Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart


What does it actually mean, to just “Listen To Your Heart”?

Listen To Your Heart!” I bet you heard this many times in your life, especially when you had to deal with situations that had you in front of a big decision. But who gives you such advice and why do they do it? Is it really a good advice or just a fast way of getting rid of you, so that people don’t have to think about your problems and get a bad mood empathizing with you? What’s funnier is that people who will mostly urge you to follow your instincts, will also expect you to actually thank them and be grateful to them for life, as if they gave you some secret, godly advice

Lack of reason

It’s really shameful what nerve some people have and it’s a pity that more and more people start “thinking” this way. I put thinking in parenthesis because this is actually a lack of thinking. Regardless of where you were born on this planet, I bet you have met many people who actually used gestures, mimics and body language to say something. Why?

Because they don’t have a wide vocabulary and they don’t even feel like doing anything for making a change. To think you need to actively ask yourself questions and take those “lame days” in which you almost got run over by some guy, because he was too cool to do that, as experiences from which you have many things to learn from.

A closer view on the matter

Let me dissect this “Listen To Your Heart” exhortation and explain it better so that you may understand how you should look at it. We’ll take the earlier example with you almost being run over by a guy. Fact is that when this happens, you will get either scared, angry and / or both. Your heart (instincts) will tell you to react in a violent manner, yet if the guy didn’t even bother to stop and you didn’t even get his plate number, why scream and steam?

In the end, it will only make your day worse. Just see this as a heads-up to how you should react in future similar events, so that you don’t ruin your maybe positive mood that you woke up with. In the end, if nothing happened, you didn’t get your clothes dirty or anything else, it’s something that was about, but never happened.

Character skills

What I’m talking here is emotional intelligence which can regulate everything that’s of an emotional nature in your mind. How many times did you see elder people (take your mom and dad for example) discussing for hours about something that WAS about to happen, but never did? Did you see how much they got worried, how mom almost fainted and cried for hours and maybe was rushed to a hospital for preventive care? People are so busy with things that WERE about to happen, that they completely forget about the fact that what they worry about it’s just in their imagination.
We can also look at it when from a relationship’s point of view.

When someone will tell you “Listen To Your Heart”, especially if you are a woman, that person will have run out of ideas, (given the fact he or she knows you and could’ve supplied some useful advice in the first place) and would declare himself or herself powerless at giving you a possible way out of a tensed and tricky situation. Yet what is this “heart”? Because you can’t just put a stethoscope to your heart and expect to hear some magical words of advice. The heart in people’s inference is actually the instinct of the person.

Heart listeners” are people who are advised to listen to their instincts when they are dealing with complicated situations, yet there’s another issue here: Maybe the individual will not have his or her gauging skills developed well enough in order to actually feel what the right decision would be. Yet the good news is that at this “Listen To Your Heart” moment, emotional intelligence, experiences and then the person’s natural ability to sense what’s good and bad for her will sew together a final decision on the individual’s confusion. Will it be good or will it be bad for him or her?

Never stop the questions

Even though this question is initially childish and a little inappropriate to ask, because there’s no helpful universality in the answer which will eventually be provided, it’s still good to ask it. Why? Because as Discovery Channel had a commercial several years ago, “In the name of science, question everything”, you will actually help yourself thinking more.

People who ask themselves questions are more likely to develop intricate auto-reflexive processes which will steam their personal experiences in association with their beliefs and experiences/beliefs of those around them, all of them filtered by the concept of wrong and right. This way, when these people will once again be “gunned” by others with “Listen To Your Heart” lines, they will just smile, because that person who is offering them such advice has proven a few things:He/she cannot think deeply He/she lacks emotional intelligence He/she may not care about you and / or may not like to think for your problems He/she is a person that is not worthy of your friendship
A spider web world

As harsh as these facts may sound, they are true. We are predators in the end, we only associate ourselves with people who have something we don’t, something that we also need. You befriend someone because he’s smart, you befriend another as he’s good with computers and also get a lady because she’s beautiful. Everyone has something that you need and if people who will not have what you’re looking for, when uncovering their true nature in the times when you’ll need them most, that’s when you will be able to assess the quality of your relationships and if those individuals actually deserve your time.

In the end, I tell you to “Listen To Your Heart” and choose to associate yourself with people who are worthy of your time, your beauty, skills or anything they and you will deem as vital for exchanging with each other. In the end, it’s all about what you offer and what you can get in exchange. We each have a value and believe me, it is a pity to waste it with individuals who can’t know how to appreciate it.