Setting and Thinking about Life Goals

So you’re thinking about setting some life goals and you’re wondering what they should be. You may even be wondering if they are even worth your time. I mean some life goals may be 10 years away. A lot may change between now and then.  Well the truth is that’s life goals are important no matter what. I’ll tell you why in this article.

Why Is It Important To Have Life Goals?

Life goals give you some direction to go in. If you know what it is you want then set up some goals. Make a 1 year, 5 year, and even a 10 year goal of where you want to be. Aim high for the longer goals and remember the sky’s the limit.

A person with long term life goals will be more likely to progress toward something great. You will have more inspiration and motivation each and every day by just keeping the picture in your mind of the thing it is you really want. You will feel like you are working toward a purpose and with some objective. The extra motivation can be quite rewarding.

You will also be able to live your dreams. Goal setting should be perceived  as you going to get those things you set your mind on. The only thing is how long until it arrives.

Some Tips On Making Life Goals

  1. Think about what it is you really want and set your mind to it. Don’t worry if you are shooting to high because there is no limit to what you can do. Remember passion and faith is what’s going to get you there.
  2. Sometimes it’s good to set a goal which can be broken down. For example let’s say you want to have 100,000 dollars in your savings account. You can check the progress each and every year. Every time you put money in the account you will feel the progress towards your goal.
  3. Write them down and look at them often. If you write you goals down on paper you are reiterating to yourself what it is you want. When you right them down you are making a serious commitment to achieving them and you will be more likely to believe it’s possible.
  4. Try setting some easy goals first. Set some goals like wake up at a certain time or finish a certain project by a certain date. The more simple goals you achieve the easier the big ones will be to believe are possible.
  5. Make yourself a reminder of your goals. If you wanted a new house, then find a picture of the house you want and put it on your mirror for you to see every morning when you wake up.

However it is you look at life goals, remember you need them to be happy. With a goal brings purpose and purpose brings fulfillment. Fulfillment is one of your basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Good Luck!