Follow Your Dreams | A Guide To Help You Reach Your Potential

Follow Your Dreams

Following your dreams is vital to your personal development. Once you understand what you dreams mean and how to apply them to your life, you can get in touch with you inner wants and needs to bring about a new lifestyle that you have secretly been wanting since your childhood.

Benefits to Following Your Dreams

  • Connect With Your Inner Person / Self-Learning
  • Develop a Better Passion for Life
  • Sleep Better/Deeper
  • Develop Intuition
  • Find True Happiness
  • Achieve Life Goals
  • Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind
  • More Drive/Motivation

When you first get started with analyzing and following your dreams you might not realize the importance of this. This is very important to finding and maintaining long-term happiness. You dreams are a way for your subconscious mind to communicate to you, what it wants you to do or what you need to do in order to get your life back together. The problem most people have with this is that their dreams may seem weird or they might not remember them at all. That’s Ok with a little help from dream recall techniques and a dream dictionary you will be on your way to understanding exactly what you dreams are telling you.

When you start learning to decode your dreams you will unlock several mysteries about the way you think and they things you really want out of life. This is a great way to learn to live your passion. Because of your pursuit of happiness through dreams you will uncover your passion automatically.

You might not flat-out realize what you life goals are, but with a little understanding of the way you dream your life goals should become obvious. Life goals can be tricky things to understand. Some life goals might be so mysterious that you may not unlock them until the later part of your life. This is completely normal and there are millions of people all ages who do not clearly know what their life goals are. Just about everyone will tell you they want to be rich. If you notice though that most people who do end up rich aren’t happy. It’s because they thought that was their life goal, so they pursued it and in the end got what they wanted. But, it really wasn’t what they wanted and they ended up unhappy and rich. Understand your dreams and you won’t be as likely to pursue a false goal.

When you get on track with your mind you will become more in tune with life. You will start to have things falling into place without you even realizing it. Your mind is a very powerful resource especially in you personal life. When you and your mind are in sync you will develop what’s referred to as intuition. Intuition is like a sixth sense or as some people say “gut feeling” about things that happen in your life. When you start to follow this around you will find it leads to a lot of true happiness.

Apart from the other benefits from living your dreams you will be developing better sleep habits. This in turn will allow you to have better and deeper sleep. The deeper your sleep the more you will dream.

Tips & Advice for Following Your Dreams

  • Realize the Importance Of Your Dreams
  • Learn Dream Recall
  • Start a Dream Journal
  • Buy/Find a Dream Dictionary
  • Analyze Your Dreams
  • Trust Yourself/Subconscious
  • Take Action

To start following your dreams first you must remember and understand them. Dream recall is one of the best techniques to start remembering your dreams. It’s actually really simple to do. Take a small notebook and a pen and place it beside your bed. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep because you won’t dream until a few hours in. When you wake up in the morning try really hard to remember anything you can about your dreams and whatever it is you remember quickly write it down on the piece of paper. This notebook will be your dream journal. Each day write anything you can in your dream journal and eventually you will be able to remember more and more of your dreams. If you can’t remember anything at all when you wake up set your alarm for one hour before you normally wake up and try to achieve sudden wake-up. You sleep runs in cycles that are usually about 90 minutes each.  You dream the most in whats refereed to as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM sleep is only about 20 minutes out of each cycle, but during this time you will have the most vivid dreams. If you can set an alarm and pull yourself out of REM sleep quickly you will have a great chance of remembering your dreams. If you still can’t remember your dreams or you don’t think you dream you can use a natural sleep aid such as melatonin to help you achieve deeper sleep. Get at least 7 days in your dream journal then proceed to a dream dictionary.

When using a dream dictionary pay really close attention to the details from your dreams. You might have to sort through a lot of random things before you find the deeper meaning. Also, I want to note out that different dream dictionaries will give you a slightly different interpretation of things, but generally they are not to far off. You can buy a dream dictionary from most any bookstore or just do a search online for one and you will find one for free.

After you get a dream dictionary and start putting together the meaning of your dreams you should start to see a pattern of things you are wanting or common meanings of your dreams. Analyzing your dreams is an important step in getting into the life you truly want. When are uncovering the meanings of dreams you will have to learn to trust yourself and your intuition. At first it might seem like these things are a little bit off (or in some cases way off), but have faith in your minds ability to judge want you really need in order to be happy. You mind will tell you in the form of “gut feelings” if you are in the right place at the right time or if your not. A great way to develop this inner trust is when you are looking through the dream dictionaries and you find meaning for you dreams, you will have a gut feeling telling you if you are on track on not. This is how you are going to know which meanings are the ones you are really after and which ones are just bogus.

Once you get a clear picture of what your long term goals are going to be then start taking action. Make moves that lead you in the direction your dreams have told you and watch your life unfold in a new directions. If you have had a lifelong dream and just kept pushing it away, start to uncover its meanings and make changes to accommodate it. You only live once, so you need to pursue the things in life that make you truly happy. If you uncover a secret about yourself in the process don’t hide it and quit doing dream research. The more you bury these secrets the more stress and unhappiness you will put on yourself. Once you have the right tools, following your dreams is all up to you. I know you can figure this out and I believe in your ability to make your life better!