Stop & Ask Yourself “What Am I Good At?”

Your strengths are very important, and often in your life, someone will always want to know what you are good at. You need to identify your strengths in order to successfully engage in goal setting. Setting goals in life is the first measure of your ability to accomplish your life mission in a systematic way. While searching for a job, the recruiter will always want to know about your strengths and weaknesses in order to determine whether you are the perfect match for the job. If you are planning to begin a business, you need to ask yourself what you are good at in order to identify the most suitable niche for you. People only succeed if they do things that interest them, and this is why knowing your passions and strengths is important for a wholesome life. Knowing what you are good at also helps you establish solid relationships with the people you meet and associate with in life.

What am I good at?
If you are still wondering what your strengths are, you need to look deep inside yourself to come up with an answer. The following tips will help you identify what you are good at:

Analyze your interests
What is that one activity that takes most of your time? Is there something that you have to fix in your schedule even while you are operating under a tight schedule? This one thing that you cannot stop thinking about, that you cannot avoid doing is among the things you are good at.

Listen to your friends and close associates
Your friends know you best, and sometimes they are the people who sow seeds of greatness in you. You might think that you are very weak in a particular field, until your friends prove you wrong. Sometimes, words have great power in them, and words drive action. If you are planning to do something, always approach a trusted friend. Listen to someone who cannot flatter or mislead you with misinformed advice; people who are happy about your success and who are objective in their perspectives about what you can or cannot do.

Approach such a person, even if you have not been in touch recently. This person could be your friend, your parent, your relative, your classmate, colleague at work, business partner, your marriage partner or even your child. This might sound weird, but sometimes it pays to listen to your enemy – this is the one person who understands your weaknesses and will use them to attack them. It is very easy to change weaknesses to strengths, and so knowing your weak points can be a good opportunity to teach you what you are good at. Searching for the truth can be very draining, but if you have a way to get it, go for it. It does not matter where it comes from, as long as it is the truth.

Check your performance
Competition often helps bring out the strengths and weaknesses in you. Whether at work, in school or in a contest, you need to look out for things that you are good at. People are gifted in different ways, and this is why you need to be keen on your performance as it often predicts your strengths. Academic based performance sometimes can be misleading, and someone who performed very poorly in exams can be the top employee of the year once they join the job market. It is good for you to list down your skills and rank them between one and ten, depending on your personal judgment. This will help you identify what you are good at.

Leave your comfort zone and explore new horizons
The problems you experience in your life are the ones that motivate you to find solutions. Sometimes, it pays to leave your comfort zone to go searching for the truth. The greatest joy in this world is getting to know what you are good at and pursuing it. This is the little secret for your happiness and a fulfilling life. Your strengths are like wings that can carry you to your dream life, job, relationship, or even business. You need not look for sources of happiness; just unleash your potential and you will be good to go. Leave the ordinary things you are used to. Stop doing things in the ordinary way. Find new ways of handling the challenges you encounter in life.

Challenge yourself
Challenges are great sources of opportunities. Set new target, and learn something new. If you are a teacher, try learning something about nursing. If you are a copywriter, try affiliate marketing. In order to learn something new, you need to associate with people from all walks of life. People add great value to our value, only if you know how to choose your associates as well as how to interact with them. Explore your horizons and check what is in store for you. Somehow, you will discover what you are good at.

Give yourself room for mistakes
Mistakes are common, and they help you identify your potential. Some talents are hidden inside yourself, and doing mistakes is one of the ways to bring them to light. For instance, you may not be a swimmer, but what you do when you slip into a pool determines whether you were meant to be one. It is good to be independent minded person who can try anything even the most grave activities.

Have the right attitude
Attitude affects everything you do. You cannot ask, what am I good at, yet you are always complaining about your faults. Your imperfections are understandable, and everyone has their own strengths as well as weaknesses. Do not focus on only the negative side of yourself. Stop saying that you cannot make it, but instead see yourself as someone who was born a champion. Motivate yourself with self assuring words. Bless yourself with great achievements. If you can jump down from a tree of considerable height but are convinced that you will get down safely, you have the right attitude to find what you are good at.