Things To Do When You’re Bored

Have you ever found yourself so bored that you start thinking of crazy stuff to do just to keep yourself occupied? If you’re falling short of ideas, here are 50 Things To Do When You’re Bored:
1. Workout. Exercising will not only make you active, it will also be a productive way of getting rid of the boredom.

2. Draw a picture, maybe a crappy drawing of someone. But showing it to them or not, is entirely up to you!

3. Find a food recipe online and try to make it. Try something simple and different; something you can share with your family.

4. Practice breath control. See how long you can hold your breath and keep your watch handy. Start by taking deep breaths. Then, hold on your breath for 10 seconds and so on.

5. Order pizzas for some of your friends, and have them delivered unexpectedly to their homes.

6. Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Include your childhood favorites, or just the latest ones.

7. Read a newspaper upside down. It can be fun and time consuming! Well, time is what you want to spend, right?

8. Paint the cabinets, windows, doors, etc., in your house. Choose the colors wisely, creatively and enjoy.

9. Be really really annoying to someone around. Irritate them and watch them lose their cool.

10. Study. If you are a student, learn your lessons by heart. Study the subject which is your least favorite.

11. Ride a bicycle. Smile at random people that cross your path and say kind words such as, “you’re beautiful” or “have a nice day”.

12. Pretend you’re blind and wait for someone to help you cross the road. When someone does, appreciate them, and let them know that it was just a test to know if kindness still exists!

13. Flirt with a hot girl/boy. Flirting sure takes time and who knows, you might end up with a hot date for the weekend!

14. Take your pet outdoors and make friends; maybe to the nearby park. Interact with kids and other animal lovers.

15. Vacuum clean your entire house. It may seem like a tiring thing to do, but you’ll actually do a favor to your health (and that of your family’s).

16. Sell off the old text books you have in the closet, and buy new ones with the money.

17. Volunteer! It’s fun, engaging and you’ll earn good karma!

18. Watch TV for commercials. Do this to understand the subliminal messages behind the advertisements.

19. Make a movie with your digital camera. Think of something that interests you, it could be something about your own room, house, nature, or your neighborhood!

20. Go to the local rental store and rent some movies. Call your friends home and enjoy watching movies together. Don’t forget the popcorn!

21. Go to and read the latest news, research controversies and educate yourself.

22. Think of different hairstyles that may suit you. Find the latest hairstyles online. Then, visit a hair salon for a makeover.

23. Buy a musical instrument and start playing it all by yourself. Make sure you purchase the one that interests you.

24. Set up a lemonade stand and donate the earnings to the charity of your choice.

25. Start a mailing list. Send out funny stories, pictures, interesting links, game reviews, or news articles. When it gets popular, place ads in your emails and make money!

26. Write down 10 things you like about someone and give it to them and make their day.

27. Purchase dog treats, go to the park and make new canine friends!

28. Go to a friend’s place or call all your friends at home. Cook your meal together and later, play blind man’s bluff.

29. Take free grammar tests online to know how good/bad your grammar is. Then, work to improve your grammar/vocabulary.

30. Find some old clothes in your closet and give them a new life! Tie-dye and t-shirt or make some creative cuts on your old pair of jeans.

31. Paint a scenery/portrait. You don’t need to have a professional canvas, just a big white sheet of thick paper will do.

32. Memorize your favorite song/poem. Then record the audio and look out for the mistakes, if any. Work on it, then record again.

33. Spell the longest of words and the most difficult ones backwards, in your mind.

34. Learn the art of calligraphy. Who knows, it might help you someday, somehow!

35. Send a thank you letter to someone who helped you in some way lately. Put across your message using letters cut from glossy magazines and/or newspapers.

36. Write a short story of 100 words. For ideas, visit a public place such as a restaurant or a library.

37. If you have kids at home, host a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt. Leave pictures as hints which lead to the next.

38. Visit a public library and leave cheerful/inspirational notes between the pages of the library books.

39. Read comic books. They’re extremely engaging, in fact, you might end up being a fan!

40. Turn your favorite novel into a comic book. Draw a picture for every other page; think about how it must look visually.

41. Have a camp out in the backyard of your home. If you can stay outdoors overnight, spend your day in there simply relaxing.

42. Launch your own blog or website. Fill it with everything that interests you. You can use it to showcase your talents/interests.

43. Plant flowers, mow your lawn, clean the lawn. Do something productive involving nature.

44. Have a garage sale. Clean out your basement/garage and gather up all your games and toys. Or better donate your stuff to charity.

45. Plan your family’s escape route in case of an emergency (such as fire).

46. Hang out with the aged. They need someone to talk to and sometimes have great stories to share!

47. Babysit. Have fun playing with the kid, tell them stories and enjoy the playtime.

48. Create your own music on a software or on a keyboard. Share it online with your friends on Facebook and YouTube. Start a band or something, make music, sell out, make money, and never be bored again!

49. Make a silly ‘survival kit’ or even an anti-boredom kit!

50. Go to sleep. Seriously, when nothing seems interesting go to bed. It will not only freshen up your mind, you won’t have to think of things to do when you’re bored.