Stop Anxiety Forever With High Powered Techniques

Stop Anxiety Forever

If you are a sufferer of anxiety or panic attacks you probably think everyday of how can you rid your life from anxiety forever. People will tell you that you can’t get completely cured from anxiety and you will only have to take more mediation to keep it at bay. I am here to say everyone who said that is wrong and I am living proof that you can get 100% cured of your anxiety in a safe naturally way. You can get results in as little as 24 hours and fully recover in a matter of weeks in most cases.

Benefits of Not Having Anxiety

  •  You Will Have Less Stress
  • Easier to Relax
  • You Will Have a Better Social Life
  • You Will Have More Self-Confidence
  • Fixes Most Depression
  • Better Physical Health
  • You Can Reach Your Full Potential
  • You Will Have Fewer Headaches and Dizzy Spells
  • Your Mood Will Improve

This list of benefits is very small and broad compared to all of the problems that anxiety sufferers have. I made it just to give you an idea of how you can get your life back and what it would be like when you do.

If you suffer from depression and poor moods then there is a very good chance that part of the problem if not the complete underlying cause is anxiety. What is anxiety? Anxiety summed up just means “false fear.” It’s when your body reacts irrationally to a situation that is completely harmless. A long time ago humans used to hunt their food in the wild. If a dangerous situation came up then their body would release a “flight or fight” response giving them extra bursts of energy, stamina, strength, and pain resistance. This is a great survival skill and probably saved so many of your ancestors lives. The problem in modern society is that we no longer depend on hunting in the wilderness for food and we rarely need to use our “flight or fight” otherwise known as adrenaline in the everyday world. This leads some people to build up a storehouse of this substance in their body and the slightest sense of fear can spiral down until the person reaches a full-blown panic attack.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety are not a mental illness. If you suffer from either of the two I want you to know it can be 100% cured. I’m not telling you this because I read it somewhere, I am telling you this because I used to be a severe case. A little about my story. I have always suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a child. It really hasn’t bothered me enough to cause any issues in my life until a few years ago. It all came crashing down on me within a few months and I was having my first full-blown panic attacks and even ended up in the hospital with the doctors running several tests. They told me that nothing was wrong, but in my mind I knew there was. At one point I couldn’t even drive without having a panic attack. They wanted to put me on medication if I didn’t get better and I told them to give me a little time and see if I can fix this on my own. I spent several months gathering information and trying different techniques until I found some that worked. One day it finally just clicked in my head and within about 3 weeks from that day I no longer had anxiety at all. The transformation was life changing and I went from being afraid to leave my house to a mode where everything was amazing and I can do anything. I’m planning on skydiving soon and I can’t wait. By my example I am proving that you can do it.

Even if you are only a mild sufferer of anxiety or if you have slight depression you can fix it forever. What happens is there is a small section in your brain that is responsible for the way your remember fear and emotions. It has a normal level and usually when its triggered by stress, worries, arguments, problems, people, or a number of other factors it jumps to high and your body releases adrenaline. This in turn causes physical symptoms such as fast heart rate, hyperventilation, sweating, shakiness, headaches, fatigue, de-personalization, insomnia, clouded thoughts, tingling sensations, chest pains, and can mimic the symptoms of many other illnesses. When you are anxious, the first symptom you have could be a faster heart rate, then you realize that your heart is beating harder and gives you more anxiety. Then your blood pressure rises and you get a headache, then you start paying attention to your breathing, then you notice a tingling in your hands or legs, this gives you more anxiety, because you might think you are having a heart attack. This is typically how a panic attack starts. There is an initial symptom or thought and since your anxiety is stuck in high gear you immediately start to focus on ever little detail about your body until one problem leads to another. This spirals out of control until you stop it or your body exhausts all of your adrenaline and you feel very tired. What you need to do in order to cure your anxiety forever is to reset this level in your brain to a much lower resting state. That way when something starts to bother you it can be just brushed off your shoulders without triggering a panic attack.

Some people may not have full-blown panic attacks like the one im describing above. But if your brain is stuck in high anxiety mode you might experience some of the symptoms or even ones not mentioned on a daily basis. This will cause you have a much lower quality of life experiences. When you remove anxiety from your life you will lower your stress, fix most depression, have a much easier time relaxing and falling asleep, lower blood pressure, more self-confidence,  a better social life, be clear minded, happier, and many other benefits.

If you want to take advantage of defeating your anxiety forever and getting your life back please keep reading. I’m going to share what worked very quickly and effectively for me.

First off you will have to realize or admit that you have some form of anxiety. The common ones are social phobia, general anxiety, specific phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Generalized Anxiety is the most common one and it affects over 20% of the population at some level. General Anxiety can come from a variety of sources internal and external and if you don’t fit in any of the other forms of anxiety and know you have it then this is the one you suffer from.  Social phobia is just a fear of being around people or confrontations. The best example of this is public speaking. Specific phobias such as the fear of spiders are only caused by one specific thing. OCD is a very common form of anxiety and affects millions of people everyday. Most people don’t even know its an anxiety but the truth is, OCD is a form of anxiety. It causes you to worry about something not being a certain way until you obsess over it to try to make it perfect. If you are unable to make it perfect the anxiety builds and can cause all of the symptoms of a full blown panic attack.  Now keep in mind there are some levels of anxiety that are considered normal for all of these conditions, but if they are in control of your life and causing you to make decisions based on the anxieties or avoiding them all together then they need to go.

OK now for the good part how to fix this problem. If you do exactly as I say then you will have a very good chance at a full recovery. I also want to point out that if you are taking any anti-anxiety medications or anti-depressants then in order for this to fully work you need to eventually come off of them slowly. The best time to do this is while working through this information. I also want to point out that before you make any changes to your medication, diet, or start an exercise program you must consult your doctor. I am in no way promoting or suggesting that you just stop taking your medicine. You need to ask your doctor what is best for you in your particular situation. If you work through my suggestions while still under the influence of medications you may not get the full results you are looking for. Medications mask the symptoms you experience and you can feel like you fully recovered when in fact your not. Then you come off of you medications and have full blown panic and have to get back on them immediately. Don’t do this be responsible and try to work with your doctor to get off you medication asap.

Ok now that you understand what you have and how its affecting you its time to do something about it. I am going to mention some strategies in the next few paragraphs that are very very important. Remember once you realize whats going on and you have the power to change it then thats over half the battle.


Tips and Advice to Beat Anxiety Forever

Anxiety is not a mental illness. You don’t have anything physically wrong with you or are you going crazy. You have just adjusted to be afraid of things and situations that pose you no real danger. When you get the symptoms from anxiety remember this “they are only sensations, nothing is really wrong.” When you release adrenaline and start the panic cycle your brain misinterprets small electrical signals and gives you some of these false symptoms. Your body uses electricity to transfer information around the nerves and when you are under heavy stress these signals can get mixed up and mistaken for a variety of other illnesses. THEY ARE JUST SENSATIONS NOT REAL SYMPTOMS.

Another thing that you are going to have to work on is when you go into panic mode, you most likely won’t be breathing correctly. This can give you a false sense of suffocation and might even be mistaken for an asthma attack. What you need to do to fix this is control your breathing. Take average breaths not to deep and not to rapid. About 8 seconds in and 8 seconds out is perfect. The main thing to do is to control your breathing and try to slow it down as much as possible. Watch your posture as well. You want to be sitting straight or standing straight up to allow your organs room to breath. If you are hunched over you will be putting unnecessary pressure on your lungs.

Another important step is that you need to stop reading and researching your condition. Once you figure out whats going on and learn what you need to do about it then leave it at that. One of the key elements to defeating anxiety is to forget it even exists. The more you think about it the more it will grow and control your life. You need to understand whats happening so you can stop an attack in progress but don’t spend your whole day thinking about anxiety. Don’t talk to other people about anxiety more than you have to either. Replace the time you would normally be thinking about it with a hobby or anything really that keeps you distracted. The more time you don’t think about it the farther away in your mind it will be. Then when it pops up you say “its just a feeling and nothing is wrong” and your anxiety will creep back out of your mind. Practice this long enough and it will lower your overall anxiety levels back to normal.

Another thing you need to do is eat healthy and exercise. This is important for your overall health and not just anxiety. But it helps a lot to get in good shape and eat healthy. When you feel bad and sit around eating junk food and watching TV your only going to make it worse. You need to do things like take a walk or go to the gym. Get you body in good shape to make daily tasks easier to do, and tone your muscles up so that they can absorb some stress. The more muscle mass the more stress you will able to absorb, this is a fact. Cutting down on the junk foods and eating more good carbs, vegetables, un-processed foods, organic foods, nuts, juices, and fruits. When you feed your body the good nutrition it needs you set yourself up for less problems. You can avoid sugar spikes and feeling tired in the afternoons this way. Being healthy is one of the keys to beating anxiety forever.

Smoking and drinking do not help you either. You need to cut back dramatically or even quit, but whatever you do don’t do this cold turkey or it will give you more anxiety. Take it down 1 cigarette per day or 1 beer per day until you get to zero. This is a very important step. I’m not saying you have to give these up completely, but they are upsetting your anxiety and you need to moderate these two as much as possible.

Relax as much as you possibly can. A great way to do this is by following a guided meditation or just take the time to sit and clear your mind. You can listen to music or some calming nature sounds. Try to spend 15 minutes each day or twice a day to help your body lower its anxiety levels. You could combine exercise with relaxation by doing some easy yoga for a double effect.

OK let me sum this up for you in 7 Easy Steps:

  1. Stop Any Bad Habits You Have And Get Off Medication ASAP
  2. Eat Healthy and Get Regular Exercise
  3. STOP Researching and Talking About Your Anxiety
  4. STOP Panic Attacks Before They Start By Saying “this is only a sensation, I am just fine”
  5. Practice Correct Breathing And Posture
  6. Distractions Distractions Distractions Like a Hobby
  7. Take The Time To Relax or Meditate

Follow these 7 steps and you will beat your anxiety forever. Its really not very had to do once you get going and you will get very fast results. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will give you any advice I can. Thanks and I know you can do it!