How To Start A Before Bed Routine

Getting into an evening routine can be a great help on your next day. If you are wanting to become and early riser and get your life on track then take 15-30 minutes each night to get things together for the next day. Chances are if you follow this routine you will probably have an easier time falling asleep.

You don’t have to follow this routine at a certain time. Just get in the habit of doing a few small things that will make a big difference the next day right before bed. I don’t believe routines should be at a certain time, it’s really just 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Some Things You Might Want To Include On Your Before Bed Routine

  1. Look over your planner and see what you have to do the next day. You don’t have to really do anything, but in your mind you could be planning how your morning or the rest of your day will go.
  2. Clean up your mess from the night before. Do dishes and laundry. Pick up your trash and wipe off any surfaces you used. Try really hard to spend a few minutes each night cleaning up the messes you made and you will be surprised how much easier your house will be to keep clean.
  3. Get your lunch ready and anything else you need to take with you to work the next day. If your not working you can still get your lunch ready to have at home. Also, plan for dinner  and even get the food laid out so you can cook it the next night with ease.
  4. Set your clothes out and maybe even shave before bed.
  5. If you have a before bed exercise routine then now would be a great time to do one. If you do consider taking your shower the night before that way you don’t go to bed sweaty.
  6. Change into your night wear and set your alarm.
  7. Go To Sleep! J

This is just a basic list to give you an idea of how to start a before bed routine. You can feel free to change it to whatever you want. You can make the list longer or shorter to fit your needs. Routines are the key to a stress free lifestyle and I highly recommend you try today. Good Luck!