Get Things Done By Taking Action Now

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Taking action now is the cure for procrastination. Having this trait in your arsenal will help you take charge of your life and start getting things done now.

Benefits of taking action now:

  • Get Things Done
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Lower Your Stress
  • More Free Time
  • Better Accomplishments
  • Save Time & Money
  • Make Your Life Easier
  • Keeps You Alert & On Top Of Things
  • Overcome Daily Obstacles & Challenges
  • Make Yourself A More Valuable Worker

Taking action now is a simple concept, but very hard to follow through with. If you are starting a project or chore and have been putting it off for a while this is a great way to finally get it done. After you take the first few steps and get moving in that general direction it will get easier and easier to continue. Just imagine if everything you have been wanting to do and putting off could get done today and be off your mind. If it could happen then you would be in a much better mood with much lower stress.

Taking action now is the opposite of procrastination. When you procrastinate you keep holding off hoping that something might change and it will make it easier for you to do the work at hand. The problem is if you over procrastinate things you end up with many unfinished projects at once. You can stop this procrastination habit and take back control of your life with only a few small changes. Wouldn’t you like to make your life easier?

People who constantly complete things on time or early are very valuable to a company or job. There is nothing bosses like more than to have something done faster than expected or without them having to keep asking “are you done yet?” This creates you a little extra bit of job security and will end up getting you more raises and promotions. You will also be able to overcome more obstacles and challenges by getting in there and getting your feet  wet.

Save yourself a ton of time & money by taking care of things before they get out of hand. Ever had a leaky roof? Well if you have and you procrastinated for a while, you know that the leak only got worse. If you waited long enough to fix it the whole roof might collapse. How much more do you think a whole roof would cost vs. a small leak? Also, lets say you are a do it yourselfer. You were going to fix the small leak, but decided to procrastinate. When the roof starts leaking so bad that you can’t live in your house anymore you, finally get it fixed. You end up spending three weeks to fix a roof leak that should have only taken a couple of hours. Imagine if you had to put this much extra time into everything you didn’t do on time. Then, add all of that time up for the next 10 years and you would probably never procrastinate again.

When you save yourself time you end up with more free time to do anything you want. Like my example above imagine if you had to spend your vacation fixing a roof leak then go back to work. That’s not fun and I’m sure nobody wants to spend their days off fixing tiny problems that go out of control. Get all of these benefits listed above plus lots of extra free time by taking action now.

Tips & Advice To Take Action Now

Staying positive & optimistic is a great place to start taking action. If you need some extra advice about this click the link above and read my other articles and come back here afterword.  When you have the right attitude and mindset about getting things done it will greatly help you take the first step. Your going to have to make yourself want to take action now and push procrastinating thoughts out of mind.

You need to get self-motivated to really reap in the most benefits. When you are self-motivated to take action it’s like nothing can stop you. You get this inner drive to succeed that’s unmatched by anything else. Now getting self-motivated can be a little bit tricky. First you need to find something you have passion for to drive your self-motivation. Then you need to really stay focused on getting it done and don’t let small obstacles get in your way. Get your feelings involved with your self motivation. Don’t just say you really want something done, feel it. Even try to in-vision what it will feel like when its finished. Capture as much of these good feelings you can then take action from there.

Doing things that you or others don’t really want to will help you get in the habit of simply getting stuff done. This will build your self-confidence up. Having a high self-confidence will help you take action and get started without hesitation. Just think if you knew you could do what you were about to start, then it would be easier to get going vs. knowing you are going to fail and waste your time. Also, when you build up a level of self-confidence you will be able to handle bigger challenges and more obstacles. This is a great self-esteem booster.

Multitasking is a great tool to get things done easier and faster, giving you more incentive to start tasks, knowing you will have time left afterwords. Multitasking is really easy to understand, but at some times can be difficult to implement. In order to effectively multitask you need to be able to do two or more things at once without losing quality of the finished product. Start out small and work your way up. Try something simple like doing two chores at once. Once you get going it will be much easier to keep it up. Try to work smart not hard. Once you master the simple stuff then try three or four different things at once. Don’t overdo it but the more time you can save without lowering quality the better.

I can’t stress how important it is to set realistic goals. Don’t go overboard with your goals, just set goals that are reasonable and you can achieve without much effort. Once you set some short terms goals then start immediately get started. Don’t take the time to think through it three or four times or say I’m going to do it later. Start immediately!

It’s actually a pretty simple concept to take action. I’m going to leave you with a quote that sums everything up and if you remember nothing else remember the Nike slogan “Just Do It”

Take Action Now

by Daniel Copyright 2011 Personal Development 123