Your Health Is a Process – The 5 Truths

Your personal health doesn’t just come about in a day or an hour, but it’s a process that takes much time to complete. It is not a static, but a constantly changing and evolving part of your body and soul. There will be some good days and some bad ones. There will be ups and downs, this is part of life and should not be mistaken for being unhealthy. You know if your healthy is where you want it to be or not. Once you figure out if you think your healthy or not, it’s your choice whether you want to improve. I think everyone should be improving their health process all the time, but there are people out there that are content with their current state. Here are 5 truths to consider when trying to improve your health.


The First Truth – Health Takes Time

The first thing you have to realize is that to be “healthy” time has to take place. There is no said amount of time, but it has to be constantly worked on and improved on in order for you to fully realize the benefits of becoming healthy.


The Second Truth – Your Mind and Emotions Play A Big Part

I can’t stress how important having a positive mindset is on your health. Healthy people generally are happy people, but my question for you is “which came first?” Probably the happy part which in turn motivated them to become healthy.

The thoughts that run through your mind directly effect how you feel. If your thinking badly about yourself then the chances are you probably are feeling bad as well. This truncates into a multitude of problems and slowly degenerates your health.

Also, your emotions play a huge part in how healthy you are. If you constantly are in an angry or judgmental mindset you probably don’t really feel that positive. This is going to be a viscous cycle that you need to break in order to become truly healthy. No amount of exercise and healthy eating alone will bring about good health without having your mind and emotions in check.


The Third Truth – You Have To Make An Effort To Be Healthy

Health doesn’t just fall right out of the sky. You have to make an effort to get what you want. This falls back into how long it will take to get healthy, it all depends on how much effort you put in. If you really want to get healthy fast, start making effort right now. Get up and start moving. Read everything you can and learn about what makes you healthy. Start thinking positive now. The harder you try the better your results will be.


The Forth Truth – Things Happen and Everyone Has Off Days

Go ahead now and realize that bad stuff will happen to you every once in awhile. Your not perfect and things happened to everyone. You may have a day where you more tired then normal or you might get sick with the flu. This is ok and will happen. The thing you need to work and focus on here is minimizing the amount of time you have when your off, and the recovery back into your normal routine.


The Fifth Truth – Your Solely Responsible For Your Health

Don’t make up excuses why your not healthy. This won’t benefit anyone, not even you. The ugly truth is that you are solely responsible for you own health, and nobody else. If you are healthy, it’s your fault. If your unhealthy, then it’s again your fault. You make the decisions that cause you to become healthy or unhealthy. You are given the free will to make whatever choices you feel like. Be smart and make the right ones that lead you down a path of health and happiness. Good Luck!