Guidelines in Creating Habits to Do Things Better and Faster

My aim is to provide you with tips in creating long term habits to enhance your productivity and efficiency. It will also provide techniques to defeat procrastination, physical tiredness and perfectionism. Before anything else, it is important to understand that no single tip will apply to all. Accomplishing tasks quickly is a combination of balance, … Read more

How To Find Your Inner Strength

  According John Roger, we should awaken ourselves to the power and beauty that are alive within us at the moment. We are living in times of unprecedented challenges and changes, so we should take the chance of reevaluating their lives. Does the work that you serve you well enough? Are your priorities where they … Read more

50 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Energy Level

With the everyday demands of life, we often find ourselves drained before the end of the day. With holding down a steady job, perhaps classes on top of work, spending time with family, chores, maybe a second job, or a hobby(on top of who knows what else!), it is no wonder you’re on E. But, … Read more