Let Things Be and Give Problems Some Time

Let Things Be and Give Problems Some Time

When you are faced with a problem or stressful situation most of the time the immediate response is to react in some way. You may face the problem head or run away. Whatever you decide to do, you are still reacting. Most people think that they have to react to a problem in order for it to get solved, but I want to share with you a different approach to problem solving. The let it be approach.

Just because you have a problem come into your life doesn’t mean you have to do anything at all. Now this doesn’t apply to every problem, but in some cases just ignoring the problem and giving time a chance to pass will solve it on it’s own without you having to do anything at all. Unless a problem requires an immediate response you always have the option to wait and let some time pass. The thought process is what I am referring to when I say let it be.

One of the reasons doing this might solve the problem is because when you are faced with the scenario you have your emotions all tangled into it. When you first find out about something you may feel an angry response or a sad response and reacting in these mindsets could do more harm than good. Wait it out until you get back to a stable and steady mindset where you don’t have an emotional roller coaster going on. Then if the problem still exists take action. When you let something be you can come out and take action at any time. As long as it’s not time sensitive then you really won’t be hurting yourself at all by trying this.

You may find that in some cases sleeping on the problem will give you enough time and in others it may take weeks or days. If you give yourself enough time to process and accept it there is a really good chance that it might not be that bad at all. By letting it be for an amount of time you may have just solved it on your own without having to really do anything other than forgetting about it.

The second part of just let it be is the accepting part. If a problem come up and you can’t solve it now, you need to let it be and stop worrying about it. There are times when no matter what you can’t solve a problem until a later date. Just let some time pass and go on with your life. Never put everything else on hold while you wait for an answer to come into your mind. By doing this you are cutting yourself short and causing more problems for later on. I hope this helps. Good Luck!