15 Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Everyone has his/her excuses when it comes to losing weight. Most of the people give up half way through due to family issues, work pressure, or something else. Whatever is your personal issue, the pattern needs to change if you want to be successful in losing weight. Long term weight loss starts in your head, … Read more

25 Great Superfoods and Their Benefits

Foods become classified as superfoods when they possess traits which provide greater health benefits than other foods. This can be in the form of high amounts of vitamins and minerals, but often other factors play an even larger role. Many of the foods we currently classify as superfoods are extremely high in antioxidants which appear … Read more

20 Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas

Due to the modern day way of life, more and more people are finding it hard to sit down in the evening and have a proper evening meal. The most popular solution is often fast food and as you already know, that is not a healthy dietary plan. To help you through this, below is … Read more

20 Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

This article gives you 20 easy health lunch ideas. They are lunch ideas that take minutes to make but are low in carbohydrates so help you lose weight. They are also all vegetarian.  Therefore they are quick  and simple to make, healthy and also very tasty, I hope you agree! 1) Cheese and walnut salad … Read more

The 90 Day Health Challenge

In an era of diet programs, food supplements, and various types of herbal medicine, it may become very confusing to choose the right method for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Often, we are in a dilemma between what to try; what to follow; and what to stick to. The ultimate goal of every individual; nonetheless, is … Read more