and choose the job you love.

I know you can do this and I have faith in your ability to get into a career you love. You have the power to make this change in your life and nobody can every take it away from you. Good Luck!