Things To Clean and Organize In The Spring

Things To Clean and Organize In The Spring


Well it’s spring time again. It’s a great time to get in and detail clean everything. It’s also a great time to make a commitment to get organized and set other really good personal goals. I myself have set a goal this time around to get more organized. The spring is the perfect time of year to set these goals and clean the stuff you only do once per year.


The most popular one is to spring clean. This is the perfect time to do those once a year chores and to get down and dirty in the areas that don’t get much attention. If your like me you really want to get stuff done, but aren’t sure where to start. Here’s a list of some suggestions for things you could clean to help get you started.


Things To Clean In The Spring

  1. Clean Your Basement
  2. Clean You Backyard
  3. Tool Shed
  4. Clean Out Your Garage
  5. Clean The Trunk of Your Car
  6. Go Through All Those Junk Drawers
  7. Pull Everything Out of the Closet and Clean
  8. Take Apart Vents and Air Filter Areas
  9. Clear Out Storage Rooms
  10. Clean The Outside of Windows and Ledges
  11. Clean Out Your Oven
  12. Pressure Wash Sidewalk,Siding, Driveway, Gravel
  13. Clean Ceiling Fan Blades


Cleaning has always been a popular thing to do in the spring and summer months. My suggestion for you is this time around do something else on top of the cleaning. I think getting more organized is a perfect area that all of us could improve on. Take the time to sit down and organize a few parts of your life. Here is a list of ideas.


Things You Can Organize In The Spring

  1. Organize Your Schedule
  2. Your Kitchen Cabinets or Pantry
  3. Your Closet
  4. Your Computer Desk
  5. Your Office Desk
  6. You Personal Filing Cabinet
  7. Your Car
  8. Your Bathroom Shelves
  9. Your Laundry Room
  10. Your Tools
  11. The First Aid Kit


In reality we should be doing this stuff all year long. But spring brings a fresh new reminder for us to clean and organize the stuff we only do once per year. Get this done and you will feel 100 times better going into the summer months. Good Luck!